Ask the Masonic Lodge anything, the lodge is open

Ask the Masonic Lodge anything, the lodge is open.

ODD = Yes


are you run by da ebil j000s?

Is 0 even or odd?

are you run by da evil j000s?

is the number after it odd? if so, then yes. also i think the (((masons))) are lying.

then even*

Zero is Even, Idiot.

An even number is an integer which is "evenly divisible" by two. 0/2 … *shrug*

Hush Goy. Hush.

can I be a member for free?

Give me the Tyler's oath, faggot.
t. W:.M:.

Is it true masons fuck goats? Because my friend terry, we play xbox together, he comes to stay sometimes, and he said his uncle or his uncle's uncle or a guy he knows is totally in the illuminati and he said they put their peeners inside goats because it pleases the dark lord or something but idk do you guys have a snapchat?

"I, A.B., do hereby and hereon solemnly and sincerely swear that I have been regularly initiated, passed, and raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason in a just and legally constituted Lodge of such; that I do not now stand suspended or expelled; and know of no reason why I should not hold Masonic communication with my Brethren.

Wrong. That web shit isn't correct.

Are traps gay

What do you think?

Yes it is. I'm a 9th generation Mason. There are no secrets anymore.

Give me your Grand Lodge and District, because I call bullshit.

17th District, Grand Lodge of Louisiana.

I know you don't use that for the Tyler's oath for sure now. Nice try though.

… and you just proved you know nothing. Let me guess, next you're going to start claiming you're some magical "32nd degree Scottish Rite Grand Wizard" or some retarded shit like that.

Man … you are dumb.

t. magical wizard

C'mon, really? No.



The magical powers were within you all along.

Should I dig into my last stash of decent food just to feel better and bolster my efforts? Or is that just an excuse I'm making so I can do something I want to do?

Almost, user. It's more like.

why do they wear the gmail envelopes

Sounds like a normal night on Holla Forums to me…

Will the Freemasons get me a gf if I join?

no but you have access to sex rituals past a certain degree. and beside everyone calls others brother and sister so if you have an incest fetish it's a plus.

Good enough.

Just remember, you're all gonna die.

is there a current pindar or are you dead in the water?

you can do it for free.

there's always a trade


They are most certainly not gay

Will my wife's friend who said she loved me fuck me one day

Will my dream come true

Did Hitler do anything wrong?

Is fucking little girls ok?


Not all Masons, Darling. Welsh and zeeland masons fuck nanny sheep.
If I remember correctly San Francisco masons get fucked by Goats as their 24th degree ceremony. Could be 23rd degree ceremony.

I'm a flamin' fag then

Don't feel too bad, user. Everybody is gay for linetrap.

Oh holy shit (s)he had a singing career?!

Are there any good logs left that have not corrupted the Mithraic tradition with Jewish shit?

If so, where are they?

is the door always a jar ? (((da​tamin​ing)))

I have stumbled across a secretly-filmed portion of a highly-secretive Masonic Lodge meeting!