NOFAP 2018

Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

All right you pathetic soyboys, harken! Its time to become the ubermensch and reclaim your rightful destiny as supreme dandy of the galactic aryan space empire.

Porn and fapping is a vice. Lust has always been a vice is both pagan and christian times. Its eternal enemy of ascension. Those who conquer lust become conquerors of this world and thats a fact. Not only do T levels increase to Chad levels (not just physically but mentally), which almost an entire generation has yet to know what healthy levels of testosterone feel like because they grew up on porn and were addicted before reaching their 20's.

Choose to be honourable. Choose the path of heroes and realize your immortality as a being that has successfully reproduced itself since the beginning of matter itself. Those who fall victim to their own vices and wank their life away will be removed from eternal time. The Gods will despise you and you'll die pathetically in anguish wishing to have another chance at life to do things right this time, but it will be all over.

There are no save files irl. Those who had a beloved pet or family member they we re close to die knows how fucked it is to not be able to go back and save them. Only you can save yourself.



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Leo Johnson


Mason Smith
Mason Smith


Christopher Gomez
Christopher Gomez

Still, no one has really given me any evidence for the physical and/or psychological benefits of not masturbating. I have however been given evidence of the benefits of masturbating.

Supply sources and I'll do it, I swear, but if not, I will not in kind.

Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera

Not doing nofap, noeat, nosleep, nodesire & norest all at once
user, are you even trying? Stop playing life on easy.

Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson

yeah, but fapping makes me able to avoid 3DPD.

Nolan Rivera
Nolan Rivera

Yes, yes! Masturbation is very healthy for ya! If you dont watch porn everyday you could become a nazi and that would be very bad. Do you know that Ger mans were sexually repressed in the 30's and thats why they become evil fascits? Now that the German nation is sexually liberated through education and media they're very good and healthy people.

Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas

you didn't provide any reasons that I would care about.
I don't jerk off to 3DPD porn.

Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis

fapping makes me able to avoid 3DPD.
… and responsibilities, your son, your grandchildren and of course your own fears and insecurities.

Sebastian Campbell
Sebastian Campbell

t. bugman

Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry

those 'men' will burn everything for pussy
to whom?

Jeremiah Peterson
Jeremiah Peterson

I'm inspired. I will do no more fap per your decree. Thank you OP.

Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez

Alright OP, you convinced me. What's the best way to overcome horniness?

Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson

reading a little girls diary

Hudson Wright
Hudson Wright

Not OP but cold showers help, do not edge at all. Block porn sites if you need to. Keep yourself busy through out the day so your not bored. When your bored your mind turns to porn.

Camden Morris
Camden Morris

Thanks user

Robert Jones
Robert Jones

fapping boosts testosterone you fucking retard

Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross

Over time it decreases it overall and you produce more estrogen.

t. scienceman

Easton Hernandez
Easton Hernandez

how is this shit legal

James Allen
James Allen


Lincoln Cook
Lincoln Cook


Elijah Gray
Elijah Gray

I wanted to give some insight into the whole thing, and what I thought about it.

sex with someone you don't love: feels worse than fapping even if you are doing it with a 10/10 supermodel. it's surprisingly disappointing.

sex with someone you love: feels like rainbows

since it's tough to find a good female since they are all evil shit, it's really better to just fap your whole life (in moderation)

just to be clear here, I'm not saying to give up on love. I'm just saying to not bother to fuck if you don't love what you are fucking and they don't love you. it feels like eating a stale piece of bread. it's pointless and unrewarding.

If sex is overrated, why are there entire internet communities shaming men who are virgins?

<Because they want to feel better than others.
<normalfags make fun of nerdy people because chads and stacies are jealous that we autism wizards are smarter than they are, and therefor better.
<They want to artificially inflate the demand on women, for several reasons.

if you have a waifu in mind, it's better to just have the patience and go monk mode (don't cut yourself) and just wait for your waifu in heaven. try to eat healthy, do exercise, keep yourself entertained, get "red pilled" (find out the truth so you aren't falling for any tricks large scale or smaller), and try to avoid suffering. just be patient.

in some, but not all cases, it is the smartest when given no choice and presented with many bad choices- to make no choice at all. be as stubborn to life, as life is stubborn to you.

