Holla ForumsFAGS OUT!!

There are more butthurt poles in here than Warsaw in 1939!
I thought this was Holla Forums, not some Holla Forums bunker board.
Do your jobs, mods! Get these faggots out!

Holla Forums has always been /pol2/, how new are you shitskin?


what it has been and what it is supposed to be are 2 different things, shitball
op is based

Holla Forums is finished. Please stop.

Is that why they're flooding this board?

Pretty much, they're bitter and angry all the time

just so you know how weak your post is. even the pedos have a better claim to Holla Forums than Holla Forums. go back to your motherboard and show your tits, wimmin

Your math is a little off, son.

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Here we go again fellas!!! Leftypol potatoing to be a moderate/centrist.


Shit thread OP. You must be a shitty person.

So not only every time they in power they steal and fuck countries up, but they cant even preserve their own fucking board.
Go figure.

Libshits obviously have cognitive dissonance right out of the gate. It only goes downhill from there for most of them tbh.

This is Holla Forums, not your echo chamber. Crawl back to wherever you came from.

Lots of lefty ass hemorrhaging going on round these parts lately

Holla Forums was never good, (((chaim echostein))).

just tell (((pol))) to go make white babies.

protip: they can't

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try again

no u

Im jewish. I post here all the time with liberal and pro-jew disguised posts. The funniest part is you crazy paranoid fuckers don't even know and actually agree with me!

Reminder: Blame your fucked up parents for raising you racist and believing jewish people control everything.

No. Holla Forums is way better. I'll go back to Holla Forums when the retarded mods there are removed. They ruined Holla Forums for me. I can have actual conversations here without them being ruined by ImCucky's retardation.

Amen brother.

Before Holla Forums or even 4chon existed I was on Holla Forums back in 2007 and that is where I originally got redpilled. I even have the copypastas still saved from back then. Holla Forums is what originally made me a white supremacist and which later on birthed Holla Forums

I've seen about two threads all day that could tangibly be qualified as Holla Forums faggotry. When Holla Forums was literally spamming Holla Forums with Muh Drumpf and commie shit a few months ago you were probably fine with it. That is if you didn't engage in the raid yourself. Now there's one or two people talking about things from perspectives right of center, and you're whining about the butthurt Holla Forums fags. Admittedly I posted basically the inverse of this thread and got lol'd out— and that was an actual raid where the front page was COVERED in pictures of Stalin, Hammer and sickle and so forth.

Here's a crazy concept, people have widely divergent ideas and are allowed to vent them freely on Holla Forums so long as they do not violate state or local law. If this place isn't enough of a hugbox for you, you could always go back to Holla Forums.

Do you still subscribe to those views? (((da​tamin​ing))) Also describing yourself in terms like white supremacist or racist is probably counter-productive because you're applying the same pejorative labels the MSM, ADL and SPLC uses for you. Just a thought though.

Hmmm, nootka.

I am James Mason pilled.

My main tactic for the last 10 years is to be as shocking as possible. There's actually a guy called Andrew Anglin who saw what I was doing and picked up after me and we talked and he made a site called the Daily Stormer that was basically all centered around the exact strategy I developed.

The idea is that by constantly being as extreme and unapologetic as possible, I along with others who will react to me, can set up this kind of extreme-Right and slightly less extreme variation, and people will fall into both, and the most fanatical ones will be the agents of change and the less fanatical ones will be supporting.

It's the same tactic as the left has been doing at the same time as me, setting up their retarded super SJW left, and then putting in place more reasonable sounding people like Jordan Peterson.

So far as I'm concerned my empathy tbh died out. I used to literally cry for the plight of niggers and these days I'm totally ok with the last nigger being wiped out from the Earth if it comes to that. Though my goal is not really the extermination of other races, I'm not opposed to it, it's just my real goal is to create a white ethnostate where whites can continue to exist unmixed and without all the problems that comes with racial diversity.

I think that by being as edgy and shocking as possible all the time I achieve an overall shift to the right.

I also believe as Andrew Anglin does that this edgy and humorous stuff is much more appealing to kids then the well… more boring stuff.

