Feminism vs Logic thread

Trigger a feminist today, it will make you feel better.

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Yeah sure.It ruined your first contact with a girl that might would have liked in weeks. So, good work. I bet you feel better now.

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Good thing you found out about her crazy early on before you developed any feelings. You lucked out OP.

Good on you.

Men get taxed a hell of a lot more than women

yeah, we have the tax of no love life if we dont pour money in bitches. sux to be men

Maybe youre just ugly and have no charisma?

This. Glad you had fun finding out, too. Usually it's no fun messy breakup with false rape allegations as revenge even if you never even held hands.

this, found this thread on ideas, this video is fucking amazing.

How old?

the government doesn't care how 'alpha' you are
it is going to take your money and give it 3DPD you don't care about, because that is how they get those 3DPD to vote them

Sucks to be you then

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I take it you're a either a 3DPD or a NEET
either way it isn't going to work out for you in the end.

The second this week, actually.
Don't project your loneliness on me.

Or maybe if you got out of your fapthrone every once and a while, you'd find a consenting woman who would help you with your sexual frustrating, decimating if not removing your need to jerk off. Also what the fuck is wrong with cumming into your trashcan or something? Comparing your need of tissues for fapping to her need of stopping her monthly blood from destroying her clothes is pathetic man. Do not for a second think that you 'won' that disscussion, you just prooved to her that you're every bit the manlet and insecure cunt that she probably suspected you were from the start.

tits + timestamp

more then 0 white knights/3DPD in this thread
way too many

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I'm successful enough with women i don't have to settle with someone who wants to step all over me because of my perceived privilege. Also fapping WITH a woman is hot and you're missing out.
The tissue was clearly a joke you doublenigger, still doesn't change the fact making tampons is not free, and thus the product itself needs to have a price.

Why are you so triggered?

telling anons to go out and talk to 3DPD, so they may find outliers isn't challenge any of my views
I just hate white knights, and 3DPD that defend the behavior of the mass majority of 3DPD
the white knights of the bigger of the two problems tho

Tell me what's wrong with my point or go back >>>/tumblr/

Good job.

you sound like a roastie tbh
people pay for tampons the same way they pay for cancer treatment, or the removal of wisdom teeth. Life's unfair, blah blah blah.

ok looking with ok charisma. I actually had a job making 28 d/h and when I got laid off and had one for 16 d/h my GF of 5 years left me and dated a chad in mere weeks. it's also obvious and long studied that women factor money into the equation very heavily. Mate selection is a thing mate, and I don't blame women for it, it's just how it is.

Feminist logic

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are these tampons expensive? I would think thats at most 20 shekels a year. I pay hundreds more than women for food because I am much bigger and heavier, is that fair?

I saw a breakdown of that a while back, wish I could remember where & what. It pretty much confirmed this anyway.