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How you guys holding up? I wish I was normal.

its alright bro, im normal and i think about suicide 24/7, be happy you have something to make you happy even if everyone else thinks its wrong


nice trips.
Zhenya is absolutely divine tbh

It's OK, OP. Sometimes the drinking overwhelms, doesn't it?



Oh your back, Zhenya still looks like a nigger

who do you think i am?



Mods ban pedos
Pedos come back

mods are pedos

We refuse to tolerate injustice. We choose to fight on against all odds in the hopes of finally freeing Holla Forums from the oppression of the mods.

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

I had to unban a IP this morning because someone was shitposting under my VPN.

The Pedo Uprising has begun! The Secret Code has been posted! "Tolerate injustice"


That breaks my heart. It's ok user, you didn't choose to be like this, just don't get yourself in trouble

I really wish i didn't have these feelings tbh and that i could leave my apartment and escape hikki life and be seen as a normal person in society i hate myself and my life.


I want to though.

Pedos out
Anyone who makes a pedo reply will be banned.

aren't you suppose to be a board volunteer? why are you saving pictures of children?


so you're one of the many pedo volunteers on Holla Forums. great.

They ban CP posters because they want the lolis all to themselves, how much more petty can you get?

There are no pedo volunteers.

Says the alleged volunteer posting pictures of little girls.


I don't wish I prefered older women, but I pulled myself out of shit and depression last year and come here less
I do miss librechan though and the meme pedos