Girls who do cross-country and track running are objectively superior. Discuss

Girls who do cross-country and track running are objectively superior. Discuss.

Nothing to discuss, it's just fact. Track is cardio, cardio makes you fit. Of course track girls are going to be the most attractive

I would willingly let them dislocated my hip as we fucked.


Even a lazy man can easily beat a very stronk womyn.

Moto X finals 2011, men vs womyn.

womyn finals, this is as good as they get.

They even suck at playing video games

Serena Williams, best female tennis player out there doesn't even manage to get close to the top 100 male tennis players.


glorious female pro gamers

to be fair, actual prowess is not needed to be a successful pro gamer. beyond a certain point there is diminishing returns (unless you are actually in championship contention your skills don't matter even if you are in the top 1%). what is necessary is good rapport with a livestreaming audience so they keep throwing you money, maybe a merch line, and other things to delay having to get a real job

Imagine those gnarly feet.

no thanks lmao. also that ginger girl has a face of a man.

6/10 would impregnate and leave state without ever saying name

No one cared who I was till I ran on the track.

might be an unpopular opinion, but women suck at gaming because they're only pretending to be "professional gamers" to get free shit and attention. no one there is actually serious, because pussy pass.

god she's fucking nasty.

Imagine her being a traditional housewife and taking care of your kids

Ginger women are the master race.


im not asking for a lard ass, but she needs an ass and tits. not this fucking skele looking shit.

there are better gingers tbh. you are just attracted to the shitty looking ones.

gas yourself

You call this FEMALE? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))
Are you motherfucking blind? (((da​tamin​ing))) This creature is women in your eyes! You must be dumb like american! BLACK TRANNY AHEAD! This dude is is not even close to look like a female…. go away with the transvesites you posted!

It's true, all of it, the gingers, they're real

ski grils have to best bods


girls who lift are superior to cardio bitches. cardio girls are just skinny but loose. bitches that lift have high AF bodies.

>You call this FEMALE? (((da​tamin​ing)))
so… what is your point? (((da​tamin​ing))) The best female tennis player is secretly a man? (((da​tamin​ing))) Is that supposed to make woman look better? (((da​tamin​ing)))

cross fit is a joke and isn't for anyone who wants true gains

yep, crossfit sucks. Better stay home in front of your computer all day long and do nothing.

Good wise practical advice

The only correct answer. Simply not inhaling every piece of food in front of you is not an accomplishment.


Is there a word/concept for the complete opposite of Soyboys? (((da​tamin​ing))) Because if there was these pictures would be perfect examples

TestFems? (((da​tamin​ing))) As in testosterone female? (((da​tamin​ing))) Doesn't have the same ring as Soyboy though


I dont think its comparable because soyboys arent attractive.


That's enough soy for you today user



>Is there a word/concept for the complete opposite of Soyboys? (((da​tamin​ing)))

The only people those women look like men to are 90lb, noodled-armed soyboy faggots.




in my school, track/cross country was where all the weird kids went. The girls were ugly and the boys were failures in nearly every respect.

You remember those kids who worked their ass off in school to get barely decent grades, always behaved themselves but the faculty hated them anyway, and would always find stupid ways to fuck up simple tasks? (((da​tamin​ing))) That was the cross country team.

False, I was on the cross country team and I wasn't weird or struggling with grades

and yet you're on 8chins right now

I dance with women regularly so I don't think I have that in common with many guys here

…that's actually really interesting

Sounds to me that you’re an insecure track runner who finishes last both on and off the field so-to-speak. And while you’re on the bleachers you imagine your Richard in their holes. I could go on, but you get it.

Her erotic milf aura is really starting to wear off now that we're four years down the road since GG.

predictable, but still funny

being a former long distance runner, i have to say i aged the least against my peers. I can still get away with youth tickets and get along with jailbait girls easily however one side effect is i cant bench an empty bar. Im 23.

This user gets it


The only reason I did this sport in high school was to lose weight for wrestling.

I was slow as fuck but always ran behind the girls to stare at their asses.


lmaoing @ your life

it's impressive he's so weak, even my grandmother does fine with opening most things.