If you want my rifle so bad why don't you come and take it?

If you want my rifle so bad why don't you come and take it?

But then I would have two rifles. I cant hold two rifles.

take his duct tape, too

I don't personally own a firearm but I don't want to take yours. Hitler took away all the guns from Germany and it could not defend itself from it's own government. I don't want a socialist country controlling guns.

My blade is faster than your nigger tier weapon and never runs out of ammo.

*teleports behind you*

For political opponents and Jews.

only half on my fathers side im white though

Say that again?

They don't want it, they want the gub'ment to take it away, melt it down, and make Oprah for Prezident buttons out of it.

im white



Because I would have to go to California to get it. (I see that CA blocked fagmag a mile away, OP.)
Besides, why would I want a $3500 Frankenrifle when I can get one that is every bit as good for only half that?
Seriously, you are embarrassing yourself by posting that thing.


OP you silly bean, forcing a gun into battery can only break it.

That filthy Jew rat was a disingenuous asshat who wanted to create a so-called "egalitarian" state while in actuality he was a promoter of state ownership of all property/currency. What the Soviet Union did was centralize all the wealth into the states hands making them ever more richer in
the process. What they essentially did was withheld the grain and food stuffs in massive warehouses. While the Jew got fatter and fatter all the while the ordinary Russians starved. All they did was sell the crops/food/materials, etc (that they didn't even work to produce) back to the citizens who produced it. And with it one of the largest scams in the history of mankind. Hell, they even had a privately owned centralized bank as the producer of their currency of whom loaned all the money out that they produced, which begs the question of the so-called war against the "Boergessie”. All the while the political elite and the do nothing bankers scrape in the cash.


Like what? I tried looking for a semi-auto rifle chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO or similar with a nice wooden stock after all of the sheep started bleating after Parkland I'm worried they might actually get an "assault weapons" ban passed with all of the sympathetic media they're getting, but all I found online were pages and pages of tacticool rifles for wannabe operators like OP's.


Post-2006 Mini-14. Garand type action chambered in .223/5.56, has 30 round after market mags, pretty solid rifle. Pre-2006 production rifles had accuracy issues. I plan on getting one when my tax return arrives.

to add unto anons post, the reason why they stored food in warehouses and withheld it from being sold in stores, was really a three pronged edge. for one they'd have a massive store of food supplies incase war broke out and two, they were trying to make food more valuable to sell by means of scarcity (just look at the great grain robbery and you'll figure it out), and for three, imo the utmost worst of all- was that they were trying to make the civilian population so weak that they couldn't fight back against their communist enslavers.

Cool, thanks.

Kay, thanks bro. I appreciate you leaving it on the floor for me.

Communists only supported the arming of the people in so long as it took to secure control, and then they disarmed them as fast as they could.



Anytime darling. Pop on by /k/ sometime, I'd love to show you more

If I got near it, it would shoot me and every baby within a mile radius.

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