Inb4 white nationalism defends roasties

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la puta que te pario

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Shape, no. The health of it, yes, mostly. The other bit is due to health from STIs etc which is related to cock mileage in some amount.


No, but thot in pic has clearly taken a metric mile³ of cock.

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Seasoned to perfection!

La puta que te pario! Te refieres a un kilometro?

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JFC! Anyone have that ancient fucking .gif (about 20 years old now) of the guy putting his entire head inside a girls cunt? It's what I thought of when I saw this

this shits a myth, pussies naturally look either like the top or the bottom regardless of mileage

I was trying to imply an impossible volume
you will never be white

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is that what [[[she]]] told you, user?

here you go brainlet

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I see reading comprehension isnt your strong suit

labias naturally look all sorts of different ways, this is the same as saying someone's got longer foreskin from jacking off too much, makes no sense

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no it isn't. penises and vaginas are different


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Checked. Also pic related is my personal favorite. I like a little extra to play with when I go down on a girl

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as women get older their outer labia naturally becomes darker and more stretched.
the women you see in porn/modeling are in their very early twenties usually, they still have genitals that aren't fully developed.

i'm sorry that the type of pussy you get off to is the same as what little kids have… when you eat out or fuck an actual woman you're in for a surprise

You don't stretch the foreskin along your cock while jacking, so why would it get longer for that reason?

Wanna know how I know you're retarded?

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also, wrong

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I think he meant 'fully Tyrone'd'. Also by this logic, the stretchy lip niggers would return to just regular juju sized lips, and Kirk J would someday hear his farts again.

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they look like cellular structures photographed using an electron microscope.

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Vaginas don't work that way, dummy. That beauty on top will stay that way unless she gets old.

Assholes, on the other hand, can get stretched out but that's usually from objects larger than a human cock.

speak for yourself, dicklet

If vaginas get loose based on the amount of cocks a woman fucks, then why don't all of our assholes become lose because we are taking shits for years?

Vaginas can get lose yes…when given birth, like it happened to my mother. After me, she couldn't give birth ever again, her uterus got wrecked in the process.

vaginas and assholes are different.

Your asshole does get loose from shitting for years. Ever heard an old person fart? Of course taking a shit is within expected biological parameters, taking Tyrone and the Mandingo Gang not so much.

i thought it only got wider with age, and if you didn't get lots of vitamin A
that's why athletes are kinky

Bullshit. Pussy in photo is low mileage. At time of photo only been fucked maybe 20 times total.

Also OP photo refers to mileage, but measures in km?

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what do you think it should be? 'kilometrage'?

mileage is still the appropriate word.

doesn't look like a roast though, just looks dark. pussies 100% get looser, if you don't know that you're a virgin. I met up with a fwb after she travelled for her "gap year" and shit was all stretched out. even blacks rap about girls keeping their pussies tight

science has proven that the more huge nigger dick a woman gets the flappier her vag lips become. That's why all black women have sails down there by age 25

that's why I'm korean master race. my 4.5 inch cock will keep any pussy tight as hell

stay pure user!

White nationalism is virtue signalling and is an attempt by those with nothing else to offer to get a white feminist girlfriend.
Notice how natsocs absolve SJWs, normies, cucks, boomers, and other degenerates of their crimes and transfer the guilt of those crimes onto the Jews.
Hitler did the same.
Until natsocs take responsibility for their actions they are exactly the same as those that they purport to fight.


And multiculturalism defends the faggots, trannys and rapefugees. Which one is wrose?

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Killomiles is the new metric

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White nationalism and communism are both equally retarded.

is this a hope solo thread?

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It's scar tissue from all the sex she has had. Same reason foreskin restoration is a thing.

Holy fuck please tell me this is bait


‘What do you mean user? It’s normal that they get stretched a little after a while’

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looks good as new

There is literally nothing wrong with a woman who has experience. You wouldn't buy a car unless you knew it had been tested, would you?


