ITT: We laugh at all the gullible manchildren who fell for the Bitcoin meme

ITT: We laugh at all the gullible manchildren who fell for the Bitcoin meme.

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Bitcoin will rise again.

Also I am a pedo.

Do we laugh at the people who've made millions using it too?

Just like the Reichsmark did in the late 1920's, right? And we all know what happened as a result of that, huh?

Bitcoin is too big now. People aren't just using it to store value, but are buying and selling real-world goods. Critical mass has been achieved. Bitcoin will rise again.

I bought some when they were around $300 a coin. Like a faggot I sold them when they hit $600.

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bought 14 at 1900 sold at 17350

In 2010 I bought 200 bitcoin for $1.00ea, and I'm just letting it ride doods.


where are the glory holes in this pic?

In a real world trade, two goods of equal value are exchanged. I give you 10 dollars, you give me a large pepperoni pizza. Everybody is happy.
With bitcoins, that's kind of different. Why would you.. buy.. bitcoins? You can't even say that any value exists, because it's so extremely volatile. One moment a bitcoin is worth 6000 dollars, the next moment it's worth 6500 dollars.
It's essentially gambling.
When you gamble, there is always a winner and a loser.
You have a 50% chance of being a winner, sure, but you might as well become the loser.
I wouldn't do it.

Somebody at my job, tricked a bunch of gullible poor people into investing. Dick.

I'm really shitting myself, my coin value is only up 20x from when I bought it now. What do?!

Just saying, but bitcoin ebbs every year around this time. It goes down in price between December and early February, then eventually it surges and goes up. This is a typical trend.

The difference is that the Reichsmark was printed at alarming rates to repay debts, thus inflating their economy so badly that money became more valuable to burn than try to spend. Everyone had gigantic rooms full of money in Germany, but you had to bring a wheelbarrow full of money with you to the store to buy a single loaf of bread. The once thriving National Socialist society then went into a decline that only recovered when Adolf Hitler started fixing it. When you get burdened with all of the debt of a world war, your currency goes to shit.

Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency for which there is no controller. It's possible for someone to manipulate the price, and retards might abandon it thinking "THIS IS IT, IT'S OVER, BETTER JUMP OUT NOW!" but then the rich will just swoop in and buy the coints minted so far. Retards like you normies thinking that bitcoin is fucking done for actually helps to drive the price down, because you influence everyone to sell, and then the smart people who were waiting for this buy… Bitcoin's value will come back, and then go up even further.

So the rich are going to buy a worthless currency that everyone already abandoned?



yes because it will cost them a trivial amount and in purchasing it they will inflate the prices attract further investors and sell once the momentum they generate has produced a big return for their early investment

All they had to do was pay attention to the Tether issue. Tether subpoena==loss of faith in crypto. I sold all my coins within an hour of hearing about it. If I hadn't, I would have lost about 60% at this point.

its called trendsetting early investors dont follow the herd they cull it

shills are out in force itt, as in every other ponzicoin thread on any other media. pure hype. the blockchain may have value but parallel currencies have very few irl uses. bitcoin is expensive and slow to use. mining consumes 250kwh per transaction so miners operate at a loss atm.

So much false information in such a short post; I'm actually impressed.

Are you stupid? This isn't a stock, this isn't a business, this is a currency. A CURRENCY WORTH $7000 per whole unit. NO OTHER CURRENCY ON THE PLANET HAS THAT KIND OF VALUE. Even if you were to buy a bitcoin right now (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea…), that's $7000. $7000 that no bank or financial institution can touch, it's your money. Tax-free.

Even if bitcoin falls down to $100 a coin, that's still a valuable currency that a lot of online websites accept. But this isn't $100 a coin, this is $7000. If you invested back in 2005, and you only spent $200 on BitCoin back when it was $4 a piece, you would still have a translated valuation of $346,400 right now.

The only real "trap" of bitcoin is that the value of your BTC is equivalent to what people will pay for it, or how you use it. Even when it was $21,000 per coin back on Dec 17 before the current decline started, you couldn't just sell a bitcoin. Someone had to be willing to buy it. It's like how you go to the airport and there are machines that will translate your money from one currency to the other, what's actually happening here is that someone is BUYING YOUR MONEY low in one currency and SELLING YOU MONEY high in another. Say you want to transfer $100 USD into CAD at the border.

