Just watched CP! Fapped and reorted it!

Just watched CP! Fapped and reorted it!
Am i going to jail, Holla Forums? (((da​tamin​ing)))

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If you're on clearnet, yeah probably. Holla Forums logs the actions you do such as opening images.

Wasn't here.

Nah the LEA don't care about the fappers, they only go after producers and shareres

No, you're going to kill yourself.

do i have to? (((da​tamin​ing)))


It's too late for you user! Jesus saw everything and he's going to tell on you to his daddy. Pic related.

Forgive me father, for i have cummed!

Fucking based

Can you elaborate on what type of CP it was? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Are you the chosen one? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Belinda aka bely blowjob


OP answer me.


do you happen to have the infograph that exposed that? (((da​tamin​ing))) i forgot where i saved it

what's "reorted"? (((da​tamin​ing)))

fuck outta here, nigger. you know what imeant

Probably some sick pedoshit

Oh different IDs

both are me. I am (((OP)))

Did you report it just have less chance of going to jail, user? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Respect even if you're lying.

i reported it to the Cybetip line site.

Not lying. Was the girl from Shiny Flowers.


Whats the story? (((da​tamin​ing)))


It just came to my mind that im bare backing Holla Forums, and i just admitted watching CP. I just fucked up.

Just trying to know what the video was about

a loli sucking dick

enjoy getting v&

Say it ain't so.

I literally just search belinda bely blowjob on google and i got the video you are talking about. Are you sure she is still underage? (((da​tamin​ing)))

she was at that time. I almost sure.

I think you are scared for nothing, user.

Just because it says 18 in the video, doesn't make it true.

Wow. Everyone is in trouble then

She's in several porn sites and all over google images. I doubt anyone would blame you even if she were underage.

what do you mean, several? (((da​tamin​ing)))

So OP jerked off to a dude having his dick sucked? (((da​tamin​ing)))
thats fucking gay !

Hello Virped.

The FBI and CIA says hello



Bless all the curious anons.

Oh… I forgot to post the pic

more like going to hell

You are now.

Wrong. I don't report. I just contemplate killing myself afterwards.


call the FBI and let them know so they can go pick you up.