Anyone who gets dubs in this thread gets b&

Anyone who gets dubs in this thread gets b&

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Rickety rickety rollin', son!

checl em

UVF did nothing wrong tbh(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

arent the IRA a bunch of commie fags


Aye, every republican party in Northern Ireland is left-wing.

Dubs or no, you deserve to be banned for being Loyalist scum.

There are probably more left wing parties in Northern Ireland (per capita) than anywhere else in the world.


why would anyone agree to this

probably has to do with muh potato famine

Rolling for this

UVF still did nothing wrong tbh


Dubs Get

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May the hammer of righteousness fall upon the wicked.

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mods r fagets

No they aren't

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kill me plox

Waiting on my ban, faggot.

Mods won't ban me for anything.

Try me faggot.

2nd chance, cunt.

And again

check 'em

You're doing it wrong

Ban me, idc

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mods r buzy suging benises :DD