What's the best revenge you've ever gotten? There was this fat kid in my...

Samuel Bennett
Samuel Bennett

What's the best revenge you've ever gotten?
There was this fat kid in my physics class back in high school who was always leeching off me. Trying to copy my project, trying to get the Snapchat of a girl that added me herself, trying to talk over me, taking my spot in class and shit. So one day I walked into class and he was laying on my desk/table playing on his phone. The teacher was out in the hallway. I told him to get the fuck off my desk. He was like"make me bitch" so I pushed the lardass off and he literally just fell flat on his back onto the ground. It was fucking hilarious. He got up and was like "I'm gonna kick your fuckin ass" and I said "no you fuckin aren't bitch" and he just looked around seeing if anyone was gonna rescue him like the faggot princess he was. Then he sat down and I basically just laughed my ass off the whole class. Oh and the best part was the teacher walked in at the end and kind of just let me do my thing.

Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins

Once there was this stu from cuckchan that created this terrible thread and I told them their story about revenge was a bit of a yawner and then saged and left.

Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith

in high school we gutted a freshly killed deer on top of a kids car when it was -10 degrees outside so it froze all over the car for being asian

Parker Carter
Parker Carter

What type of Asian? I object to disparaging Asians who have hot sisters because otherwise they're gonna turn into male SJWs and eventually turn their sisters into SJWs

Josiah Lopez
Josiah Lopez

u wished u did this
truth is you arnt bullied u arnt smart enough to steal results from and your fat
i hope u think about this op your fgtry has to stop

David Lewis
David Lewis

It was a basic physics class, the other kid was really just retarded.

Also I never said I was bullied, I was a total outsider in high school. I shaved my head completely when I was 17 and everyone thought I was neo Nazi (true tbh) so they respected me but didn't want to be around me anyways.

Oliver Lewis
Oliver Lewis

What's the best revenge you've ever gotten?
This isn't exactly "revenge revenge" as I wasn't actually planning it but when it happened I was thinking it over after the fact and a sudden realization came to me that I did do it for revenge and I was just laughing to myself all night.
be me
be 15
my Aunt is 5 years older than me
living with us because she is homeless and a slut and a dumb bitch
I'm a horny 15yo and doing what horny 15yos do so I always try and peek at her undressing or in the shower and what not. would jack off into her panties and socks and sniff her bras
even though she is only a few years older than me she has always acted superior and said she was "mature" and all that bullshit
so one day I'm looking at her through a small crack under the door and i'm watching her take a shower. i guess she heard me as she all of a sudden opens the door and catches me
immediately tells ALL the fucking family members. not just my parents. EVERYONE the dumb cunt
black sheep of the family now
nobody likes me

4 years go by
she has a 3yo daughter with a guy she doesn't even know who the father is
still acts like a dumb slut every day
state gave her daughter to my Mom because of "Postpartum depression" if you actually believe that bullshit. She neglected her daughter plain and simple
this is around summer time
was going to go to college but the money now needed to be used to take care of this slut's baby
parents have me "take a break" for 1 year so I can babysit this 3yo
over the course of a few weeks I repeatedly molested and raped her she eventually had bed-wetting problems but that was diagnosed as her missing her mother (haha stupid doctors) to create "attention" in hopes the mother would return
for a whole year my Aunt did nothing but fuck other guys and continue to do drugs while I was in my room fucking and touching her daughter
year ends
Aunt finally goes to rehab
rehabs ends
is somehow pregnant by some random guy in rehab she doesn't even know who this other kid's biological father is
state gives back my Aunt custody but only for a few weeks
kid goes to school and can't even say the Alphabet so they put her as emotionally/mentally stunted and the state takes custody of the daughter again
I finally get to go to college as I was working the whole fucking time with the money my bitch Aunt stole from me and started college late
now I had no friends or peers I knew
now I'm older than everyone else
even worse I don't have a sexual outlet for release so I start sperging out in class
eventually get kicked out of college
still living at home with parents and they are still hopeful I'll go back to college

My Aunt fucking ruined my life but I took something from her that she'll never realize. I took her daughter's innocence

Brody Cruz
Brody Cruz

Please kill yourself haha thanks^^^

Cameron Harris
Cameron Harris

Wow. You really got back at your aunt by raping a kid she doesn't even care about.

