If shit were to hit the fan right now, whether it was all out war, a natural disaster, hell i'll even throw zombies in there, whatever the case is, how prepared are you? Slightly? All the way? Fucked?

I'm watching random videos on YouTube when I came across a video about Hurricane Harvey, it reminded me how unprepared most people were (including myself) when the Hurricane hit, and i just started wondering how many people across the country are prepared if some major shtf situation were to occur nationwide.

I was at a shelter for about 5 days before we returned home, those were the longest 5 days ever. Not because of the Hurricane (which did fucking suck obviously) but simply because of how quick thing seemed to fall apart. The day we left our house to go to the shelter break ins started happening throughout the neighborhood and business's nearby, most cops couldn't do shit. My buddy's brother is a sheriff and he told him straight up "we don't know what to do", mostly because it was difficult to actually get anywhere due to the flooding, unless they had raised trucks their commanders were stuck and so were they. That meant more break ins, more robberies, there were a few places around the shelter that got broken into so I was nervous as fuck the entire time, the place had power and was extremely visible at night considering most of the neighborhood didn't have power, so I was definitely on high alert.

Anyway tons of shit happened during the Hurricane and it was just crazy, luckily the government helped a lot of the folks who needed help, I don't know how things would be if they didn't step in though.

So how prepared are you, Holla Forums?

The news frequently showed cop cars on patrol and filmed people being arrested for looting because "such things will not be tolerated!"

Can't escape the long arm of the law, even in times of disaster.

I am in a perfect spot for natural disasters, I live in the Midwest so no Hurricanes, I am well outside of tornado valley, and it's impossible for there to be an earthquake. So I don't have to worry about natural disasters.

in any other circumstance I am in no way prepared, but I doubt I will die right away

datamining thread

North Dakota or Southern Indiana?

20% arresting looters, 80% harassing bad goyim that don't rely on the government whenever shit happens.

worst thing happening here is hot summer and cold winter. Its all cool and shit to pretend to be prepared for nuclear apocalypse, but the reality is to stock up shit u need money to start with

If you don't beg the National Guard for help and allow yourself to be recorded doing so you're probably a terrorist, clearly this goes without saying user.

I used to be completely unprepared for pretty much anything, then I lived through Katrina in New Orleans. I spent 8 days in the convention center and swore I would never be caught unprepared again.

A lot of people say shit like, "Oh I could handle it." No, you can't. Be ready.

I am actually in north Illinois, I know it's still in tornado valley, but the area I am in hasn't had a tornado for over 100 years (and even then it was just a water sprout in a river)

the worst thing about kathrina was that it didn't kill moar amerisharts

What was on the news/what was actually happening are 2 seperate things, I'm not saying looters were running rampant, but as far as this side of town goes it seems like they definitely were.

At one point you couldn't access the neighborhoods with a boat or a raised truck and that's when shit got worse, people were going out pretending to be FEMA, Sheriffs, DPS, etc and were robbing folk as soon as the opened the door. That's when it got frustrating

Careful with that edge, son.

Suppose a giant hurricane is about to hit and you can't or for whatever reason refuse to leave.

Could you survive by stockpiling dry food, clean water, and then wearing a helmet and SCUBA gear, and chaining yourself to an anchor in the basement after disconnecting the electricity.

It just blows my mind how the water level rose from basically nothing to bring knee high in a matter of an hour and a half.

Were you at home when this happened?

Yeah I was at home, a few hours before we had to evacuate my house I was in bed sleeping nice and comfortably.

I remember specifically because it was the Mayweather v McGregor fight that day was normal, rain here and there but nothing unusual. So after the fight I stayed up until about 4am until I finally started to get sleepy but before I hit the sheets I check my phone and received a notification that the local news was going to do an update on the Hurricane at 5am, so I figure i would stay up to watch the broadcast and go to sleep when it finished. So I do just that but before I go to sleep I peer outside my window to check out the weather and there was nothing out of ordinary, no rain, not even a puddle in sight.

So i go to bed thinking nothing of the weather, fast forward to about 7am annd I'm awakened by mother knocking at my door telling me to pack up some stuff because we might have to leave the house. Now obviously im fucking confused because about an hour/a half before this it seemed absolutely normal outside, so I look out my window and the water rose pretty fucking quickly, it went from no water on the streets to the water being shin high. I pack some clothes, personal hygiene products and some comics/magazines to read. We didn't leave right away, but after a few hours of nonstop rain (as well as neighbors leaving) we decided to leave the house.

It's my mother, my brother and our little dog, we start wading through the water that at this point is a bit about knee level. I could feel the disgusting flood water burning as it touched cuts I had, the smell of the water was fucking disgusting. We heard they were taking people to shelters from the courthouse so that's were we headed. There's a church in out neighborhood so I tell my mom let's wait it out under the cover for a bit to see if the weather gets worse, if it does we'll continue to the shelter and if not then we would go back home.

