Thank you mods for being such pricks

Thank you mods for being such pricks.
Thank you Dysnigger for letting them.
All 19 of us remaining anons think this is now a great board.

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factoring in that it's morning time in the US on a school day it seems like a reasonable PPH. Wait until all the kiddos come home from school.

I'm a neet but I usually sleep until the afternoon so it's not just kids.

Everyone's too busy fapping to leftypols BO

Factoring in that it is lunch time in the US and PPH is even lower than it was this morning seems like OP is based.
Face it, anons, this place isn't going to get any better, so there is no reason to act as if it will.
I haven't posted a thread in weeks, and I have been coming here less and less every day. There just isn't anything here for me anymore.
Moving on like everyone else I guess….:(



the average pph has risen almost to prepurge levels; uids too.
there is often a lull in activity around 1600hrs gmt, so while you might legitimately complain about diminishing quality on /b, you can't honestly claim traffic is falling too
ofc, quality is subjectively perceived. every poster thinks his posts are good yet few are well received
if you don't like it here as much as you used to, might that be because the userbase has evolved and you not?

Just fucking lol when even Mewch has a higher PPH

they booted everyone out of here, its only normal

There's nothing to fap to, just the same old porcine BJ video that ends before the cumshot. That's unfappable! What kind of weirdo must you be to fap to that? It's like when a song is cut short on the radio. You can't fap to that!

kids still eat lunch at school… also i just checked and it's the same PPH

101 on average over the last 24 hrs. who made those 2400 posts if there are only 16 fags left swirling in the drain? talk of /b's demise is premature. the oldfags will post more seldom, but other faggots will fill their boots
oldfags are oldfags. stop holding back the next generation of retards. just let 8ch/b die or thrive on the merits of its userbase and stfu with this constant bickering over stats and mods and admin
this is probably the last chance saloon for freedom of speech on the clearnet and all you retards worry about is dysnomia's bf's penis cheese. seize the day or you'll regret it

t. dysnomia

what purge?

the pedo purge

Get your lol on at!

fuck outta here with your attention whore worship black hole

really only 26pph and over 1000 isp?


If you think for 2 fucking seconds that anything about this board or site is pro-freedom of speech you are dead nuts crazy.
That is the biggest fucking lie Jim has ever told. Even bigger than the one he told HW abotu keeping the site on his servers for "safe keeping" from the attack that he himself orchestrated.
More censorship goes on here than 4chan or reddit!

And yes, average PPH has been up this week, because of the rule change (short lived interest which waned just as quickly when anons realized that mods now had no rules either, and a couple shit threads that spiked huge replies, most notably yesterday's 3 hour long chess game.

Let me spell that out for you a little more clearly: A fucking chess game spiked more interest than anything else on this board in almost 2 years!

You can't tell me this board isn't fucking bullshit anymore. It may not be dead, but it sure isn't worth being called alive either.

Apart from those two things, it is as dead as it has ever been numerically speaking, and every thread that the mods arbitrarily delete sends more anons packing. I don't blame anyone for leaving anymore. I really don't. I've been thinking of it myself, but just haven't been quite bored enough yet. It is getting close though. Shit like that chess game thread really push me in that direction hard. Nobody was even trolling them! WTF?!? That isn't Holla Forums. Not the Holla Forums I remember and love. Fucking chess fags, FFS!