Scientists have just discovered that the dramatic increase in homosexuality and transgenderism has been caused by...

Scientists have just discovered that the dramatic increase in homosexuality and transgenderism has been caused by chemicals found in plastic since the 1960's.

All you bottle-fed babies now know that you are ass-pumping faggots because your moms didn't love you enough to breast feed you.

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Old news, people already knew this. Even Alex Jones knew this. You think anyone's going to do anything about it? Welcome to the dystopia.

Yes, they knew this, but they didn't know it was in 86% of teenagers' bodies. The Girl Scouts are going to need to start making a hella lot more cookies.

I'd believe it but link or you're a lying turd

My mum had breast cancer.
But I do think she was too old when she had me.

so that's the excuse you're going with, OP?

That took me a lot longer than it should have. OP was not lying:

So alex jones was right this whole time

Anyone who's not such a smug dumbfuck would just google any info as soon as it comes into question. Jones saying something doesn't make it untrue.

Anyway, I welcome my new sissy bitch bois. I was born right before the massive plastics boom, and my family kept the old ways. Water from the well, meals from whole food, not packages, etc. I'm masculine compared to these little fruit cup babies, but even I'm a sissy boy compared to my ancestors.

I'll love you tender, I'm not all hairy and gross like those fat daddies you hear about, I'm a cute nerd boy-man-thing, qnd I accept your sissy ways, new generation.

Now who wants to cuddle?

luckily my mom brestfed and I have a deep voice, relatively broad shoulders, a square jaw, and a large dick.
Tho I do have a fucking weight problem (like 86% of teenagers I see) where I can't gain weight easily.
I can't wait for the future where literally everyone is on the polar opposite of the weight spectrum, either being auschwitz skinny or morbidly obese.

I'm thinking your well was contaminated by the nearby plastic manufacturing plant, because you are a giant faggot.

my mother tried to, but I wouldn't take

I wonder who could be behind this?

ITT: OP ate plastic

What will the hormones do to someone who's already gay?

oh, so I probably aren't ass affected cause I have less than one percent bodyfat

make you Super Gay

Nope its feminism the more they make women like men the more feminine men become attractive.


Are you guys really just going to believe whatever this user tells you? No where on that article does it say anything about homosexuality or transgenderism. The real concern is certain kinds of cancers it can cause you dumb fucks

But that would mean things are complicated and nuanced. That makes dopeys brain hurts.

its nothing really to worry about compared to the rest of shit out there, airplanes are turning our lungs black with more shit than chinese factories you just can't see the methane pollution and nuclear radiation is making us all get cancer.

they always talk about how safe and low carbon nuclear electricity is but france with the most nuclear power stations has 20x the average country's background radiation. its in wifi,carried in the grid to house in radiation through transformers from nuke plants,your phone,radio waves.

People lived better 70 years ago than they do today,discounting a few things. Why do you think they added chlorine to plastic to make poly vinyl chlorate if not to poison us with chlorine?

pvc is in everyone's houses but no one gives a shit about that.

don't use a microwave get a halogen oven instead, it does the same thing without risking giving you cancer.

emfs and radiation in general is more important than soya or plastic making people produce more estrogen and giving you moobs or a small dick. you can get a trans op quite easily now, but a inoperable brain tumour is something altogether different.

avoid radiation.

dont use wifi use ethernet cables or power line internet devices.

emf guard cellphone and money cards.

Just eat more oysters and cruciferous vegetables if you're worried about estrogen levels.

Oyster is the best flesh a man can eat next to red meat, contains a full day's worth of zinc in two bodies. Also high in the fat that turns into building blocks for testosterone and improves sperm production.

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc) flush estrogen from the body via binding chemical.

Now stop your bitching and get back to lifting.

There is no "dramatic increase" their existence has just become over-shilled in the western world for the past decade

If anything, the population of the human race has just increased in general. In addition to standards of living increasing in the west which brings about increased positive attitude towards hedonism and femininity

if theres any explanation why 3rd world men are manlier than western men, this is probably it.. except it wont be too long before they get the plastics too

Not to mention the invention of the internet and mass media that have given platforms to homosexuals allowing them to be shoved in the faces of everyone every day all day making them appear more numerous.

I would say it is all three.
Fluoride in the water to reduce intelligence, plastics to make people weaker, more effeminite, then concentrating and constantly increasing social programming from every angle, and the internet as a consequence-free faggoting sound-box.

wtf is that thing?

An american fell through a loose floorboard.
That's one of his belly rolls.

no honestly, wtf is it? This is truly disturbing, and I watch gore regularly.

Try reverse image search.
Either it is a rotting animal carcass, or rotten carpetting that has sunk through the floor in a flood.
Or it is a giant jew nose

reverse image search is useless because it has been shooped

if you use a good one, it should find any similar images, not just by the bytesize.
i'll have a look

first result was this
An 18 year old girl found under the floorboards, murdered by a couple of muslims in Birgmingham.

nevermind, I got some results. No explanation on what it is though. I guess it could be rotting carpet pad that has been stretched out. It looks more like a fucking organ though.

how is this related to the picture posted?

Simple, I searched for:
"pink mass hanging through floorboards creepy picture"
It came up with unpleasant results.

Maybe someone smoothed it out.
Could even be a rendering from a computer game.

found it
It's an "art" piece called "Le Grand Rhume" made by Daniele Bbuetti

It's always the jews.

it really is a big nose


Thats not how it works, you can't extrapolate something like that without any kind of stats.

I would rather have Jews then whites if that's how you're going about it