The normal conversion is rougly $125. However, you will get $115, just a little under 10% overhead for conversion fees that they charge you. This is how bitcoin works too, when you buy bitcoin (which once again is a currency, not a stock), you are paying someone else for some of their bitcoin at the price that they set. It is an agreement. Even when 1 BTC is valued at $21,000 the seller will typically either overcharge or undercharge, and you as the buyer can choose who you will buy from.

Good post, but unfortunately, most no-coiners won't have the aptitude to understand the comparison you just made.

I just hope it drops low enough for a period of CHEAPER fucking gaming cards.

I don't think miners are going to go away, although right now there is another currency called BurstCoin which is based on hard drive operations instead. 1kWh per operation for the moment. Some guy made $600 in a month using 100 TB worth of hard drives… Which IS profitable to some extent, but that's 100 TB of hard drives. He was using 5T and 10T drives, so don't think that he even managed to pay off those drives in one month.

AMD recently told miners "hey, you should invest into threadripper, our 24 core 48 thread CPU is great for bitcoin mining!" and even named off some valuation that you could make in a single month using a threadripper. I think they said after 9 months you would have paid off the CPU itself. So you have a CPU and GPU company enticing miners to buy their hardware. I don't think the trend of mining is going to go away.

Bitcoins are worthless, though. I can't buy shit with them at my local grocery store, I can't buy shit with them at my local mall. I can't buy a car with them. I can't buy plane tickets with them. I can't pay my semester fees with them. I can't order shit on Amazon or Ebay with them.
What the fuck are bitcoins even good for? Tell me.

Buying and selling guns and drugs. And ordering things from select online retailers.

If you live in the rural countryside then yeah, no one's adopted the bitcoin yet, congratulations on living in shitsville. But there are universities that accept bitcoin, there are even stores and malls that do, and if you look for one you can find a car seller who will sell you a car for bitcoin. You're using a fallacious argument, "HEY, I DIDN'T LOOK AND BECAUSE I DIDN'T SEE ONE READILY AVAILABLE, I EXPECT THAT NO ONE WILL ACCEPT MY BITCOIN FOR THIS SERVICE!"

You can buy your college textbooks in BTC even. You know what else you can't do? You can't go to a fucking university in say America and pay for your education in Yen, you can't go to a grocery store and pay in Yen. You either need to find institutions that will accept bitcoin or you will have to do what you NORMALLY DO, which is to EXCHANGE YOUR BITCOIN INTO ANOTHER CURRENCY. Don't act dumb.

Well if i had to guess, i would say you live in New York City, or maybe San Francisco. It would't surprise me if they accept bitcoins there.
But to say that any other part of the country, or heck, of the planet is automatically the rural countryside because of that is extremely ignorant

Dude, you are so wrong. A good number of online retailers accept bitcoin directly now, e.g. You can also buy giftcards for just about ANY store using cryptocoins @ You can use an escrow service to trade bitcoins for Amazon wishlist fulfillment @ There are also P2P markets operating which let you spend bitcoin on just about anything, without dealing with a bank, or a retail store. The crypto economy is booming, it's only going to get bigger (because its a pleasure to use, convenient, cuts out kike middlemen), and Computer Science geeks like me who got in early are living off bitcoin earnings. I haven't had to work in almost 2 years.

I was making an exaggerated example. And no, I don't live in Jew York or San Fagcisco. I'm pointing out how it can be used, either you find institutions that accept them, or you exchange your currency into the currency you need. The great thing about BTC is you can exchange however much or however little you need. Only need 0.0002 worth of USD? (that's $1.39 by the way), then only sell that much.

Wish I could see the look on the face of people who spent big bucks buying in while it was at ~$20,000 tbh

I can't help but agree. There's so many ways to get into BTC, and buying high is always so stupid.



No but seriously, the valuation of Bitcoin will come back.

t. bitcoin or some fag who wasted his money

You're wrong, I've not put any money into bitcoin because I'm opposed to the bitcoin exchanges and their expectations that you will give them your driver's license, birth certificate, social security number, address, etc. Basically they want you to give them an identify theft starter kit, and I was never willing to do any of that. So instead I watch Bitcoin as a person on the outside, and my friends and I have had more than a few discussions about cryptocurrency. If you want cryptocurrency go mining for it, you'll eventually turn a profit if you can make up for the costs in the interim, but don't go blindly buying bitcoin. Do some research, remember that it's $7000 for 1 currency unit, and I will emphasize again, this is is a currency. It's not going to disappear in the next 5 years, Bitcoin will be minting units until the year 2120, when there will be a supply of 21 million coins.

