I don't know..sounds like a challenge to me

I don't know..sounds like a challenge to me.

the best thing about anti-gun people is that they advertise the way to defeat them every chance they get

if you want to stop anti-gun activists, all you have to do is school shoot them. that'll scare them away.

False Flag


idk I bet I can out troll them, I have a decade of image board experience.


disinfo autists like you shouldn't be in charge of recognizing faces.




Are we internet kingz then?

feel free to contribute user

she sure has some good fuck me eyes


David Hogg is a piece of shit.

from Holla Forums

You are dismissed.


If the theory is that he's 26 and employed, couldn't he rebuke the whole thing with some fingerprint ID verification?




David Hogg is a Crisis Faggot.


David Hogg is a scripted little faggot…



Crisis actor who can't remember his lines. All that FBI training, down the toilet.

"They grew up on the internet, and they're better at it than you."

Better at what? Using the internet? Well if that's the case, why are there hundreds of thousands of posts online on a daily basis on easily searchable things that kids just can't seem to figure out how to find? Maybe it's cause they don't understand that using quotes around certain terms helps? Maybe it's because they don't know how to use RegEx? I guess they never got taught, so they don't know how to write, let alone how to use scraper bots?

They constantly send each other death threats, try to taunt one another, look like a bunch of fucking flexing faggots… From the look of things, the only thing they're better at, is being a generation of coddled little faggots. The funny thing is, to call someone an actor trying to pass as a shooting survivor, that's not even a "troll." That's a conspiracy theory.

A troll would be pointing out how he looks like the illegitimate son of an illegal immigrant. The redundancy on that one.

you're retarded

David Hoggwash being coached by TV producers. YouTube is removing this for violation of "cyber bullying" rules or some such shit. Fuckin' crisis actor extraordinaire.

More. user in another thread pointed out that that
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Keep hammering the crisis actor in social media. It's really making them squeal.

Spread it far and wide. CNN fucked up big this time. Should have hired an actor who can remember the damn lines.

No wonder nu/pol/ is such a joke. Ya'll niggas be displaced from reality n shiet.

2.5 shekels have been deposited into your account


You're a joke.

It must feel good to be reactivated. What have you been doing for work since the election?

A literal joke. Just like you Zionist president.


btw i dont understand the point of this graphic at all