I think every successful group on this planet needs to be set up like this. Islam is mostly moderate muslims but they have enough extremists (that the moderates support) that they have so much power in the world and keep growing. Israel has a similar set up to. Every group needs its extremists who will do the dirty work.

A lot of the various details of my beliefs though have changed dramatically over the last decade. On idea I actually have rejected is "social darwinism". I used to ascribe to that, now I think it's just a degenerate cancer. We need eugenics but we don't need social darwinism, people who actually try to apply social darwinism end up undermining people who could have achieved great things.

I am really full of hate just because of how fucking dire everything is where our entire people are collectively suicide faster and harder than any civilization in the past ever has before and it's happening on a global scale. I am constantly disappointed in my fellow whites and how cucked they are.

I should mention though also I'm a different person each time I wake up. I don't believe what I wrote yesterday and it's like a shuffling happens everytime I sleep. I have a different take on things all the time. Some core ideas remain strong though and one of them is that I absolutely, do not fucking want to have other races in the same borders as my own.

You know people don't take this seriously but this pathological altruism crap could end up killing us all when some disease from some shitskins gets into our country and destroys millions of us. There are so many ways for this to go from "an issue that a bunch of fringe radicals whine about on an imageboard" to "holy shit we should have listened now we can't go on ignoring these things from our gated communities there is truly nowhere left to run now".

Longgggg ago I read Medicins Sans Frontiers book and I realized pretty quick poverty and other things people talk about do not at all account for the way niggers behave. Under the exact same conditions or circumstances whites and blacks DO NOT behave the same way. The things blacks are willing to do is so bestial, so horrible, and they think very little of it. Whereas a white man must condition himself a great deal to try and approach anything like the barbarism that is every day life in Liberia.

Anyways every time I think about this or write about this I have a different angle. All my blabbering every time comes down to this; whites need their own land where non-whites can't live.

No, I think people just ignore you. You're not clever with your sneaky little judaisms.

At the end of the day, we definitely agree on this. Although now-a-days I'm more black pilled than I used to be. After reading some anti-natalist tracts, esp. pic related; I've come to view existence with a degree of detachment. I'm less angry, and it's easier to sleep at night. Let the mudskins take over this rotten world. Let them drink the brown toxic waters of the future, and scrape worms out of the blasted soil they will inherit. At our current trajectory, life will not even be remotely worth living in one or two hundred years. If my people have been replaced by the time the earth degenerates into a complete wasteland planet hell, so be it. Those that remain will suffer in our stead, and we will sleep peacefully in a blissful black nonexistence for eternity. The thought provides me so much comfort, it really does.

you have a very romanticised view of non-existence.

If only that would actually happen. If we are awoken from the void to live this life once, there is no reason for it to not happen again. However I don't see any particular reason for us to be bound to this Earth. Maybe we might fix this world just to be born into a shittier one. Maybe it will fall apart and we'll be whisked off to some aryan heaven world. I can't stop thinking back to the first moment in which I became truly conscious when I was 5 years old. I think of myself as the void and I can't take seriously any idea that we'll find peace in some sort of "black non-existence". The void is the mother of all things, the whole of creation is stirred up in her, and I being this eternal void I will never really have any rest.


"The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out." - Joseph Goebbels


Check this out.


If you get into Nihilism and/or anti-natalism you might feel similarly. Check out David Benatar; he did a great interview with Jordan Peterson. In my opinion he completely demolished him, but they both made good points.

Debate would be the correct word there, it was not actually an interview.

I personally think you have very reasonable thoughts there.
Often the extremists do the work, and use the moderates as support/scapegoat. That's what happened repeatedly since time immemorial.

Today the powerful jew uses his influences to create confusion on external countries, but the common jew pays the price. The same names who import barbarians into Europe are the same who keep them out of Israel.

Even though I don't like to take everything from a race conflict perspective, I have to agree that everyone likes an ethno-state but on the global conscience, it is only a problem when whites do it. It is easy to see how African tribalism and communism destroyed promising countries such as South Africa and Rhodesia.

Anyway, I think National Socialism is a failed ideology, but you are on a good train of thought