If Bitcoin was a fad that was going to disappear, it would have disappeared 9 years ago when it was worth far less.

the eternal brainlet will never underatand

Hey buddy, you can buy any crypto directly, over the internet, through P2P exchange:
Can't believe you threw down such good posts on the topic, but you are a no-coiner plebb. Get with it man, prices hit a bottom just now. BUY


I've never bought, sold, or mined a bitcoin (or any altcoin) in my life; nor have I ever installed or used a bitcoin wallet.

Although I've never used bitcoin in my life, and I believe that for all the attention it's received it is still far from being mainstream, but I do like the concept. Being able to make transactions without relying upon a third party that can block your purchases, having a store of value that cannot be frozen by a bank or central authority, and having a currency that is not manipulated by a (((central bank))) all seem like good concepts to me. Even better is the fact that all transactions are pseudonymous (as there is no real-world information required to set up a bitcoin wallet), and that other cryptocurrencies like Monero offer features to make transactions actually anonymous.

While I do not understand the hype that bitcoin has gotten from True Believers who have some strange idea that it's perpetually one year away from becoming the new reserve currency and skyrocketing to $100,000 per coin, I like the ideas behind cryptocurrency. It's a decentralized network that can operate without any third-party payment providers having control over transactions, which doesn't require personal information to use and which can be made anonymous.

But I have noticed something recently that's interesting.

Holla Forums seems to have a massive hatred of bitcoin in general. They seem to hate the idea of bitcoin, and enjoy the idea of bitcoin failing.

I don't understand the vitriol they throw at the concept. It's like they want to attack any effort to develop a currency that isn't controlled by a centralized banking system and doesn't require third-party authorization to use. I don't know whether the antipathy they feel towards bitcoin is part of the larger retarded concept of lefties not liking currency in general, or whether it's something else. I just don't get it.

You trollin, bro?

I'll consider it, I'm low on cash at the moment until payday, and I don't think putting my money into a volatile currency experiencing its yearly wax and wane would be the best use of my money. If I was going to get into a CryptoCurrency I'd go with Burst, like I said 1kWh per transaction, exchange your Burst for BTCs. Of course the kWh of Burst will be going up over time, that's an inevitability.

Oh BTW, Monero has a security flaw where you can figure out the wallet address in certain situations. It's supposedly been patched, but ZCASH is what all muh CompSci brethren are talking about, as far as ironclad anonymity.

Send me a wallet address, I'll get you started. I like you.

I haven't got one at the moment, what would you recommend for this?

Well I would recommend ETH or XRP, but if you like BURST, I'll trade for that real quick on poloniex and send it to a wallet address you post here

After receiving the funds, I recommend transferring it to a paper wallet or creating a new wallet on a virtual machine, an offline hard drive for cold storage, until you wanna trade it


I think this is what you're asking for?

this guy probably fell for it.


What game is that? It looks horrible.

I have an idea of why they don't like it, but I'm not sure. My two best guesses were the ones I gave:

1) that Holla Forums, being commies, don't like the concept of currency at all

2) that like leftists in general they are puppets of the powers that be, and so the powers that be have used the correct buzzwords to convince the lefties that cryptocurrency is EEEEEVIL and they should oppose it… to the benefit of the central banks

The flaw was that previously it was possible to use an input with a ringsize of 0 as a ring input for a transaction. As any input that had previously appeared in a transaction with a ringsize of 0 was obviously already spent, this input could be ruled out as a candidate for the actual input used in the transaction. In ~20% of transactions, all but one of the inputs (the actual input) were 0 ringsize inputs, so the true input could be determined.

In 2014, Monero underwent a hardfork that banned 0 ringsize transactions from the network, and made it so that all future transactions could not use these 0 ringsize transactions as inputs, effectively solving the problem.

Zcash does offer the best anonymity guarantees. The problem is that currently anonymous transactions take massive amounts of CPU time and memory and so are not used by default, the fact that zk-SNARK is still a relative newcomer to the field of cryptography, and the fact that zcash required a trusted setup.

