Monthly Memes thread, second edition

It's everyone's favorite time of the month again!

ITT: Attention whoring, E-Whoring, Prank calls and more!
Feel free to come on cam, have the decency to mute yourself or get off cam if someone is prank calling.

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Download some cp

Don't know where to get any

Make Dysnigger kill himself.
Also why do you have a maid outfit?

Print off a picture of a child then cum on the picture.

If I force him to kill himself, he wouldn't be killing himself.
Because some alt channer felt like sending it to me.

Better yet print of a picture of Jim and then shit on it.

OP edited, come listen to this cunt's podcast, feel free to discuss ITT.

entertain me you nigger

austin? is it you my boy?

How do you know that name?

are you the REAL austin?

I refuse to answer that question. Want to come on mumble and discuss it?


Not aaathats3as either, come on the chan civ mumble

Post It
Pls no ddos/doxeroni

ty ok no dox

I am a homosexual man, and I am proud of it. I enjoy the whole dating thing, and sexual intercourse with an attractive long-haired-blonde blue-eyed trap - it's their eyes that make my knees weak. I prefer being on the bottom tbh. My favourite thing is when [she] cums all over my back, and then licks it up, and feeds it to me. I enjoy the taste of my own seed… but then, the sensation of being stretched open wide as your lover unloads inside you is also an inspiration. Being 'gay' is such a feeling of freedom, plus it's such a fantastic lifestyle - it's not all about sex. Happy Rainbow Bubbles to you all!!

is this dongus?

It's time, get on cam and hang out for a while! Prank calls begin soon(tm)

ok but post the tinychat url
See the OP

BTW I didnt pin the thread



bunch of faggots in this thread






KYS pedo scum

I'm ONLY here for homosexual sex.


Nig called Dominoes, got Dominoes to give out a man's name and number, then the man asked for Omlet's name, Omlet gives the ban back his own name, panics, and yells "YOU JUST GOT PRANK'D BRO! PRANK NATION!"

you remember his last name?

Get in here were drawing pictures

Fuck off with your attention whoring

Why else would anyone be a volunteer here?>>7757834
One of Dysnomia's henchmen is a fag? That's a complete and utter surprise to me.

is 0mlet kill?

thread locked, im fine ish