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you're not everything, you're not me and you're not nothing, you are just hallucinating because a chemical is triggering receptors in your brain abnormally. also drugs are for niggers

true but not an accurate explanation
i can tell you've never had LSD

this was decades ago mind you

LCD was not an enjoyable experience for me. Showed me how I've pissed my whole life away.

would getting raped while tripping on lsd be weird?

I love LSD and its analogues. These days I typically buy the legal analogue of LSD-25 ALD-52, aka "Orange Sunshine". It lasts slightly longer and provides a gentler body high with indistinguishable mental effects, and because it is an analogue of LSD and not some shitty RC it is just as safe.

I trip every other week. Psychedelics have, maybe ironically, saved me from my much more destructive addictions, made me a happier person, and changed the entire course of my life. Anyone that views these chemicals as a mere "drug" clearly either hasn't experienced them or did not experience them in the right frame of mind.

By the way, the universe recycles itself at a random point in time ( y ) after x, x being defined by a stage of a humanity during which a clear pattern of exponential knowledge growth is displayed, by an ambivalent Artificial Super-intelligence created by that same humanity

It would probably be terrifying.

The experience is defined by the frame of mind with which you approach it. I highly recommend trying LSD or an analogue (ALD-52 or 1P-LSD, both safe & legal) in a more positive frame of mind. Not afraid of a bad trip, letting the experience happen without attempting to force any particular experience or conclusions. This is easier said than done, but the result is quite literally magical and life altering.

Yes, it would be terrifying and probably permanently destroy your capacity to enjoy sex. Even consensual sex while tripping is pretty weird, but if you embrace the weirdness it is the best fucking shit ever

how? the only drugs I can easily buy are weed and heroin? the spooky net?

I would say there is no 'right frame of mind'. You take it and you have to accept what it gives you. If you choose to take it while in a poor state of mind that's your own thing. You might not have a good trip but it's sure to be insightful if you let it be.

I've experienced something like this, actually I think I almost triggered it (like 8 times but I usually weasel my way out before it restarts because I still fear death)



That was just a really stupid and particular thing I wrote down while tripping, smoking a blunt and watching Stranger Things 2. I picked up on a lot of very small things and twisted and contorted them into a paralyzingly beautiful realization that the universe was recycling at that very moment. I was sure I was dying, and it was awesome.

While that was probably just some crazily specific bullshit brought on by the introduction of marijuana to the mix, I think it is clear to most people that have experimented with psychedelics to a great degree that life is cyclical. The details, however, are a very muddy rabbit hole.

If you are new, I HIGHLY recommend you begin with 1P-LSD. It is an LSD analogue, which means that it is a precursor chemical that is basically LSD-25 for the purposes of consumption but legally it is an analogue. It is synthesized in the body into LSD-25 upon consumption, resulting in an incredibly similar, yet shorter experience. Much like ALD-52, except in the case of ALD-52 the biological synthesis causes it to last a bit longer.

You can buy either of these legally on the regular internet at sites like Causing Color and Lysergi with your regular old credit card. If you live in the United States, this is completely legal. Unless you were to tell Law Enforcement, either directly or indirectly, that you purchased the drug with the intent of consumption, you are not breaking the law in any way.

just read

Having two people explain the same experience with different words is magical isn't it?

Lately I am sure that everything is magical, or at the very least predestined to occur a certain way. I can't logically convince myself that destiny and free will can coexist, yet I struggle with my belief in both.

I can't even distinguish the separation between reality and purgatory anymore, they are essentially the same thing. If purgatory exists, if this exists, etc. I want to participate heavily in the coming AI surge (we will quite literally have AI billions of times more intelligent than every human on Earth combined in the next 10-15 years by most expert accounts) so I can utilize that intelligence to dissect some of these rabbit holes. Although maybe AI itself is the rabbit hole… Time will tell

See pic?

AI is terrifying and exciting at the same time. I love watching all this tech evolve. Imagine, humans create AI, AI super-evolves, invents time travel, goes to the beginning of time, creates humanity. A self-creating god-like being, the universe is a loop with infinite iterations happening at once.

That is more likely your subconsiousness than a "super intelligence". Works like a machine.

What i assume is that LSD stuff surpresses natural instincts and the natural modus operandi or (mis)directs them to figure out shit that is non essential by making it essential.

The great thing about digital gods and their impending existence is how redundant it makes global politics. We're either going to live in a globalized communistic technocracy lead by an Artificial God within our lifetimes, or it will eradicate humanity before most of us know that it exists. Based on my studies in machine learning, biological coding, and my independent research into every facet of AI, there is VERY little in between. Despite the portrayal of AI in fictional media, which is what scares the shit out of most people.

Most likely, we will see something not incredibly unlike the AI from the movie "Her". Which is a little ironic given my last statement.

If I didn't make that clear enough- why give a fuck about politics you can't change anyway when AI will either solve all of our problems or completely destroy us in the next decade or two? Seems like a waste of time, really. I'm more than ok with the status quo until that guarantee takes hold.

I absolutely hate the AI shit developed by insulated morrons because it would deeply reflect their morality. And morality is for those who can afford it, that being said those are the same morrons advocating mass immigration for their retarded belief structure.


