Quick left or right?

Quick left or right?

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left ofc

Of these 2, the left one.

Right is objectively more attractive. Curves, meat, pheromones.




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I can't help but think of right as a dominatrix. She just has that kind of look to her.

Left. Or Honoka. Tattoos are for sluts.

She's legal already.

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Which one has feminine penis, please? I am thanking you.

The gigantic size of right is appealing but left has more subtle curves and more handleable breasts.

And no way her lips and nails are so red naturally. It's obvious that she uses false advertising to trap stupid men.

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Marie is cute.

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Both too old. Not interested.
This is more my thing.

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Left x1000

said right when should have said left

Is this honey select?

Left all day. Marie is gorgeous.



Left, obviously. What is this, the rhetorical questions thread?

Good morning, daddy

Left obviously


Trips of truth
Of course, marie rose is much better than helena, however, kokoro, hitomi, ayane, and kasumi get my meat going too.

Honoka too

Morning, sweetie.
Care for a little bit of daddy milk before breakfast?


Depends on what mood I'm in.


Why not both?

One on the left in the morning, one on the right late at night.

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Even the BLACKED ones? Why would you do that user?

both but left

Right has a good body; but tattoos are a disgusting roastie trend- huge turn off for me. Unfortunately like 90% of western women have them now a days. Not like it matters, they don't want me anyways.


Why not? It's his problem, not yours.

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just rape them
a time will come when u will be able to get away with it
be ready

only rule: no condoms

If society crumbles to such a point, I'm going to have a lot bigger problems than pussy seeing as I'm a NEET with no skills, no guns and no money

Moar though. I do enjoy seeing all sorts of animals having their way Marie. And I was just asking why he would do such a thing, just out of curiosity.

Neither, I'm a centrist

What the fuck is this shit? Pipimi's hair is supposed to be dark.

That's all I have.

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Pretty good answer tbh

Thanks for sharing either way!

Notice that it's Honoka, not Marie.