None of those issues effect the anonymity of zcash, but they could affect its value. If zk-SNARKs are broken, someone could mint infinite zcash (although all z-transactions would still be anonymous as zk-SNARKs are only used to verify that transactions are correct; they play no role in anonymity). The same is true if the setup ceremony was compromised.

The memory and CPU usage issue should be solved when Sapling is released sometime this year. Maybe then transactions will be made anonymous by default. The issue with zk-SNARKs being relatively untested (at least compared to established crypto like RSA, AES, etc) should solve itself as it is exposed to more scrutiny and becomes more widely accepted.

The trusted setup issue doesn't have a complete fix, although it would be possible to have a trusted setup where everyone currently using Zcash contributes to the setup's "shared secret." Because the trusted setup is secure so long as at least one member of the setup is honest, trusting the setup only requires you to trust that at least one person using Zcash in the entire world is honest. Given that all cryptocurrencies require that you trust at least 50% of nodes to be honest, that would render the trusted setup issue to be effectively a non-issue.

Adventure Quest Worlds. It's an in-browser mmo moneygrab for 13 year olds. A friend of mine worked on some of the early sprites and let me into the beta for free like 6 years ago.

Geez, they were working on it for 6 years and this is what became of it? Harsh.

Let's remove a stable and secure currency that has been around for over a hundred years and can be used in cash, meaning it is ACTUALLY completely anonymous, and can be used anywhere to buy anything,
and let's replace it with internet meme money which 1. can't be used in any practical real-life scenario (imagine a single mother trying to buy milk for her baby daughter, good luck convincing her to use bitcoins), 2. easily gets tracked by the NSA (they're able to de-anonymize TOR users, face it kids, the internet isn't secure at all for anyone), and 3. that only rich people can afford to either buy for tens of thousands of dollars, or mine using high-end data mining clusters.

Why could anybody hate this idea?

Done. Let me know when you've received it, please


I'm sure you're right on both accounts, in addition to the fact that most of them are no-coiners and just experiencing plain ol' envy (which is almost a prereq. of being a leftist anways)

Thanks for expounding on the Monero and ZCASH stuff! I've got Monero, I was thinking of trading it, but knowing the energy/tx cost, I think I'll hold.

Can't scam me if I don't have anything to steal. Even if I don't get anything, I'm out absolutely nothing.


Don't be jealous, no-coiner. It's a bad look

Haha! I just checked the transaction (still pending) and realized I was a decimal place off. Sending another tx now… Glad it was one decimal place to the left rather than to the right!

The worst thing for most people is easy money. It's a meme and a cliche, but it's true. I used to think it was bullshit. But it's not. Most people, if given money, will hurt themselves with it. They will derail their lives, and waste time.

People who get money without working for it, naturally do not have the defences mentally to actually hold onto it or the discipline needed.

And what if you want to purchase something that you can't buy in person? Without bitcoin, your only options are a credit/debit card (completely non-anonymous) or something like paypal (also completely non-anonymous).

I don't suppose you've heard of suspicious activity reports and marked bills?

That's because it hasn't been adopted widely enough. It is not a fault of the technology itself – there is nothing wrong with bitcoin that actually prevents you from using bitcoin to buy groceries or pay for rent – it's just because it hasn't been adopted yet.

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

The fuck are you talking about? You can buy bitcoin with $10. A whole bitcoin may have cost $20,000 at peak, but bitcoin is sub-dividable down to 1/1,000,000th of a coin, so you could purchase bitcoin with pocket change if you wanted to.

This is universally true, the reason that poor people are poor is not because there is some force or power trying to keep them poor, but because most (if not all) people are just bad with money. You could win the lottery tomorrow, and win 25 million, but the question is, how long will it be until you no longer have 25 million. People get this idea that they will get a taste of the money and then that's it, and then they become hapless spenders who go into poverty because they bury themselves in debt that they can't pay.

Very true!

I'm a hermit who buys all of his groceries through Amazon prime, paid for by giftcards purchased at a ~25% discount (since people are willing to buy BTC at a premium. Currency strength!!!) over at I'm telling you, anons, once you go crypto, you don't go back.

Fuck that. I'd give my family a few grand each, donate to certain parties, and then let that shit sit in my account so I can lord it over my parents' head everytime the boomer fucks ask why I don't settle down with a roastie and career.

Thank you for demonstrating exactly why you will never come into such an amount of money in the first place!

Fuck you, mom.

