Animefags are the new pedos

animefaggots are literally the new pedos

nobody is there to stop them because dysnomia is one of them.
they have their own boards and chans why dont they go there?

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im attracted to drawings


They did nothing wrong

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y pensaba que los mexicanos eran peores


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quads - mods = gods


Because any legal content is allowed on Holla Forums regardless of your shitty taste, OP.

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fucking animefags you will be caught and put to prison where you wont survive a week

and jews won't survive any seconds in the oven

In your dreams, burger. Not everyone is an amerifat here on Holla Forums.

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loli is legal in the US

Yet. That burger refers to Holla Forums wet dream called day of the rope when all degeneracy would be up rooted from burgerland. Yeah, right.

thats because he is retarded and doesnt know the law


downvoted old

bad bait

yet you took it.
Must be board like myself…

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also none of them are white

fuck off newfag weeb

So is this an anime thread now?

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S-stop posting anime girls i-in my thread


I will when you Climax~

I..I can be samfag 4u -_^

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If you are asking nicely…

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you do know he never married that 3DPD he had…

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Doesn't rhyme, doesn't count.

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wtf i hate anime now

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Same with me -_^

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I don't know why 3DPD hate anime so much.

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I am so glad I am a Brony, and not into anime or furry shit.

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ya sure you are….

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Anime > Anti-anime gayqueers

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As long as it's not 3DPD I don't care.

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Waifufags are FREAKS!

Ponies are furries too dumbass…

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be more of a cuck fag.

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Check your Anime privilege, if I did the same thing with non 2D pics I would be permabanned everywhere.

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why would you post 3DPD? Everyone knows those are shit

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I am talking about cartoons, you dimwit.

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as long as its not 3DPD I don;t care. people take steps… cartoons are the first.

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Nice buttocks

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wtf is that goat thing ffs?

A half-demon, perhaps?

Translation from female logic:

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B… but… Thelma is a THOT!

Does that make any difference regarding the content of my previous post?

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No. But it does bump up the all-important PPH figures.