Did Holla Forums do it for the nookie

Did Holla Forums do it for the nookie.


lol are you the All Star poster?

So, how do you feel this thread is going for you, OP? Happy with its results? Engaging dialogue?

What's happened to the limp bizkit community?

Did Lain do it for the nookie?

yes, and although I regret it I would have regretted it more if I hadn't done it.

Lain doesn't need nookie.



im here now user. i think it might just be us


You are still on cuckchan /mu/?

I'm offended sir.

Who post Limp bizkit on /mu/?

Someone else in our diverse and expansive community.

Who post disgusting dick on Holla Forums?

The infamous NIGGER KING of course!


I hate this nigger.

I did it all for the nookie. but she didnt use a cookie, she fucked all my roommates

The what?

u gun learn today

Does it still count if I never got the nookie?

this thread