It's a great pipedream, and I hope it works out for you, but in 99% of cases it doesn't. Right off the bat you're thinking of giving your family "a few grand each." You know that the #1 cause of loss of millions by lottery winners is family suing for damages suffered by their trying to receive money from their kin?

Yeah someone learns you have a lot of money, they come after you for money, and then they hurt themselves… They will sue your insurance and sue you as well to get whatever money they were seeking. This is not even a meme or a story, this is a real thing, you can look this up. If you are well off and well to do, the best thing you can do with your money is TELL NO ONE YOU HAVE IT. This is why if I ever won the lottery (which you can't win if you don't play, so I won't win…) I would keep my name anonymous. People get this ego where they want EVERYONE to know that they're rich now. And to that I say don't be silly, discretion is the better part of valor.

My friend is a gullible manchild.

He mined over 5 bitcoins for fun back in the early days and wasted it all on fast food.

They are worth $7500 each now.

Because you can't define any other form of currency as having a "whole unit" value. What's the "whole unit" of gold? What's the "whole unit" of USD? What a retarded statement.
I'm more conerned about thieves than banks skimming shekels, and USDs are safer in a bank than your shitcoins are on a hard drive somewhere.
so are PMs but you're not posting in all caps about buying fractional Au or Ag
not really. it takes way too long for transactions to go through, and with the volatility of the market, I don't want to spend 0.01btc on something if the value is going to tank a week later to the point where I would have been better off waiting. It's not that it has no value, but it's overhyped and more of a proof of concept than a viable alternative to fiat.

whole unit = unit = 1
Did you drop out of high school before taking trig? Unit circle FTW

A whole unit is a real number, aka an integer. No decimals. 1 BTC is currently $7630.31 USD. 0.5 BTC is therefore $3815.155. Do you understand?

A whole unit of a dollar is a dollar. That doesnt tell you much unless you compare it to another currency. Then you can say its worth .84 pounds per whole unit, and 400 yen per whole unit

1 USD.

That one was easy.

Not the guy you're responding to, but my parents wouldn't do that. They're good, honest people.
There are definitely people that I would NOT trust, but my parents? They won't sue me.
My aunt was kind of a dumb cunt and she might try to sue me, but she died last year so it's all cool

what's the whole unit of gold?

1 oz

Why 1oz? Why not a kilo? why not 1g?

Thats weed.

Dude lmao

I'm sure that you can buy and sell gold in any metric that you want, but the market value is measured in ounces, and I don't have an explanation as to why other than "that's the unit that Americans measure things with."

That's my point, though. You're kvetching about how much a currency's "whole unit" is worth, but that's an arbitrary metric. PMs don't even have a whole unit, but they still retain value. Just because 1 Yen is worth less than 1 USD, doesn't make the Yen less viable as a currency.

I never stated that it was, I'm not even sure where you're going with this. I'm fully in support of the idea of dropping the dollar system for a system like the Yen. Keep in mind, however, that 1 Yen is worth less than 1 penny at this time. 100 Yen is less than $1. it's still a great currency to work with, perfect granularity, there's no decimals to deal with, so math is a simple integer addition or subtraction with no decimals needed. I think it would be very beneficial to young people if the Yen type of monetary value system were adopted, and instead of looking at the Yen's simplistic measure system, Europe thought "nope, we gotta emulate that US dollar" and went for Euros and whatever the hundredth of a Euro is called.

I don't know about other European countries, but Germans historically had 1 Mark = 100 Pfennig since the late 19th century.
I don't know why though

Just a commentary for anyone who stores sensitive data on storage, by the way, you should destroy the drive(s) when you're finished with it if you never want that data to ever fall into the wrong hands. An incinerator, drilling holes in vital spots, etc… If you store a bitcoin wallet on a flash drive and then you stop using that flash drive, you need to reformat that drive several times using burner wipe method. This essentially sets all sectors to 1s, and then to 0s, and it does this like 8 or 9 times. It's not good for the drive to do this kind of thing, but it's worse for your security if you're worried about losing something sensitive.

So if you're storing your bitcoins on an electronic storage, and then you stop using said storage, my actual recommendation for you is throw it in a fire and get a new one. Flash drives are as cheap as they've ever been at less than $1 per gigabyte, consider how much it would cost you if someone stole your shit, and then consider how much it would cost you to buy a replacement, and do a cost/benefit analysis.

