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New 5G Technology Could Send Voices into your Head

The hearing of microwave pulses is a unique exception to the airborne or bone-conducted sound energy normally encountered in human auditory perception. The hearing apparatus commonly responds to airborne or bone-conducted acoustic or sound pressure waves in the audible frequency range. But the hearing of microwave pulses involves electromagnetic waves whose frequency ranges from hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz. Since electromagnetic waves (e.g., light) are seen but not heard, the report of auditory perception of microwave pulses was at once astonishing and intriguing. Moreover, it stood in sharp contrast to the responses associated with continuous-wave microwave radiation. Experimental and theoretical studies have shown that the microwave auditory phenomenon does not arise from an interaction of microwave pulses directly with the auditory nerves or neurons along the auditory neurophysiological pathways of the central nervous system. Instead, the microwave pulse, upon absorption by soft tissues in the head, launches a thermoelastic wave of acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear. There, it activates the cochlear receptors via the same process involved for normal hearing. Aside from tissue heating, microwave auditory effect is the most widely accepted biological effect of microwave radiation with a known mechanism of interaction: the thermoelastic theory. The phenomenon, mechanism, power requirement, pressure amplitude, and auditory thresholds of microwave hearing are discussed in this paper. A specific emphasis is placed on human exposures to wireless communication fields and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coils.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago

So, Holla Forumsros what do you think?
Got any illuminate related news?

Just more shit leading to eventual Bluebeam.

I think the energy levels are much higher than anything 5G is going to run at given they list the side effect of tissue heating.
Don't be like the sensationalist news and instead read the whole thing and comprehend it before making retarded claims.


The paragraph is not affiliated with the youtube video. I read the whole thing and watched the whole video.

Tell me, user, do you believe the us government has developed this supposed technology given the fact that auditory click were heared from certain radars 70 years ago?

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but it is
5G is sent on several bands from 28 to 60 GHz
microwaves is the radio domain from 300 MHz to 300 GHz

it's not about sending radio communication through the magnetrons of microwave ovens
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its not about sending them through the bands of waves warming up your tissue and causing auditory sensations either. Also no1 has produced a readable signal like that straight to your muscles and bones. And then it would involve an entire area, so your illuminaty conspiracy wouldve been blown wide open.

the paper is only 8 pages long

and the milimeter waves dont pass through buildings or rain, so theres no illuminati, bye

I think it's of little use as heating of the flesh occurs removing any clandestine use.
I also thing it has nothing to do with mobile networks as they avoid using microwaves as they heat moister in the air rather than efficiently transmit signals.
Buy what would I know, I'm only and electrician trained in wireless communication.

They've been doing it just fine without 5g. The illuminati has many things they hide, so effing ridiculous that the common person simply cannot comprehend or even Believe what is capable. Not only do they have amazing control with electronics, but they also are Alien and Spiritual beings that you don't see. You would never believe all I could tell you. Pray my friends. I assure you there is a God, many God's so to speak. However,, there is just 1 LORD,, and I assure you again, he is Angry.

The US government has a geo-engineering program that used to be covert with commercial air planes and everything. They're pouring megatons of strontium, barium and aluminium particulates into the atmosphere. Making the atmosphere more electrically conductive.

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now metals float?

is this like the joint fluid popping from pressure?

what would be the easiest way to isolate a gsm device (pic related)?

also seems to have CPL capacity to



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Look the smaller something is the more surface area it has. So while traces of aluminium fall their air drag causes them to fall every very slowly.

is this like the joint fluid popping from pressure?
Lol. I'm no expert.

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But thanks for the compliment.

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If you can't get rid of the voices by jumping into a faraday cage then you should probably go back to taking your meds.