Sucked my second dick.. ask me anything…

Sucked my second dick.. ask me anything…

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How does it feel to be gay and a cumdumpster?

Like cock in my ass

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just dont pretend you're straight live a lie, that way we can distance ourselves.

Story please!

why do you have two dicks and how are you able to suck one of them?

You have two dicks?

doesn't everybody have two… whaaaaat?


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the fuck kind of freak of nature are you?



Holla Forums

Serious questions:
1. Are you a girl or a guy?
2. Did you swallow?
3. What did you get in return?

Because here at 4chan, we care.


2. Every drop? It tasted like 'man'
3. The sucking was its own reward, I really enjoyed it

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m8 you're on fullchan. The perfect mixture of sexual degenerates and other dark fetishes all rolled into one. If you're wanting attention as a woman then supply tits. If you're trying to get attention as a gay then atleast get a gimmick we've got gays as common as grass here too. Traps are the hot new gay gimmick for attention or you could end up like that user who paid $150 to get anally raped by a tranny and a full hour of degradation which turns out he didn't like.


All the other answers were great, except this. Boner Street casualty.

did you dress up like his daughter and call him daddy while you sucked him off??

how tight were her panties on your penis, user?

Gender fluid, non-binary, GRIDS riddled faggot detected.

Hide and ignore this post

wow lots of mean posts all of a sudden

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civilization wouldn't exist if men could suck their own dicks

Be honest. If you could suck your own dick, wouldn't you? Well, by the time you finish reading this auto fellatio article, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of self-sucking.
3 Factors in Being Able to Auto Fellatio:

Spine/ Neck flexibility
spine length
erection length

Okay, now let me go over each of these factors can tell you how to improve them so that you can be successfully practicing auto fellatio in no time. You can work on just one but doing them all at the same time, if you can, will great speed up the time it takes to learn the art of selfsucking. Warning: Consult your physician and a qualified yoga professional to make sure you do this poses correctly. When dealing with your spine and neck, extreme caution must be exercised to avoid serious injury.
Spine & neck Flexibility
Improving the flexibility of your spine/ neck is probably the factor that will give you the most bang for your buck in learning to self suck. Fortunately, there is a long-tested, safe way to improve your spinal flexibility using yoga. Specifically, there are three poses (asanas) do the trick most directly:

The plow - this posture most directly trains you towards learning to practice auto fellatio. Over time, practicing this posture will drastically improve both your neck and spine flexibility. If you're not very flexible, begin placing your toes on a chair or sofa rather than trying to touch them to the floor right away.

cobra - this posture seeks to counterbalance what's done with the plow posture and helps to build spine flexibility in the opposite direction.

Spine Length:
Spinal length is not as important as spine and neck flexibility. But when every little bit counts, working all on improving your overall spinal length can get you to suck in your own dick that much faster. While the length of your spine is pretty much genetically determined, there are exercises that help to maximize the length of your spine:

downward facing dog

Erection Length:
This is probably the most obvious and most overemphasized factor. While having a 12 inch penis will greatly improve your ability to auto fellatio, it's not required and there are ways to maximize your penis size. And let's face it, every centimeter of length you can muster, get you that much closer to your first mind-blowing orgasm using your own mouth!
Here are 4 ways to Maximize Your Erection Length

Be horny are possible…The hornier you are, the harder and longer your erection. Consider watching some online porn movies (don't blow your wad though).
Consider a medical penis enlargement device
Consider taking herbal penis supplements that help your body increase blood flow info your erections.

There you have it…Follow any or all of these steps and soon you'll be bragging to all you jealous friend about your unbelievable auto fellatio skills. (Once you learn how to self suck, why not try learning to self fuck yourself…)

Third cock is coming over next Saturday…

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I'm not gay but I can't just sit back and ignore the aesthetic quality of that penis in the first image.

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Looks like too much work for too little gain. I'd rather wait for actually working portals being invented someday.

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os this gonna be the multi-dick thread?

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Do you get dressed up for your dicks?

Is it worth it?

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if you're considering it, you're a fag anyway so just do it and burn in hell forever you sodomite.

why would you want your dick to be sucked anyway? wouldn't it feel better to insert it into a vagina?

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good luck user. i hope everything goes down ok

Because the only alternative would be boybutt, and I don't want to risk catching "the gift".
Yes, of course, that would be preferable, but I have a great deal of trouble in dealing with the female sex.

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I mean vaginas have been designed by nature to be penis receptors so I think they would feel better because it's their one job, while mouths are only penis receptors as a hobby.

Too bad it doesn't work that way, newfriend.


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Norgay, why are you such a qt?

Fucking faggots you have a ton of boards, leave Holla Forums alone.

Homophobia is for fags

you'd think so, but really vaginas are designed to do barely more than the smallest modicum of required effort. Tongues and mouths are actuators that can be properly controlled and provide way way better pleasure. The only advantage to vaginal sex is the art of giving your SO a creampie with your eyes locked in the missionary position - gives me butterlies every time

To follow up - also anal is better than vaginal

you have two dicks?


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No u

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He says he doesnt like blowjobs cause pee comes from there. Also pee is sterile lol.


how many dicks do you have

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At what age the second penis starts to grow?

I have only my first one.

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id suck your dick tbh

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ok this exists.