It's not just that, the sentiment is even more retarded.

If it was just the amount of cock that you've taken that makes your labia look like that then girls in committed relationships would all have roast beef sandwiches.

I think the belief is that if you keep taking the same white dick every night you're OK but if you sleep around or fuck a black guy god will punish you by giving you roasties.

I think that's what they believe, anyway.

I'm pretty sure they're joking.
The lips are just the ballsack of a woman. It never fused, and the ovaries never dropped to become testies. Therefore a woman. Some guys have big ballsacks, soke guys have tight ballsacks.

Same with women.

Of course it can also be stretched by some dumb bitch absentmindedly pulling on her cuntflaps, but thats her own damn fault for constantly playing with her cuntflaps and pulling them apart and stretching them like putty every time they have a chance.

this sounded pretty bizzare at first but then i realized i was playing with my nutsack when i read it


I wouldn't fuck anyone with a pussy that looked like that, they'd have to have a model tier face and body.

It's like you've never heard of how sexless marriage is.

Well you're fucking wrong and if you would go down on this you're disgusting.

t. triggered female

No woman wants to have sex with you in the first place.

Once you grow up and become an adult you'll realize how insignificant a woman's past relationships are, it's how you spend your time with her NOW that matters.

t. virgin LOL

Stop speaking like you've had experience with women you fag, I've probably had more experience than you have.

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Jesus fucking Christ you really are a woman.

they dont make em like they used to

Funny, because both those pics are porn stars that have both been pounded by hundreds of men.

their names or gtfo

dont dig yourself too deep

Are you really a womyn, or are you just that retarded?
Why the fuck anyone would be interested in second(if only) hand merchandise.

I thought I was only one who remember this

it's a woman. she posts here every day. i swear this cunt can't keep a lid on her bullshit.

Does this add evidence to penis enlargement? we all start as same base in womb…..
are women jelqing?

If true, then I wonder when that bitch will finally break.

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tbh I think anyone who has ever seen it remembers. it's pretty hard to forget that.

These @s are unfuckable virgins LMAO

Yes, you are.

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some normalfag somewhere actually fapped to this.

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I actually prefer meaty lips because I'm not a pedo.

Have fun dying alone.

D&C kikes are pushing the no hymen no diamond meme because they want to lower white birthrates. Man up and settle or die on DOTR.

When's that happening

I did twice yesterday


No thanks, I'm not terrified of women.

ewwww that is basically what rozelli has

why don't you just take rozelli then?


How to purposely tighten your asshole?


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i came

Normies / thralls do what they are conditioned to. Most of the populace is and always has been slaves.

t. roastie

MGTOW aren't afraid of women, what they're afraid of is state violence. The mechanism by which women enforce their will.

MGTOW are afraid of men with guns. Police forces. Armies. That's what it takes to instill fear in a MGHOW.

…and it's jews in control of media and schools teaching normies to be degenerates.

FAGTOW is a jewish psyop to lower white birthrates.


Riley Ried gets fucked all the time and her pussy is still tight as fuck. Explain how zero porn stars have roast beef pussies

No, that's feminism. MGTOW is the only method by which a man can merely survive in a feminist society.

Pfft. Only a virgin can truly love you. Any other woman is permanently damaged.

Not your personal army cunt.

regular vaginaplasties. also, most pornstars' careers last less than a year.

Probably true

Go and start pregging some whores then, dumbo.

(((They))) want you to think women's pussies will be tight and look new despite having miles of cock, to encourage sexual hedonism and social degeneracy.

Race traitors who refuse to breed will die first on DOTR.

*walks up to you*
*pins a badge on you*


Good goy, don't breed, just wait for the perfect unicorn that will never appear!

wtf is wrong with you?

This makes no sense as the money made from the porn would be far less than the constant cosmetic surgery needed to maintain this appearance. This opinion, which neither of you have substantiated, makes zero sense as it would be much more cost effective to recruit a new girl than spend tens of thousands of dollars maintaining an old one. This is besides the fact that many popular pornstars keep working until they hit their late 20s, not because they have no genitals left.

