This is what "Democracy" looks in Russia


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Putin learned from the experts

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More pics of the girl? She's cute af

Slavs aren't human user they can't be cute, unless you're into beastiality


maybe, you got any?

B-But i thought Russia had (((Democracy)))

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tbh, it's just as bad as the "democracy" in Europe

You can vote for this party that will let migrants in and legalise gay shit, or you can vote for the other party that will let migrants in and legalise gay shit

democracy is the delusion that you matter

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this will fail. you can't even in your most contrived dreams imagine that you'll deflect critisism of trump's putin links onto the obama administration. 8ch may be stupid, but you prove that professional shills are even stupider. you're so eye stabbingly obvious

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useful idiot

vote for a real party and they will get in, and throw a revolution with the rest of the majority of the country if they try to block them

what putin links?

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The ones that are real, in my mind

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good riddance

naive or retarded?

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weak or retarded and weak?

He won the 2016 election


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Slavs are worse than niggers. At least some niggers are charismatic.


the latter, I see

are you paid to do this?


Europe is a big place. There is Hungary and Poland, not just UK and Germany. I voted for Le Pen, but of course she lost when everyone ganged up on her after she made it to the final round. You can actually vote for some parties that will change things, but the MSM has so many people brainwashed that it's not happening.

This is literaly shit from broken pipes.
No one wants to repair it, you people who live there, brake that shit into pieces and then they "The inhabitants of Serov ritually burnt fecal stalagmite"

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just retarded, then, I see, because you don't understand how it factors into it despite me clearly writing something that pertains to that

try deciphering that sentence, lmao

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Non-russians that think russians are anything but sub-human trash piss me off. You probably haven't lived here, those people at the table must be busy slandering someone and spreading rumors. They'll probably bully someone on the way home. Those freaks of nature on the club photo look like the kind who would beat a cute girl to a pulp "to teach her a lesson". Russians are white niggers, 90% of them are exactly the same kind of people as rednecks/trailer trash

women always deserve to get beaten, cuckold

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you have to go back>>>/cuckchan/

De-saged. Tfw 8ch degenerates think they are any better than 4ch degenerates, wew.

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you can damage control until your mom gets back from siberia, we know what you are trying to do and it won't work twice. go squat on your few worthless kopeks while your elites burn billions on the riviera

Anything is better than cuckchan tbh. Except for Reddit, i guess

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you really think anyone here cares for (((democracy)))?

Democracy is dead and good riddance.

Got more electoral votes than Hillary did

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you don't understand jackshit pal…in my country voting is irrelevant. My regions puts 4 people in the parliament.
There's 6 regions which alone win election as they put enough people to secure a majority. The people who live and vote there are the ones that matter. my vote is worthles and it's purely for stastic.
"Democracy" :D

That makes sense, considering they are many, and you are just one

what people here care about isn't important to you. it's their ability to propagate lies that pays your bills

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what did he mean by this?

who the fuck are you quoting, retard?

now name what obama did

I don't get it.
What's going on?

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Same people voting multiple times. Your observation skills serve you poorly.

the shills took a beating yesterday itt and in another (the state of britcuckland) which was later deleted. at least one vol is in their camp. they'll be back.

Wow dude you are blue pill jew pilled to the days.

Well, yeah.
I'm not a woman.