Good job, buddy.

Ryan Green
Ryan Green

Be me
Middle School
White trash living in a trailer park
Screwing around with friends outside one day
Mexican kids roll up on their bikes
They're total assholes all the time
This time is no exception.
I call their mothers vapid whores or do something otherwise autistic
They take offense to that
Get beat up by Mexican kids
None of my friends help me
Screw you guys I'm going home
Decide I'll have to take revenge by myself
Start digging through my room trying to figure out some way to do so
Stumble upon an old slingshot I had
Well that could work
Mission start
Find some blocks of concrete left behind in an empty lot from when a trailer got moved.
I obtain some choice cuts of that tender rock flesh
Which is to say I scavenge for the most jagged looking pieces to use as ammunition
Activate stealth mode
In broad daylight, Metal Gear my way through the trailer park to the place Mexican kids usually hang out
Find the fuckers riding their bikes
Look for a hiding spot with good cover and a solid escape vector
Decide two blocks away is the minimum distance I can be without them seeing me
Decide to aim for the leader's center of mass
Load concrete shard
Hold my breath
Take aim
The Greek goddess of revenge, Nemesis, smiles upon me and guides my dangerous projectile higher
Hits the Mexican team leader in the face
He falls off his bike like a potato sack filled with retards
He lands on a curb wrong and breaks his wrist
I dip the fuck out holding back my psychopathic laughter
Get far enough away that Mexicans won't hear and laugh the rest of the way home
They never found out it was me

Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez

Buttcheeks face.lol

Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson

Never talking to someone again even when they want to

Dominic Brooks
Dominic Brooks

Alright get ready for some shit. This is the story of how I lost my virginity, also kinda doubles as a revenge story/karmic retribution.

be me, 20 y/o neet virgin college dropout, kinda fat
live with my grandmother
have friend that sells weed
he is pretty lame to hang with, he is a total wigger but I still hang out whenever possible because he always smokes free weed with me
he has fucked a bunch of people over plenty of times, including me
tries to steal my jacket one day
"I'm sorry user I really didn't mean anything by it"
another time I run some weed for him a short distance from his house to two niggers
turns out he shorted the bag, niggers have their own scales and weigh it
niggers get pissed at me thinking i took some
tell them he must've shorted the bag, i had nothing to do with it, im just a middleman and i have my own weed
niggers go down to his house and demand the .5 they got shorted
he gives it to them, revealing his stash in the process like a retard
about a week later he gets robbed by a different nigger, takes all his weed (which he had fronted to him) plus all the money he had
guy he gets weed from cuts him off
Pretty sure the first two niggers told the robber, because friend tells me that the robber knew exactly where the stash was, but he doesn't blame me because niggers watched me walk from his house (plus he was the one who shorted them, which i had no idea of)

Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson

about a year later
friend gets back on selling weed for same guy
still hanging out with friend for free weed
friends gf is a notorious slut who has been with a bunch of dudes
heard she sucked dick once for a ride, also on another occasion for some meth
when friend gets really pissed at her he actually tells her to go suck someone else's dick
solid 7.5/10 body, face is about 6/10 despite rumors of meth usage and that she has shot up before
she is also really fucking stupid, like borderline mentally retarded no joke
gf is almost always with friend when he comes up to my house to hang out, so we know each other pretty well
friend is mentally and physically abusive, has slapped her before, also poured hot coffee on her on one occasion
they're both living together in friend's moms house, the mom is a literal junkie whore
one day friends mom gets pissed at him, tells him gf can no longer stay there
friend asks me if she can stay at my house for a week or so
"sure bro"
couple days go by, nothing really happens, we just talk about how she gets treated like shit by both friend and his mom
one night we both stay up really late watching Hellraiser 2
she keeps asking me if im tired
"nope, we can stay up as late as you want"
this is it, gotta start making some moves
start touching her legs and ass with my foot
she doesn't stop me, move up to her and start rubbing her thigh with my hand
"do you want me to stop?"
"no, we aren't doing anything so its ok"
start rubbing her titties
"aww user i knew you always had a crush on me"
"but user hes your best friend, this is wrong"
idgaf, this is my chance to finally lose virgin status
she gets naked, wont let me touch her pussy at first, teasing me
"all you wanna do is rub my tits?"
grab her by the pussy and start fingering her while sucking her tits
tell her to suck me off, she complies
she really knows how to work a cock, she is a slut after all
eventually we fuck
she pleads with me me not to tell friend about this
"ok but if you're unhappy and get treated like shit you should break up with him, i mean you must not care too much about him if you could cheat on him like this"
come to realize she is basically using him for a place to stay and food to eat
the day after she is crying saying she feels like a whore for fucking around on him (lol)
friend pays his mom 60 bucks to let her come back
later on she pretty much breaks up with him, goes to stay at her brothers house
she blocks him on facebook, he goes into a deep depression, staying in his room all day crying and threatening suicide
the dumb bitch gets back with him, i guess she feels like a piece of shit for what she did
tell the gf that now she wants to get back with him she needs to tell him what she did or i will
this bitch actually offers me money not to tell him
"no fuck your money you tell him or i will"
she comes up to my house with friend soon after and has apparently told him a bunch of bullshit to get him pissed at me
immediately tell him his gf is a turboslut and she offered me money not to tell him about the incident
"wtf how does he know you have money"
she is literally paralyzed with fear, the look on her face is worth way more than any money she could've given me to stay quiet
she keeps repeating "but i didn't do anything"
she starts visibly shaking out of fear
he gets super pissed at both me and her, but of course the cuck forgives her
vows he will beat my ass one day (I should mention hes a skinny fuck and i could probably wreck him)
he cuts off all contact with me, has gf block me on facebook and unfriend me on psn
learn from his mom that she kicked them both out a couple days later
his mom also tells me she is making money by talking to some 40 y/o dude over the internet who sends her 600 bucks a month for her camwhoring basically
friend has already caught her sending nudes
apparently he doesn't mind or is just turning a blind eye towards it, idk cuck logic

In hindsight I probably could've blackmailed the dumb whore into some shit, but I didn't think about it at the time because it was my first pussy and i was kinda sad when she left, but now looking back I realized that she was using me just like she is using my friend. I think that maybe she thought she could move in with me, securing her way in by fucking me but I told her that could never happen because its not my house and my grandma couldn't support another person living there. To this day I dont regret any of it bc no longer a virgin, even if my virginity was lost to a cum dumpster it still counts. Now I'm working towards not being a neet and losing some weight, hopefully one day finding a real gf, one that isn't a total whore, although sadly most bitches around here are just like that.

Jaxon Young
Jaxon Young

haha im so alpha guys lawl ecks de
back to halfchan with this story

James Bell
James Bell

Had an annoying lesbian at work who was lazy as fuck. Sometimes even slept on the job. I made sure the boss noticed what she was fucking up. They fired her after 6 weeks.

Chase Davis
Chase Davis

Thats not revenge youre just a child molester

Gabriel Williams
Gabriel Williams

No that is an story of love, on the third act he kidnaps the girls to live in the woods but they discover one thing: giant sloths are still alive.

Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez

That is shitty. Lots of people drive Asian cars, it is no big deal anymore. This is not 1970.

