Just Found Some Roastie's Wallet

Contains $200, her credit card, drivers license, even her SIN card. What do?

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Take photos and upload them here

10% is finder fee, you are expected to return the rest either to police station or her directly.

you are entitled to all the cash and any punch cards or free coupons in there. then return the rest.
ifs she's hot ask for a hand job.

If you are a nigger, sure thing. They are entitled to anything they could lay their hands on like you.

whatever your conscinece tells you

cash and coupons is the unspoken etiquette of wallet returning.

Makes you think, eh?

keep the cash, return the wallet.

In OP its a women, in your story its a man. a dude will pay reward you think a roast would?

yeah, keep the money, return everything else
she won't give you shit as a reward

Here is a list you go though.

Is she European? If nope keep the cash throw the wallet in a drain.

Is she a liberal? If yes keep the cash throw the wallet in a drain.

Will she lay down her life and womb for her country? If nope keep the cash throw the wallet in a drain.

Keep the money, sell the other information for $10 on the dankweb. Most black market sites have a section for stolen credit cards that you buy/sell for cheap with no guarantee they work or have been cancelled

Keep the money. Throw away the credit card, drivers license, and sin card.
You're welcome

Locate the female, rape her and pay her for it with her own money.

spend it on anime

check wallet for hand written pws/pin
find her facebook
post results

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Keep the cash, burn the wallet.

Return the wallet to it's rightful owner because it's the right thing to do.

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Black jack and robot hookers?

give it to her, if the wavelengths right add her as a friend

Switzerland has the most sane and adjusted people of any country in this entire world.

The nigger-tier responses ITT have confirmed my suspicion that the majority of Holla Forums users are, in fact, non-white.

I returned the wallet, I even made the hourlong trip to her place because she didn't want to drive without her license. I refused any reward except gas money and a hug, because I believe basic human decency should be expected and doesn't warrant compensation. Nice enough lady. Pretty cute for her age, would fug, tbh.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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This is what soyniggers actually believe

So basically… You never found anybody's wallet.

Nah a soyfag would have added money and taken a picture of it so he could get internet points on reddit for his selfless act.

1. Stuff wallet and contents into your asshole

2. Pull micropenis

3. Moonwalk out in the midst of the chaos

4. Go to Apple store in glee as you just pulled off the heist of the century

5. ???


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Buy $200 worth of strawberries and pelt her with them. Then finish with some whipped cream.


The problem here is that by returning the wallet sans cash to the "proper" authorities you may get hit for theft. Knowing roasties they would do this without a second though. In fact, whose to say she won't try and say that she had more than the $200 and that you stole more from her?

Tread lightly. Personally I would keep the money and shred everything else.

take the cash paper only, coins are too much weight
throw wallet in trash
t. guy who found once a wallet with 150$ in it and once 250$ in cash on the floor

Take the cash and leave the wallet where you found it.

wtf is a SIN card

It's Satan's punchcard. You get five stamps and you go to hell absolutely free

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Be a nigger somewhere else.

not take money and drop wallet in mailbox?
Drop it in a public mailbox and it will be sent to the address on the ID

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Who is that maid doll, bro?

Buy $200 in Roast beef sandwiches.

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Champagne Dream bro.


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wrlcome to the rest of your life

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