If you think that someone stealing your flash drive could cost you $20, it'd be better to spend $15 to replace it. You're out $5, but you have peace of mind.

Good point. I highly recommend the Ledger Nano S, or a comparable hardware wallet which can store multiple currencies. If you lose the device, you can still recover your wallets from a series of written-down keyphrases. Anybody with more than a few hundred bucks in crypto should invest in one or two.

It hasn't gone unnoticed that you basically played the old "sent!" meme, but all the same, I don't begrudge you for it, I don't really have any stake in crypto at this time, so you haven't made me all panicky and restless/anxious about it.

how do I invest in sex dolls tho? they are obviously the next big thing.

Patience, my dude. You'd think a coin called "BURST" would transfer a bit faster.

BTW I'm reading about Proof-of-Capacity. It's absolutely genius, I love it!


There is a site called "Realdoll" just add a dot come to the end of that, they are $6000 a piece. And if you want to spend an extra $300 they will add Elf Ears to the doll for you.

That's military time, GMT time zone, apparently. I'm in San Diego.

lol, Did you faggots wonder why bitcoin was suddenly rocketing? Did you honestly think it was becasue it was a revolution in money and buying things and this is the new way, the 21st century.

Did you honestly think the Jews wouldn't get involved, make their money then fuck things up?


I guess I could open a psudo-whorehouse with a return rate after 300 uses. Does steam cleaning remove AIDS?

Do you know where you are? Oh wait, thought this was a /goodboard/

Everybody is just in it for the money.
The Jews are no worse than white people. In fact, most Jews ARE white people.

I turn a few thousand dollars into a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Yeah, what a gullible fool I was.

Please don't insult white people.



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I made thousands of dollars and am now laughing at the gullible manchildren who didn't sell months ago or worse, didn't buy at all because of cowardice. Sounds like OP is the latter.


hello rato

Hello, Rato. Fuck you.

Fuck you I made a return of ~15,000 USD for sitting on my ass and doing absolutely nothing. Meme or not I still made money off BTC, so fuck you.

Small world.

You need to get your eyes checked, goyim.

Tell us more!

I bet everyone posting in here has some sort of Jew inside of them.

only OP does, because he is a faggot

A thread about money only really attracts the Jews.

interesting video. i never thought about it like that. i mean, the part where he said Americans had no qualms about dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan, but they wouldn't have done the same in Germany/Europe because white people are worth more.

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no coiner retard

I'd rather invest in silver or gold than bitcoin.

this is like watching your stock prices go up in a bubble.

The transaction failed. I opened a support ticket with Poloniex in case its an error on their end.


200 bitcoin x $7500= about $1.5 million
…so I don't want to hear any more faggotry.
I see some think it will hit $50k each this year,
think I'll move to a mountain somewhere.

I turned what I got for an iPhone 6+ with a shattered screen and dented frame into $100K on that meme.
Because I knew it was a meme from the very beginning.

One "whole unit" of Bitcoin is 1 satoshi, you fucking noobs.

You're thinking of the Papiermark. The Reichsmark is what replaced it (to be exchanged 1RM per 1,000,000,000,000PM).

Ok, poloniex got back to me and said it was a problem on their end. I had to re-send the transaction. I feel bad cuz you prob think I'm just fucking with you, but I'm a man of my word, sir.

No, brainlet.

Tonnes of people made a lot of money off it. People buying at the peak were retarded and got fleeced willingly.

I sold when bitcoin was around $20,000, I made $89,000 dollars.


Controlled by five exchanges

Ok dude, Poloniex is saying you gave me a wallet address for a different coin type, not BURST. If you don't want free money, fine.

All you have to do is get a Dryden account and invest 5 grand in an investment loan, 25%high&low.
You'd have enough money to retire on by 40, and if you keep feeding it money for your children.
Honestly a disappointment to see morons like this get any kind of easy break.

b-but I would've made 6 gorillion dollars if I had a time machine!!
nocoiners BTFO

200 bitcoin @$9000. each=$1,800.000

I'm very happy.


You made a big profit.

I don't know pal. I bought mine at 4$ per piece
Now my holdings are worth 10K per piece.
And I have lots of coins

Feels good not to be fucking retarded


I hope the normies keep this shit up. I already have to much money to know what to do with but i really want to push robowifus so maybe i'll just dump everything i make intot hat.