Name one invention from Mexico

Name one invention from Mexico.

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colour television, apparently

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Only niggers drink that.

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tacos and burritos.

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Over priced garbage.

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hitler's existence

Burritos motherfucker

why do you keep spending your days like this? samefagging your own threads and making/forcing unfunny memes

a whole new realm of disgusting smells

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He has to keep his board alive somehow, or Jim will take it away from him.

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autist shit



Human sacrifice, drug cartels.

thats a jew invention

Chewing gum

Decapitating people and rolling their heads down pyramid stair after their hearts have been cut out

mexico invented peanut butter

Mexico invented Mexico

Tequila and pulque, you ignorant fuck.

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Lesbian Space Hitler confirmed

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Decapitating people is not an invention. Also im pretty sure the Egyptians and Romans were doing it before mexicans existed.

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