The official pedo thread was amazing, you shouldve seen how many pictures were posted there.

i saw. And i saw the webms too.

It was pretty dope

i didn't click the webms tho

you missed out on something hot

damn it. I was too scared to click

Good to see my OC getting used after a year

Pedo degenerates do not deserve to live



I hope all pedos go to jail and get raped by Tyrone every day

I think it's a bit early for ox to be dumping cp but what webms did I miss?

It was all stuff everyone's seen before, anyway.

Whoever it was saved the stuff from here. It had Holla Forums hash file names instead of the filenames ox was using. I don't see why he would re-save all of the stuff he dumped so I don't know that it was the same person spamming this time

I was part of the thread before it was locked, you can same file names to the right of the hashed name, it was mostly cheese and shit

see* not same, ffs

those ones aren't the ones I mean. those are also the wrong names though. check the other ones

Yeah I don't think it was him or was it part of his plan? I'm not sure but hey I guess I didn't miss out on much. It's been really quiet without him though. No this isn't a cp request.


Its just a joke dont b&

Another interesting thing: I don't remember how far down the thread it was, but one of the filename hashes matches the hash on the server which means that there was still cp on the server that didn't get deleted since the hashes still match instead of a new one being generated.

It could be part of his plan. It is a good idea to sometimes download the version with the hashed file name and only repost that if you want to keep opsec. Filenames are a good way to track certain users.

so, basically mods keep CP on the severs. Good to know.
"Hey, FBI! These guys have CP!"

Could be. How was spelling, grammar and general demeanor because the images that are still up in the Official Pedo Thread are definitely downloaded from a thread a week ago. The thread might still be up kek.

It shows that deleted doesn't always mean deleted on this site. It's probably something to do with how the site caches things, but I don't really know. As far as I know that part of the source was never released.

They definitely keep CP on the server because I get ban appeal pages from July of last year on my VPN.