AI should scare the shit out of you and i hate the fucking morrons that develop that because they are most likely to be trapped by hypermorality which narrows their mind of what can be done by it.
Those are the people that say "i love you" before having fucked the girl at least once. But they have to have this mindset because otherwise they wouldnt develop such bullshit, they are NAIVE. And if i would have a button to kill them in an instant i would push said button, because they are disgrace to all humanity.

Same people that become SJWs, insulated morrons that further the "microcontrol" (like mico aggressions lol) to uphold jackshit. Like little stupid monkies.

But then again i really hope the allah akbars kill you. I think they need some motivation to embrace that.

‘Not enjoyable’ does not mean ‘Not valuable’

>whole world becomes g̕͟͠ ̢ļ̡ ͢i̢͢ ̛͘̕t́̀͜ ҉̨c̨̀ ̶͠h̵͠
this was surprisingly strong for the mid-low range 2nd plateau dose i took. but it's also worth mentioning that i am genuinely mildly autistic, so drugs might affect me different.

I took ayahuasca (DMT) my first time, and it was scary as hell.
Would a LSD analogue be nicer?


feels fucking go man


welcome to life

Ah, I love DXM as well. Or atleast I used to. Disassociation is amazing, but DXM is very unsafe. Even if you survive addiction to it like I did, your brain becomes a muddied cesspool of fragmented memories, dull attention spans, and bipolar emotions.

LSD is slowly picking up the pieces of that mess, however.

You clearly know nothing about AI. Think of it like nuclear technology. If a mostly benevolent organization does not finish Artificial General Intelligence first, due to some idiotic shit like UN sanctions on AI development, consider the dozens of rogue nations and paramilitaries like ISIS and North Korea that don't abide by those sanctions. Not unlike the restrictions on nuclear technology during the Cold War era, larger nations would undoubtedly be working on more sinister applications for the technology as well. I mean, if it's illegal to make it to begin with, might as well go all out, right?

Anyway, you're also a fool for anthropomorphizing AI. The intelligence will be completely alien to us, unaffected by human restraints like emotions, morality, and chemical imbalances. Most likely, if created correctly, it will take orders from humanity on a mass scale via some sort of hivemind system. You can already see the foundations of both that AI and the communicative hivemind being formed through the internet (Google in particular) and social media respectively.

The IT monkeys like me that create it will not be the defining line in the majority of its existence, as it will be completely self governed within days of the creation of AGI. We'll just determine whether or not it will kill everything before it blossoms into that god.

I'm waiting for my cubes to start pinning

Nice! I've always wanted to try growing, how difficult is it to get started? Shrooms are naturally abundant in my area so I usually just spend a lot of time in fall picking til I have a few pounds than preserve them

This is my first time, just got a grow kit.
It's been 16 days so if it doesn't pin soon i'll cold shock it.
From what I've read 90% of the work is in the beginning. building the habitat and finding materials for the cakes.
The fun part is printing the good ones for the next batch it seems.

Nice, maybe I'll have to give it a try.

I don't know how these drugs are recommended for depression and social anxiety. I ponder how my worried brain might respond to these drugs and imagine wandering around deranged with my shirt off, tased by cops.

One of the LSD metabolites is believed to be strongly dopaminergic, with sitters stating trips tend to take a dark turn after four hours.

I remember I took LSD for the first time in school because i was retarded and had the most horrifying trip of my life.

Not doing that fucking shit again
It was quite the story though I will admit

LSD Doesn't do that, it just makes everything swirly like you're drunk, you're larping, such as all drug-taking niggers do.

How many times have you done lsd? How large of quantities have you done? How many different sources of lsd have you tried.
Your comment shows that you are inexperienced, maybe making an assumption off of a single experience you've had? Lsd can make you objectively experience things involving other people that many would call magical or make believe. Lsd can have a very wide variety of affects including full blown hallucinations/going out of body at high enough dosages. Please check out, place an order and widen yourself

holy shit, i had no idea about that site!
i thought you had to do all kinds of screwy deep web shit to get RC's.

Acid is pretty fucking mindblowing in larger doses. My first time doing it, I accidentally took 4 tabs when I meant to take 2. After it hit me, I was walking in the rain babbling gibberish. Each rain drop felt like it was crystallizing on my skin. I was getting visions flash before my eyes of these complex forms which I could do no justice with a description. everything around me was a whole independent experience. even the slightest change in perspective seemed like I was in a whole different world. I was losing my fucking mind and it was amazing. And this is coming from someone who took 25i-nbome and salvia several times prior to that day.

Sure, people who think what they're experiencing is somehow spiritual are being faggots. But goddamn acid is fucking amazing.

chatting straight bollocks tbh


I rest

Have you honestly tried to fuck whilst tripping on acid? It's fucking impossible!

It is possible to fuck and stay hard, but you never cum. So eventually just give up on it. Unless you fuck at lower doses and have the right timing during the trip, then it can be a really good way of making your skin more sensitive.

Everything seems fucking retarded when you're on acid.

Because it makes you fucking retarded for 8-12 hours.

Don't listen to them OP Read this quote. “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.”