Cloudflare CEO realises what he did

So, "I'm a cog in the Orwellian machine! Holy cow!".

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Civilized people everyone.

"We revised pour policies after we broken our own guidelines, and it's only one week after we created a precedent that I'm starting to think about the situation" Congrats.
The adventures of the guy who just started to pay attention.

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So he admits what he did set a bad precedent, but doesn't apologize and reverse the decision. What was the point of even mentioning it?

They're not from here, that's why you shouldn't be surprised.

the overboard did this


virtue signalling

Maybe he thinks he's freeing his conscious or cleaning his hands now, alerting people or whatever.
It was at the WSJ, so I believe it could be one of those "I'm a pedophile, but not a monster" types of articles where they try to normalize a behaviour even when admitting it being wrong.

All wrong because they're were creating their own money. The loans were meaningless.
Have you ever read the economics of there? It's was perfection.
Read Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown, would you?
Also, things weren't centralised and private companies experienced a boom, with small business everywhere.

Do I need to bring Lunduke to explain to you why it's wrong and a dangerous precedent?
There is a subgroup of people, on both the left and the right, who don't believe in dialogue and reason. They will try to use force to shove their manifest feelings down your throat / up your ass at every opportunity you give them.
If you want a civilized society, they have to go.

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/g/ and Holla Forums have always been corporate shills and/or communists, barring a few who only come by to be disgusted, then leave again.


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There's another one:

Can't tell whether this one is the real deal or not.

If only people knew who were the Indo-Europeans...

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i hate everything that comes out of these nigger's mouths. they cant just say DDoS because they know they provide a vague package of snake oil
Hackers who can't even take down some retarded stormfag site protected by a WAF and a fisherprice DDoS mitigation strategy
you guys knocked a site down used by a bunch of stormfags for a day or so, your shit doesnt matter, some stupid stormfag site doesn't matter, and internet services have been kicking people off for bullshit reasons since the beginning of time.

i haven't seen much communist sentiment on here. you must be referring to the act of using Linux or some other obscure use of the word "communism"

Mentioning a company someone else doesn't like isn't being a corporate shill. Mentioning open source software doesn't make you a communist either. As crazy as it sounds, some people will always use something different than you. If /g/ and Holla Forums share anything, it's autists that see something they don't like, get upset, say they're leaving for good, then return the next morning.

Since CF is no longer neutral they now have to deal with being the police of the internet.


Something's been fucking wrong with this guy's responses and statements from the very beginning. Nothing about them feels natural, like the way he announced it wasn't the way a CEO typically frames their decisions

It's like he's talking about someone else and doing it kind of passive aggressively.

He knows he's gone against the stated principles of most Silicon Valley companies in the pursuit of profit, but has to stick to his decision while still signalling commitment to those principles. This necessarily comes off making him look like a crazy person.

what's the problem? ISIS literally aren't nazis nor fascists
they already do this

Pretending you have principles is a principle of Silicon Valley. They're so good at faking it, people even believe them.

He's just trying his little sample of virtue signaling doesn't go the same way like Twitter and his company's shares don't plummet.

The deep state is doing to the alt-right, as they did to Occupy Wall Street.

The problem is that it is not working, so you will see more censoring CEO's washing their hands in public.

He might also be shilling for some jew council that will decide who gets shut down or not, but I think it's cold feet. What if some pro-white employee leak something to take down the company?

Too bad you stopped reading, because the very next point was about subjectivism.
And I rarely got to Holla Forums. Mostly Holla Forums and /fit/

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I agree

This is the perfect example of a "right-wing SJW" post. I didn't say anything marxist - in fact, what I said applies to marxism as well. By no reasonable measure am I an SJW or does that post convey that idea, but any criticism of your fashy utopia means in your eyes I must be a part of a KGB psyop and not an individual thinker.


If Daily Stormer really claimed Cloudflare was supporting them then they were out of line and Cloudflare was justified in terminating them.

They didn't. It turned out it was just some random faggot on their forum that made a thread saying that since CF hadn't taken them down, CF was /theirguy/.

inb4 user makes a thread here saying the same about CF and 8ch and gets us shitcanned.

Found it.

It's working.

Claiming s right winder can be a Social Justice Warrior would imply you do not understand the term. It's misusage would imply you are a SJW trying to apply the label to others in order to cover for yourself.

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>Faggot who made his first money selling information to the FBI and started Cloudflare with totally no help from the (((US government))) goy just now realizes he is a cog in the Orwellian machine
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We're only a couple years away from tech companies policing us with AI designed to recognize ideas instead of words and automatically ban or insert themselves into our private conversations to prevent any dissent. The Jews are genociding the west and Silicon Valley wants to be their right hand. Meanwhile the rich and powerful are having their kids marry into Jewish lines in hopes they won't be exterminated. Hitler was fucking right.

No one on 8ch is a Capitalist.
Holla Forums is not Capitalist.
Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin.

Where do the gooks and chinks fit into all of this? Is it possible the Chinese Mafia/Dragon Cabal can outmaneuver the kikes and beat them in the A.I. race? They're already winning on the genetic engineering front but Jewgle has the upper-hand on the A.I. front.

The Jewish plan is in its most powerful, but fragile state.
If they fail (hell, WE're managing to make a dent on them), the Chinese will genocide them for sure (along with us).

The Jews are just balancing powers against each other while killing the west. They only seem afraid of the west as competition, and it makes sense as Christians were the only group capable of breaking their power hold 2000 years ago. They're currently getting us to send insane amounts of food aid to Africa which will create billions of future "refugees" (estimate is 5 billion by 2100 due to pouring food on them). They're trying to warm Americans up to the idea of flooding themselves with niggers so in 10-20 years we'll have our version of Europe's manufactured "crisis".

That pic is dumb because it assumes people say Capitalism has never been tried. Capitalism is catch all term for unequally distributed wealth based economic policies. Capitalism does not have defined subculture and infrastructure because it doesn't need to, unlike Communism.

Oh my god. Talk about jumping to conclusions.

AI isnt nearly that far
It's called ethnic clensing, genocide necessarily implies mass murder

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