Internet become so shit and now the nintendo switch become a good alternative with alcool.

2018 sound comfy.

you can't appeal again so you can't go back

here you go op
a nice comfy board made just for people like you

i cant because the pages do not load.

I got permabanned from 4chan and got all appeals rejected
Yet somehow I can post on there through my real IP now
Does 4chan revoke permabans after a year or so? (((da​tamin​ing)))

banning a ip is quite pointless when most people have dynamic ips.

america and the third world isn't most people

literally everyone has unless you are paying for a static ip or use a vpn.

My parents apparently dont have a static IP because I'm still banned for something I didn't even do


proof of mobile cancer

Jim? (((da​tamin​ing))) the pigs are hungry and i think i saw josh in quezon city today. pls come home

I’m sorry Jim misinformed you that you could come to this site, but you were clearly banned for a reason, and a good one at that. Ban evasion is not tolerable here at Holla Forums.co , so I would kindly ask you to go somewhere else.

neither scamming, datamining and complaining about jews


What is (((datamining))) wordfiltered to? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Oh FUCK. It isn't!


Question? (((da​tamin​ing)))

? (((da​tamin​ing)))

I get it now!

It's like this? (((da​tamin​ing)))

They banned me on 4Chan for breaking a United States rule? (((da​tamin​ing))) I don't post anything and only comment. I don't comment on anything illegal either like lolis and what not.


the absolute state of 4cucks

ask ISP for IP change, done.

they did that to me on /asp/ for making a jannetty thread. mods are officially a no fun allowed reddit squad but it's ok when they make their cancer waifu threads. stopped going on most board since gook killed legacy and forces everyone to be cucked by google captcha. currently banned 15 days for calling someone a shitskin in a sasha banks thread. it was worth it.


this site was made by a 4chan user feggit

Simple, turn off router, turn back on. Did your ip change? (((da​tamin​ing))) Congrats, you are unbannable.

yes, and he probably wouldn't have ended up as pig food if he just went back

That was before 4cuck was an irredeemable pile of shite.


At least I'm not a cuck who actually stayed on halfchan until CY+3 when he finally wised the fuck up


the datamining thing really should be disabled for rhetoric questions. am i rite? (((da​tamin​ing)))

because jews

cannot, is static IP

drumpft ruined everything.

you posted it too, i bet hiro cocksucking.

the skilled dataminer knows how to shape rhetorical questions with an underlying intention of coercing an user to want to give a (You) that will potentially contain revealing information. it is best to stay away from all questions in general, but even that is not sufficient. they are truly evolving as our eyes are opening to their ways

lurk moar

the only way to deal with dataminers is to give them all your information and answer all their questions 100% truthfully, but use reverse psychology to make them think it's all fake
take the datapill

at least 8ch is much better than halfchan (60 fucking seconds per post)

still not working

you have to delete your cookies in your browser too

i've been posting here since you hit 'adulthood'
you're not special pedo

Fine, I'll spoonfeed you.There's a bug in windows that you have to delete system32 in order for multiple replying to work

nice 2009 joke

Maybe don't act like someone born in 2009 and I won't have to bust out dusty old memes to troll your dumb newfag ass

for slackware users type the command
rm -rf /
hit enter
? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))
Voila! Ur back to high speed

Finding possible word fillers:
Child porn
Kike Jew

You are cringe btw famalam

>? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))? (((da​tamin​ing)))
? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Ahhh looking at previous posts I figured it out
It's not a substitution at all

Can I ask a question that isn't ? (((da​tamin​ing)))