What, before the Jews?

It's a solid future investment. What's a few thousand now for surgeries when it leads to instilling a new standard for what society should look like and destroys white morality and leads to their cultural suicide?

This is what you sound like.

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>not bending over and taking it from the court system without lube makes me a traitor
Worse than communism.

Literally cuck yourself for the white race unironically.

Single mothers each with one child only does not equate to a saved white birthrate.

A man who fucks 14 woman and has 14 kids is actually hurting the white race.

A man who fucks a woman 14 times and has 14 kids with that woman helps the white race.

To save the white birthrate we need stable committed relationships where the woman has many children.

Literally FBI.

My problem personally is women refusing to breed with me despite my obviously superior genetic contributions. Are we to rope those women or just force them to breed? Majority of women just want to fuck around and not have kids.

alright friend now fuck off back to your board pretty please where you can pretend that trump is actually going to save you and not just sell you out to whoever comes along next

This, I don't know much about, since I have 0 experience. I just can't bring myself to sleep with a woman who has slept with another man.
I realize I will die alone. Quite frankly, I find the notion of intercourse utterly disgusting. The only reason ever that I would do it is to procreate, but because of aforementioned reasons that is unlikely to happen as well.

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This, I don't know much about, since I have 0 experience. I just can't bring myself to sleep with a woman who has slept with another man.
I realize I will die alone. Quite frankly, I find the notion of intercourse utterly disgusting. The only reason ever that I would do it is to procreate, but because of aforementioned reasons that is unlikely to happen as well.

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Nice strawman retard.


Or we can build one… Since you know men build things.
Fun fact, did you know the whole Jewish race is driven by woman's actions. They have always been a feminist society.

not unexpected, the quality of women right now is pretty low blue haired screeching harpies it'll either sort itself out of the human race will die off

Explains male circumcision.

Well, I ruled that option out, since I am attracted to women, and women only. But, due to what I assume is my underdeveloped sexuality I find sexual relations disgusting. I really am an interesting psychological case, and since I am unable to talk to anyone about this things are unlikely to change. Sex is so accepted and normal in today's society, and and promiscuity is expected if not even encouraged. A hundred years ago I would be applauded for my abstinence, it's funny how time change.

The only thing that I know is that I know nothing. I really hope we die off. But not completely, I really hope we are replaced by a more valiant being, preferably machines. We are so free, yet so trapped. Trying to please everybody isn't working out.

*tips fedora*

It's also because of how trends are. Women will sleep with "good looking men" even if they have cancer or other genetic defects. I have seen this personally. Also, it seems that people cannot think ahead in todays world. They never build for their children's future and don't care about how much dept they get in because "lol I'll die and not have to pay it back". But that also means your children will not get anything that you leave behind. I'm so glad my grand parents and parents knew about building wealth through generations. I will never be a slave but I will never have children of my own since most women today cannot understand what the concept of a future is.

If you wan't to trigger jews just tell them they are lead by their women and that their women have made them the cucks they are. Watch how upset they get because they know it's the truth.

hes not defending women tho…

Actually, I am pretty OK look-wise. I am tall and not fat, actually fairly muscular. I never alienated myself from others and am a very friendly person. I socialize with everybody, and I go out of my way to help others. This kind of behaviour stems from my struggle with suicide and my vow to help others and not throw my life away, since nothing else pleases me in life.

Indeed, I actually despise most women. I despise most men too. There are few who I admire. I believe that your sexual activity and preference tells much about you personality. In most cases it does, although many may disagree with me. "Who are you to judge me?" Well, I am simply using scientific facts, and although sexual behavior can be and is very complex, some things are innate.

It is driven by "fads" now. Women only go by looks first and what you have/are second. Only ones who go by wealth are the older ones looking for a retirement bank. Most men don't care tho, as long as they get their dick wet.
I don't care about the game, I know the real game and that's to stay out of dept and be the slave owner. This is why I have planned ahead… Women are not the end all and should never be focused on. They are just a Tool in the end… Love dose not exist in the world anymore.

