what the fuck is wrong with you? go shave your body right now and order some diapers and stuffers to make them even more thick and add even more protection

gas yourself

i think you need a pacifier and a timeout


btw tfw you still live with parents and can only buy shit tier (kids) diapers and use them very very rarely :( t.

how can buy little diapers and not big ones? just order some from Amazon

does not sound comfy and i dont like spending money.

it's not expensive and it is comfy, it's very comfy, it's the most comfy thing

I can buy my little diapers just from regular stores. But ordering from internet is not an option because I'm still 16 :( When I'm 18 I could order them to automated parcel but I guess I wait till I move to own housing. In pic what diapers I use when parents are not at home :)

doubling just never seems to work for me anyway, need to get one of those pillow spreaders but the only people making them are in Europe

can you fit into baby diapers? also why not buy depends or some other store brand diapers? they suck but you can double/triple them

i can get the tapes closed if I stretch them + usually use some tape so the velcros don't open itself. the diaper will hold one big wetting. but ofc baby diapers don't feel same than a proper adult diaper which covers your whole butt while sitting :3 or I think so, i haven't tested adult diapers yet :(
too burger for that. one time i bought boys dry nites (there were no girls model left on storeā€¦) but they were pretty meh. and i was fucking scared for a month or so if someone from my school (very big one) saw me buying them (lol).
better diapers are sold only in drugstores so I will wait until I can just order proper abdl diapers.
i can double baby diapers too :)




kek'd out loud/10


Joke's on you op. I went thru correctional surgery and changed my age to properly use diapers again.

that's taking it a bit far but godspeed, kiddo

diaperfags out. literally worse than pedos

thanks for the bump i'll keep this on page 1 all weekend

which one of you rascals is this?

fat people should all be killed tbh