Isaac Nelson
Isaac Nelson

What's the best revenge you've ever gotten?
Pretty sure this is it, what I and my colleagues are doing right now….destroying Holla Forums. I wasn't a fan of the chosen method at first, it was too slow for my tastes, but now that it has been going on for awhile I am enjoying the time it gives me to savor every moment. The guy who planned all this is definitely sadistic, in a sick way, but damned if I am not enjoying it.


Adam Gutierrez
Adam Gutierrez

Used to post peoples' phone numbers in prank call threads a lot. Got a lot of people to change their phone numbers multiple times, because they didn't know it was me and kept giving me their new numbers. One time I posted someone's parents' number for months on end, telling people to tell the mother that the father was having an affair. I can't know for sure that it was my fault, but I know they sold the house and I suspect it was due to divorce.

Wyatt Thomas
Wyatt Thomas

Found him again.

Ryder Jones
Ryder Jones

top kek

Brayden Hughes
Brayden Hughes

damn nigga, you edgy and your smiley face being reddit-spaced from you block of text tells me you're an absolute faggot who sucks OP's dick

Nicholas Bennett
Nicholas Bennett

Pretty sad that there are still people out there that don't follow the "Bros before hoes" mantra. That line of thinking has gotten me out of so much shit.

Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson

itt betas

Nicholas Adams
Nicholas Adams

Most of the examples I'm thinking of are just exes that cheated on me, then I moved on to someone else and as a result of the relationship became more jaded and ambivalent to relationships resulting in me getting better with women and being happy while my exes got crazier, lonelier and miserable.

My favorite isn't an ex though, it was this random girl online, back in the days of AIM.

I'm like 14 or 15, this girl messages me from a chatroom.
Without asking she starts sending me nudes. (I still have a collage of 'em somewhere, but she's like 14 or something in it, so I won't post it.) So I start making requests, she fills them, then she says
<"Now show me your dick."
"What? I don't do dick pics."
<"Show me. NOW."
"Why do you even want it so bad?"
<"I have a collection. I've collected nearly 600 dick pics."
"The fuck?"
<"They're like men I've conquered lol."
"Yeah well fuck that, I have no interest in being part of your collection.
<"If you don't do it I'll make a thread on Holla Forums with your picture and a picture of one of the smallest dicks I've got and claim it's a picture of yours."
Shows me a picture of some dude with a tiny soft dick sticking out of some Playboy boxers. "Go ahead, no one'll buy that as me, and besides you don't understand how Holla Forums works, they've never seen my face before and they'd never care. Besides the picture quality is totally different on your picture." She edits them to make it look like they were taken with the same camera. Shit. She posts it. I ignore it, I think maybe I replied in the thread explaining the situation, but that was it. Thread died at like four replies.
Tell her to fuck off and block her, but she keeps popping up on new screen names to fuck with me. They're all her name with a number. So let's say it was like Sarahisawesome1 Sarahisawesome2. She pops up with Sarahisawesome146 and I realize she's not going to fuck off until I make her fuck off. During the conversation she'd stupidly given me her full name, phone number, and all her nudes.
I log off AIM, open Yahoo messenger and create a new account just for her. I create a profile containing all of her nudes, including one of her on her knees deepthroating a hairbrush handle. I include her full name and her telephone number, and then I just log into a random sex chat room, minimize the program and go to sleep.
Over night hundreds of men have called the phone number masturbating. Her parents are flipping out. Eventually after a week of this the account is deleted, but I'd already made a second and continue unfazed. In the meantime her parents and everyone in her school have seen the profile. Everyone is calling her a slut because of the pictures, everyone knows about her dick pic folder, her parents ground her and restrict her internet access to school work. When the second account is deleted three days later I don't make another as I've had my fun and am still laughing. She messages me begging forgiveness.

Caleb Campbell
Caleb Campbell

You diseased jewish piece of shit.

Charles Adams
Charles Adams


Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia

You diseased jewish piece of shit.
Welcome to Holla Forums.
Thanks for the tears, they were delicious!

Easton Cook
Easton Cook

I think you have a nice neck.

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