There is some truth in that. Also, mind your own mental health. Men usually need sex to remain sane. I like to call this "caveman instinct." Overcoming this is extremely hard, if not impossible. In my case, I would benefit greatly from becoming sexually active and becoming a normie. But, I think at this point I'm too far in (I'm almost 23) and any woman would laugh at me and not believe me if I told her that I've never engaged in sexual contact. I am slowly but surely loosing my mind, which is OK, since I don't plan on living that long. I don't think I'd ever find sex enjoyable, I don't find anything enjoyable at all.


Pic related, (their policies are usually smaller too). Their short-sightedness is frustrating - especially when girls seem to immediately want to control the couple's finances. For example I've got some money in stocks & crypto, but I never touch it. I'll move it around, add to it, but never take it out. As a result, despite being basically a NEET (i do work, but only part time) I've got a decent nest egg. I dated a girl who wanted to go out this weekend. No particular reason, "I just want to go out :-DD". I said 'well I'm broke, so unless you're paying, no'.
Immediately orbital - "I know you've got money put away!! What's the point of having it if you can't use it!!!"
And this girl was bilingual, university educated and had a degree (?) in 'business management'… I dropped outta school at 15 what do I know right

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Kudos to you. I will dedicate my life to science. I am already well under way on my plan. I may get rich, or I may not. I just want to leave my mark on this world. I want to be immortal, in the sense that people will remember me.

I have been investing in single story homes for the amount of women who will need medical assistance in the future. Most countries have it set up so men pay taxes for the poor older women to live until they pass. I will milk that tax from the cucks.

Be self driven, you do not need their approval. Many inventor did it to inhance themselves. The "slaves" only get the residual of what the true species of mankind invent. But remember that we are few and do not breed. This is why this world is set on fate. Those who only live has already wrote the fate of the world, unlike the ones who make a new fate. We are not the norm, and we will never be.

>mfw a single story home in my country is

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Indeed. I guess I just want to rise above the rest, and yet not become like them. We may be few and far in between, but we certainly have made a mark on the world.

I'm sitting in a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home that's 750k "got it at 300 when housing crashed in 2007. I should just rent it out and move into one of the single story ones… But those rent out more often. Fuck I hate big homes when I'm just a single neckbeard…

I just don't like how all of them thing they contributed. Like those who take a flight and do not understand everything that it took just to be able to get to this point. At least a primate monkey fears the plane ride understanding that is it almost a godlike event for it. It's allowed to act like this because it cannot understand it. But for normal people to not even understand and not even care, they do not deserve to crest the skies.

400k is bare minimum, not even in the city. I just want a little bit of land (10-20 acres) but that's impossible in NZ now
Fuck my country. Until we drive the pajeets, kikes & bludging socialists into the fucking ocean we're nothing but slaves.

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If you support raising white birth rates, you should support lowering the age of consent and allowing girls to marry at 14-15 so they can start having kids sooner. I'm betting you don't, though, because you're a fucking crypto-feminist tradthot and there isn't one redpilled male who will fight for you.

women bear the most healthy children at 20 you subhuman pedo scum

You need to marry the girl several years before having kids with her to give you time to settle in and get used to living as a couple. If you have kids at 20, you should be getting married by 16 at the latest.

At least wait until they stop becoming taller. The birthing canal can get wider until then, so births are safer that way.

you can actually do that in the states

you just can't fuck her, and that's your problem, you just want to fuck young girls. there is nothing more to it, everything else is just facade.

Actually you can fuck her as long as you're married, which is exactly what every guy wants to do. Guys evolved to want teenage pussy. No guy wants to fuck with some used-up slag.

18+ girls aren't used-up slags. typical pedo rethoric, it's getting boring with you people honestly.

Typical roastie rhetoric. It's getting boring with you people, honestly.

