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Southern belle

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Is she fun to talk?

So, it's a dude, right?

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Yeah, she's pretty smert & laid back

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Whew. learn2opsec fam

Nobody cares about your shitty neckbeard data

she's my waifu the closest thing to a legit girl Holla Forumstard there is. :^(

Remember that you're not allowed to fap to your waifus, user.

Fuck. I been doing it wrong this whole time

Wide hips. Breedable.

nice and thicc, too bad she a chan thot. hope she milks some orbiters dry.


Get out. Get out while you still can.

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she is actually a decent looking broad but also autistic when interacting. shitty webcam though. is she a kike? :-(

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you shouldnt fap to anything tbh.

sound good. I need a rozelli replacement

if you were ever at that point you need to reconsider your life. that dog face roast beef cunt needs to be thrown in a volcano.

too bad because she's prob never coming back

they said the same thing about jesus


mind fucking blown.
was she ever a smut on cam? because if she i dont like her.

no jesus wasnt around during cam days

but is she a degenerate?

Well, she browses Holla Forums…

Browsing Holla Forums doesn't make you a degenerate

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how do you define degenerate? also how do you expect people to know if she is? if you're trying to ask if she's a camwhore, she's not. she also doesn't believe in racemixing sadly

Come on now.

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there's literally not a single reason to be on Holla Forums for longer than a week if you aren't degenerate. I hate to break it to you user, but you're a fucking degenerate unless you're a normie that just heard about this place



But I only post nice things on here.

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see, clearly a sign of non-degeneracy

one might be a degenerate from a normie viewpoint, but that shouldn't mean anything.


nope, a gril

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what is she doing Holla Forums?

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waiting for the weekend and all the fun with anons

Ah, so she does have a name.

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You look fuckable.

Would bang

she should show tits

Southern Bellend

This one's for you

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how does it feel knowing you haven't been attractive for at least 10 years?

Feels fucking great man. Pics for you btw hahaha.

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Every time you respond to 3dpd a cat loli dies.

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Yes but every time a 3DPD responds to you, a cat loli gets born!

Salty, salty, on the wall,
Who's the saltiest salt of them all?


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Goblinchan is best grill of 8ch

I got switched to nightshift and probably won't be on at the times she streams anymore FUCK

i d cum on her face

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I saw it. I even had to save to open it.

That reminds me, does anybody know the fix for windows 7 + firefox and the "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt" issue?
The fix seems to be setting media.windows-media-foundation.enabled to true in about:config but I don't have those prefs and making them didn't work.

Use a better browser

Even if you tried to ban, you're still my Otto.

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Not sure what that that means, but I take it you're creepin on me. You don't even know what I look like tbh deus

More like a better OS but I don't want to reboot.
I think I found the solution

I see you in my dreams. No visual needed.

If you can accurately describe me I'll invite you to the sekrit wizard club

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Glasses, dark brown chad hair, green or blue eyes, Caucasian, best guess around 21.

fat nigger

so in other words some vague screenshots

Heh, exactly. A handsome ottoyou are, of course not what one would expect. I could be being bamboozled though..

somthings not right

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Ayyy, I'm walking here.

They know…fuck gotta suicide on livestream I guess.

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This is the image they don't want you to see

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I know, right? She's cute, I hope she'll stream this weekend

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"doing" negros I suppose…whore

She is not particularly fond of black people

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well, color anyway, my hair is probably more stylish than uncles.

dysnomia is immune to Holla Forums


this tbh


So, who can help me with the MPEG-4 issue?

i fucking hate niggers and kikes