We were there for about 5 hours, it rained the entire fucking time, it didn't get any better not did it get any worse, just constant rain. The whole time we were there was kept seeing loads and loads of raised trucks picking people up (cars/low trucks couldn't enter at this point due to high water) and it was just this surreal feeling like holy fuck a few hours ago I was in bed sleeping the day away. After a few hours of waiting it starts to get darker, the water level gets higher, and we start seeing less and less trucks passing by picking people up, it was really fucking ominous and I will never ever forget looking around and seeing/hearing nothing but the flood water. Ultimately I say fuck it and flag one of the trucks down to take us to the courthouse. From their the Coast Guard took us to the shelter and we were there for about 5 days before we came back. I will never forget it!

This x9999, I never realized how unprepared I was until I woke up that morning to the entire city flooding, and I hadn't a Damn clue what I was going to do.

I'm not prepared at all. I'd be totally fucked. My only hope would be to meet up with my brother and hope he's as prepared as he likes to think he is.

Just move to your vacation home in another state. If you don't have that then stop being a poorfag.

Lol but that's basically my plan as well, I know some guy who has a fuck ton of guns so I guess I'll go there. Then again hes pretty well known around here for having guns so it most likely wouldn't be a good idea lol.

The fucked thing is not only do you obviously have to worry about the disaster, but other fucking survivors as well. Running across another survivor would be interesting, you have no idea if theyre hostile, when's the last time they ate, drank, etc. For all you know he could be trying to take you for all you've got.

Richfag here
I have multiple places to go but yet I wont help my friends if SHTF. They have families and only cared about themselves all their lives so why should i help them? I figure I'll only help people like me since I know i can trust them to not let normal fags in.

As the member of a Leftist paramilitary org, this is exactly what we're waiting for. We have escape plans. We have bunkers. We have guns and ammo and caches of gasoline, we have radio, we have solar panels and satellite phones.

Bring it on…!

Life is already bad, but you must be prepared for the absolute worst imaginable.

as one of the private contractors you hired I'll give out the locations of your evac locations when that happens, just to watch you all get fucked. That will show you to not pay up you cheap fucks.

Choose one, and only one.


get those cutes treated, son.

The most pathetic of any given "paramilitary" group? So, in other words: Early bandits for /k/s new STALKER: IRL.

That's actually the very first thing I did when we got to that shelter, at that point it was only the 2nd day of the Hurricane but I had already heard so many cases of people getting sick due to walking in that water. As soon as we got to the shelter I had it treated. One of my buddies walked right into one of those floating ant mounds on the flood water, he had to stay at a hospital for the next few weeks.

That's another thing I was fucking worried about, all the little creatures. It was mostly spiders trying to take refuge from the Hurricane, but holy fuck were they causing problems. Bites/infections were being handed out left and right. People were getting bit and then going into the flood waters with new/open wounds.

mentally I'm fully prepared and have tuned my brain to take even more precautions because of my mottos: it's better to have and not need than to need and not have and it's much safer to triple check/reinforce everything than to quadruple check/reinforce one thing.

in reality though…I'm about as prepared as a newborn baby

I'm lacking in the firearms department (I have a nugget, a Remington 870 tactical, and a PA-63 Makarov) I'm a poorfag so I don't have anywhere near the supplies I'd like to have saved up. I know I'm not ready for a SHTF, and it really worries me. And honestly most people aren't ready in the slightest and I think this is really scary.

If SHTF i would figure out a way to get on Holla Forums and see many of you fuckers were desperate enough to prioritize posting here in those conditions. Then I would try to meet up with you to DATA REDACTED

Fucking dataminers.

what are the most defendable civilian buildings ? banks ? metro ? or depends ?


I have canned food and guns and live innawoods. I'm not worried about apocalyptic events. The one thing that concerns me is electricity but I think there are a few solar powered emergency phones not far from me on the highway, I can just steal the panels.

I'm fucked, I live in the city and I'm a neet. The only things I have going for me is I'm 6'2, I'm a dude, and I have enough fat that I'd be able to survive for a while without eating. Otherwise I have zero survival training unless you count fucking survival games, and I've been in two fights. One in the last ten years, and I got my ass beat. I have no weapons aside from a pretty nice kitchen knife that I do sharpen regularly, I have no stockpile of food, and no survival type gear. We might have a flashlight somewhere, but I think I tried to use it one time, and it's dead.

Are most city fags fucked? I know it depends on how prepared you are, how far you are in the city, what city etc. But for the most part, are cities fucked? I figure they'd be great for looting since there's lots to choose from obviously, but I'm not sure they'd be great for living in a post disaster world

mfw i have a vehicle thats immune to that…

if we're talking 99% of the population dies to a virus or some shit, then yeah sure. but if we're talking about zombies, or any disaster that leaves humans alive and in any capacity for danger, you're fucked. if everyone's fine and it's just like a giant flood, you're fucked, unless you live on top of a grocery store or outdoors-y store, you're not going to get to the stuff there before it's picked clean. and if you do live there, you better get your shit and either hide REALLY well, or hope you live by a river or something that allows you to escape without getting your shit taken by a mob. it's pretty much entirely about being in the perfect location, unless you were planning a mass shooting and happen to be equipped to take out large groups of people.