Whats up with Holla Forums obsessed with this month? Is it when girls start wearing bikinis? Spring break...

Whats up with Holla Forums obsessed with this month? Is it when girls start wearing bikinis? Spring break? Noticeably longer daylight? I came here form a link form 9gag.


dunno user, my bday is in april…

And you have April's Fool

MODS, he is requesting CP of April!


Call in a bomb threat to the DHS terror hotline and you'll get free candy.

that is true as well

How old is that kid now?
And was the dude v&?

Story pls

No clue. At one point, some faggot on a 4chan vola was claiming to have known her and showed a small pic that could maybe have been her. Probably a troll.

From what I heard, he went down with one of the onion CP busts.

Based from that pic, how old is she there?
So is in ber teens now?

Huh, what pic?

The pic that the 4chan vola fag showed

Do not reply to vol shill threads.
Do not reply to pedo threads.
Do not reply to pedo posters.

Kek I was still remembering pics that someone posted here earlier, plus I'm searching live streams and jacking off.

The pic he showed would have been like 18-22 range I believe.

No way that april cp kid is almost as old as me owo

I mean if that is legir


April was 5/6 in 2013. Do the math you fucking retards.

Thank you torpedo for your knowledge on when the series was made. I'm not one to know such things.

Well, i didnt know the origin or tbe year that april pics got circulated to be fair.

I just see her get posted, or more like ocassionally dumped here and talked a bout a lil bit.

Mastodon145 was legit retarded. I got to call him a furry faggot on irc. he used to idle on the main onion IRC gateway.

Is april his daughter or a niece?

I don't know but he was still using Windows Movie Maker to edit his CP in 2013.

Kek windows movie maker

terrible garbage thread all above me should die

Someone who's seen the stuff, not me because I've never seen anything, said April seemed autistic. If he was a retard it makes sense if they were related. Maybe he was father and uncle?

Autistic how


Mastadon was stupid but not technically retarded. April was amazing. She was so playful and energetic. Mastadon is a schmuck for letting her go the way she did. To think some nigger is going to claim that ass in a couple years time. Makes me very sad.


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Very insightful user

who the fuck is april and someone post a pic of her.

That doesn't happen around here

Cute blonde kid. Will surely be beautiful when she hit 18 :^)


I am monitoring this thread

I'm going to be monitoring your cute teenbutt with my rock hard 8 inch NEET dick.

Sounds like a waste of time

And why are you here then?