Last night I stuck it in my gf's ass. We were doing doggo style, I was drunk...

Last night I stuck it in my gf's ass. We were doing doggo style, I was drunk, and the little pooper knot was irresistible. Her legs buckled out and she shrieked. I had to hold her ass up and she cried but didnt stop me. I feel kinda bad but she didnt say anything this morning.

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100% success. Guarantee she wants to do it again ir at least will let you do it again. How smol is she?

Maybe she didn't say anything because you were literally fucking the doggo instead?

I told her she liked it but she didnt agree.
About 130lbs I think. Ass was tight af

tbh I would feel worse if I did it to my doggo. I was pretty hammered and it was dark but my doggo doesn't seem mad at me today.

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maybe next time use lube. surprise anal will never win you any points

Because this literal bitch wants human dong. Fucking animals is not cool and you should maybe most urgently neck yourself, famalam.

yeah you should probably go to the doctor because you likely have an UTI now from ramming your dickhole into shit

I had vaginal juices for lube

nigger, come sideways at me again and ill fuck all your animals, and then you, to death

best lube there is. it's what i used with my ex. my god she was dripping wet every time. she always said she didn't enjoy anal, that she did it because she knew i liked it, but her moans of pleasure let me know she was lying. she cummed harder when it was in her ass

I can make the boob animal get all twitchy with my fingers but I dunno if she actually cums or not. She always says she does but would lie anyway so I dunno, tonight Im finger her while I poop shoot her.

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careful with that. you'll create an insatiable animal with that

You make me hard with your words user. Where's the porn thread at?



I tried fucking my dog in her ass but she didn't like it. My other dog didn't like it either even thou he pounded mine.


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Poop Scooting Boob Animals

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Ugly ass dog, kill that fucker.

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more discussing anal sex. less discussion of doggos

it starts to smell once you really get into it

das nasty