He Holla Forums, help me with this meme

He Holla Forums, help me with this meme

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Hi* (sorry for bad english)

This is the best I can do for you

cool story bro




Centrist. Leftist would require me to trust the idiots that run the fed, from any party.

"communism is trusting the federal reserve" - garl margs

steal from communists. call it redistribution.

then kill them.

I have something for you too, dont worry

Filthy centrists. With your enemies, you know know where they stand, but with centrists? Who knows.

haha peenus weenus! XD
ha peenus ha weenus!
my peenus weenus of course! XD

That would work on most centrists. For me though I hold firm beliefs from both ends. Social libertarian and don't trust the gubbament, want money out of politics, think psych evals before gun purchases aren't a bad idea, fair tax.

i'm in favor of unfair tax tbh

Then you're not a centrist. You said it yourself, you're a libertarian. Cut off one finger for lying.

I'm a true centrist. I want to abolish private property and exterminate jews at the same time.

Social libertarian, as in if something is victimless it's not wrong. Libertarianism involves far more douchiness and narrow mindedness.

In fact I believe the psych eval for gun ownership puts me completely at odds with the libertarian party.

Hey Jimbo just buying a new shotgun. That old 870 pump finally went on me.
Oh hey Billy Bob, your background check looks all set. Now we just need to do your psych evaluation.

yeah, you're not a libertarian, you're a retard.
Love, /k/

t. The real world

Also I flat said I'm not libertarian, a few times.

We've had one. Are you counting every murder as a mass shooting now? Retard.

Hello, CNN? I've got your nigga here he's trying to infringe our rights n shiet

I'm fucking crazy. You gonna stop me owning a gun, huh cunt? I'll eat your fucking family.



Yeah the problem isn't the gun, it's the crazy people. Europe got rid of guns and now has pressure cooker and truck attacks. Maybe you need to think your plan through a little further.

Now you're arguing semantics. Word manipulation is not persuasive, it just makes it look like you don't have an argument.

Europe has less crime than Amerikkka because of gun control though, trumptard.

Europe doesn't have less crime than America. What it has is a lot of honest moral people who are lawfully unable to defend themselves and their families.

What are you doing in this website, cattle? Outside Holla Forums I mean.

I never said get rid of guns faggot. I didn't even say ban carbines. I said psych evals, because the problem isn't the gun, it's the people. What's your solution? Do nothing? Thoughts and prayers?

Except it doesn't. Per capita, it has way more violent crime. It's just not being committed with guns.

Tell me, which shithole are you from: cuckchan or Holla Forums?


Ha. "Dems gonna ban muh guns"
Nope, but your god emperor gonna ban your mods

not even american, just love watching these autists being played like a damn fiddle

This user knows what he is talking about. We need to let the aryans in, whether by esoteric or legal means. The (((wall))) is no match for our esoteric tunnels or our natural and organic pathways to salvation