How do I make the voices stop

How do I make the voices stop

get some benzodiazepines


Cut those arteries all along their way, not across.

you go to >>>Holla Forums tbh

Have you asked nicely? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Just meditate bro, if you do it right then the voices will stop.

why make them stop? (((da​tamin​ing))) they might be the only friends you ever have.

Why don't you ask them

Let them talk all the shit they want user, but never react. Soon they will disappear like when the school bullies find you boring.

that will only make it worse, the only way to make them stop is to worship jesus and ask him to get them out of your head, what you call voices are actually demons

bro, hospital


swap frequency
= change your thoughts pattern to activate other connections in your brain and stop falling back on the same neural pathways that you keep reinforcing through feedback loop
= do something else interesting enough that you can give it your attention

self-management of your own soft/wet-ware is a skill

1- Stop sinning.
2- Pray the rosary.
3- Go to 1.

Op if you are real, I am have great pride in giving you wisdom.

Sit down, and concentrate on a recurrent behavior of the body, one that has some sort of stability, and constancy. And repeating a mental note of the occurrence, to solidify concentration. The easiest form of this is the rising, and falling of the stomach during breath. When this habit is broken by the voices, you repeat to yourself " voices " waiting two and a half seconds, or at any space of time that is comfortable between noting of the voices. Now, the fact that these voices are actually your own, but somehow disassociated, or secretly indulged in may become apparent. Though, even if it is not apparent, this will still work as a consequence of seeing it's true nature, whatever it might be.

" I hope I will over come this pain at the end of this sitting, so that the pain will not be with me at the next sitting. "

This thinking does not lead to progress, it has the motive of greed.

" I will work very hard this sitting. This pain cannot stay on but must disappear completely. Until that happens. I will not stop meditating. "

The motive of aversion

" I will meditate to know the true nature of this pain. "

This is the right thinking.

Schizofrenik tabletka

mix bleach and ammonia together and huff it

Huff that shit, bro

wons wykurwiaj

Why you should make'em stop? (((da​tamin​ing))) There so much you can learn from them. I mean i never tryed to stop my voices. I just dont dont do what they tell to me to do if i dont like it. Some times they or heor mb she gives me good advices that realy helps. Just accept yourself user, you feeling bad only because you fight with them but you shouldnt