Mfw my boss calls me in for a meeting

mfw my boss calls me in for a meeting

Thought id get a raise or promotion

I got fired.

Sht on boss' face

why did he fire you?


half the company is getting sacked, lost a customer who was basically 50% of revenue.

I was junior in my department

YOu lucky SOB you just lost wagecuck status. What will you do with your new life?

My boss called me in for a meeting in december, I got a raise of $1000 to my salary, he called it a merit increase. On top of that Trump just gave me $75 every paycheck which translates to almost $2000 to my salary.


the company lost the client, i didnt have anything to do with it.

basically kms


Congrats brudda. You get to live like a nigger high on the hog for 6 or so months while you collect unemployment

What was the customer?

Did you get paid for it though?



haha, that picture is so funny. I bet if you post it again it will be funnier xDD

At least you didn't get fired for dropping a tape-gun like I did.


user what the fuck do you even work as? Im jealous.

Your thread fucking sucks. You deserve to lose your job.

Let this be a lesson to all anons ITT: ALWAYS be looking for a better job. Always keep your resume updated. Always have your contacts up to date, and talk to them on a regular basis. Your employer will have absolutely no loyalty to you, and you don't owe them any.

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