What do you think of lightly tanned anime girls?

What do you think of lightly tanned anime girls?

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Same thing I thought yesterday

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I will do things to her but to be clear I'm nit a pedophile but a lolicon

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Depends on a girl.

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That depends.
Where are the tanlines?

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They are an insult to my race! But you know what's worst that tanned anime girls? Is seeing americans appropriatig Templar knights aesthetics.
Templar knights are part of my culture, they helped founding this nation, they founded my hometown. And to see those fat turds on the other side of the pond mocking them it makes me angry.

dear Holla Forums.


Dear spammer. Learn to sage when you post copies of the same message in every thread you can.


MP4s too.

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Casca's the best one.

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Would marry one but not race mix

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you're a pedophile.
The stuff you jerk to is drawn but doesn't change the idea of significantly underage girls being sexually exposed.

An artistic representation is ageless.


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Go die.

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anime girls can be fuckin green, sinc ethey have the same facial features. As in, if u see an albino african, u can tell hes albino, not a caucasian, cuz of the lips, the nose and the hair.
Anime girls have the same cuteness despite tan or rainbow accidents

Gunsmith Cats was a good anime- the bad guy was even a commie iirc


Tanlines hot AF tbh

nah pale is better
thats why I love griffith-chan

You are an insult to your ancestors.

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I really like them. Being tanned is totally different from being brown skinned but I can like brown skinned animes too.

I also like tanlines too.

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na, gimme some black anime girls

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Rarer than hen's teeth.

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That's more than slightly tanned.

They're the best.

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Look at her hands. Grotesque.

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Loli Tan Lines are the best


Kingdom of France =! Nation of "France"


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Kat is naturally tanned and she's the biggest slut in modern vidya.

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Going commando isn't exactly the same as being a slut.


you are wrong

A lot of kids in poor countries does that. Are they all sluts from the start?

of course, prostitution was the first occupation

Stop sidestepping the question. You have to explain how going commando automatically causes a girl to be a slut. Not even a whore, because whores get paid.

This user speaks a certain wisdom that cannot be refuted

i don't hate them, but i prefer a uniform skin color.

Daddy says my tan lines look the best