Under fucking rated

Bullshit. I'm a 40yo kissless virgin nerd and still fine regarding my sanity. At least not to the extent of wearing pants on my head, heh.

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What white guy do you think is going to go around lynching other white guys for not wanting to marry roastie scum?

has anyone pointed out that this is still unacceptable, or is OP's pic just another psyop?

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No hymen, no diamond.

You're trying too hard.

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What is her mileage?

Oh shit, day 1 videos were deleted.

we need to formulate a means for externally detecting hymen tbh. We'll call it a… hymenoscope? Hymenodulator

you're an optimist, user, I'll give you that

clocking pussy by cocking ass. Genius

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And now this "restricted" shit. Here's the link:


Isn't this just evidence that circumcision is one of the root causes of this issue?
Cut men are heavily desensitized and need more simulation. You essentially ablated the sensory nerves of the penis with Jewish slicing.
Men that are intact or restored don't pump as hard or just don't need to.

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kek you are me except 23 whereas I am 25

No women want a family and to reproduce. All women are anti-natalists that just want sex or to be celibate. None of them want to create children.

All those niggers won't remember you and your science will be lost.

Asking tend to work, women/girls are usually honest about their past.
Particularly teens, they don't care about sealing the deal and marry you, they don't have any reason to lie so they'll tell you like it is.

Then we will have to start working on replacements for them.

They are more likely to tell that to a bff than a guy. If you have a sister, you might try to make her ask that in your stead.

You're fucking twelve, aren't you.

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How many chicks have you spoken to?
2D don't count

No, it's a movement to encourage society/the government to treat men like human beings for once.

Hundreds. Even fucked a dozen or two.

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I'm 6'4 x 200lb and ride & train horses. Occupationally alone I'm in a sector that is 90% females. How do you meet all those teen girls, "chad"?

Simple. he don't talk nor had any sex in the first place.
We talking about a guy who come to a fucking Holla Forums to talk how awesome of a "chad" he is, and how much puss he gets; while calling other beta and virgins.
If that isn't plain and obvious projection, I don't know what is.

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Nigger, do you get your (((white nationalism))) from leddit?

t. virgin


Why the sarcastic tone?

Depends how old you are and where you live.

I had about half of my girls from internet, mostly from Omegle back in the day when it was still good.
The other half during summer, mostly beaches and camping, girls are suckers for abs its not hard to pick up a girl who's already drooling over you
I had couple from local pool, but really not the best place, everyone is staring and its surprisingly full of POCs for some reasons.

I got the rest from my town, its not hard to "blend in" with teens when the average age in our town is 70.

I smell rostie.

You mean ((((((white))) nationalism)))?

They'll say we're pedos because top vag looks like a young grils and the bottom one is perfectly normal.

No one cares about anonymousness porn stars, dont you get it, porn is theer to replace inner desire. this is why they keep on pornstars this long and fix them up.
ppl get a connection with the pornstar and keep coming back. this way you can push ir by using a popular pornstar with losers who follow her still watching her after she starts with ir.

pornstars get paid little, porn earns a lot and it is funded by propaganda money.
it makes a lot of sense if the only reason to have porn is to degrade and manipulate.

i didnt know this was a feels thread

Have fun fucking a dead fish, losers.

Gee, i wonder (((what kind of faggot))) could be behind this post

Have fun being cucked, loser.

Just because someone claiming to be WN at some point called out some absurd literal babyfucker propaganda has nothing to do with roasties.

Roasties are real
but 99% of the non-roastie pictures posted are just roasties with labia surgery done

Your virgin is showing.

Roasties are fucking gross, but aren't related to how much sex a person has had. But since you believe that shit… I have a miracle penis enlargement secret that I'll sell to you for only 39.99. It's a steal!

I think I found what you're looking for.


I don't have the gif, but here's the video (it's obviously a fake pussy)


stay mad roastie, nobody wants you but beta males

Stay mad roastie


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