I hope I helped someone with this wisdom.

Aaron Diaz
Aaron Diaz

nofap is actually an sjw shill psy op designed to attack males in another way (more so than the ways straight white males are already being attacked)
nofap is the response to the existance of lonely males who use the internet, mainly us. Holla Forums. nofap is also partially a response to groups like mgtow (men going their own way) and additionally an attack on groups like /fit/ (fitness and exercise type groups) so it's a multi angle attack.

nofap is designed, like many psy ops usually are- to make a certain group of people believe something that isn't true, and to make them doubt themselves besides other things. in this case one of the most obvious things this is meant to cause is to get males to believe that fapping is bad so that they get pent up and can't think clearly and become desperate and make poor choices in order to get relief, mainly by "being an outstanding gentleman male who does not stoop to the low level of the dirty fapper and finally becomes interested in getting a girl friend".

this is designed to
#1. get some of us that wouldn't ever get a girlfriend under the usual circumstances, to get a girl friend.
#2. make people have such a cloudy and unclear mind (from not fapping) that they get "dicknapped" into letting their dick think for them. basically, you're so excited and drunk on lust that you make stupid decisions and end up choosing a very bad girl friend, who then ruins your life.

the sad truth of the matter here is that most women are shit these days, by their own fault or by the fault of our insideously designed society that brainwashes women to their own insanity and shapes their personalities to be so hostile that they drive all men away and realize they are still alone for some strange reason years later in their lives. "you are a female so you are a victim!" "you are simultaneously a strong independant woman!" "but you need to take all their money in the divorce!" "feel bad about yourself!" "feel proud about yourself" "all men are exactly the same!" "equality equality!" "but men must always open doors for women because they are beautiful feminine creatures of ancient mythology!" "hey you looked at my ass when you opened the door!" "how dare you find me attractive!"

sadly the sjw's who are responsible for convincing most women that all men are the same are also the same ones responsible for convincing many men that all women are the same. this is simply not true but the nasty and unlikable minority of bad men and bad women responsible for those nightmare marriages it's common to hear about, are in the end the ones who give the larger group of decent people a bad reputation but only with the help of the sjw's who help to spread these lies about how they want others to view the whole group as a stereotype.

Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz

keep in mind that sjw's are completely different from normal femminists and are a very nasty corrupted offshoot and perversion of a rather noble cause, and they are a very different group of bad people who basically hijacked the idea of femminism for their own evil agenda. femminists fight for equality and other nice things and many of the things they say can often be very respected, but the goal of the sjw's is to blur the lines and confuse people, and again give everyone the idea that all femminists are exactly the same as sjw's because this is a part of their plan. take note that this is a very common globalist disinformation tactic, because the sjw's work for the globalists, directly or indirectly. knowingly or unknowingly.

women and men are alienated from each other and huge amounts of tension are created that disallow them from achieving the main goal of the real femminists: to interact on equal terms with each other. it makes it difficult to find each other in the first place and makes it difficult for both men and women to know the difference between a good person and a bad person when meeting soemone of the opposite sex. men are worried that every woman they try to date will be the one that pretends to be nice and gets married and then turns into a cheating cuck nightmare divorce bank robber bitch, and women are afraid that every man they date will turn out to be a cheating lazy drunk wife beater loser. nobody knows who is going to turn out to be who.

Thomas Rivera
Thomas Rivera

so men are like "fuck it" and we stay home and date nobody, we get no pussy EVER, and masturbate to porn and become wizards. strange thing is that that backfired on them really bad because we got trump elected. now they are directly attacking us by trying to confuse us into hating our own bodies so that we think fapping is a bad thing and-
stop fapping
stay excited
get no relief
cloudy mind (nofap is essentially like being constantly drunk on coffee and wine all at once)
make poor choices
be fooled into feeling motivated to get a girlfriend
attempt to have a healthy relationship in 2017 on planet earth FUCKING KEK
spend assfuck loads of money on a female who has been brainwashed since birth that anything that costs huge money$ and benefits our consumer livestock wage slave wallet raping capitalist system like valentines day, christmas, black friday and so on, = love. (lel he took me to Jay reds and got me diamond yee rings and then we went to sales and got me a diamond butthole piercing)
she will never be happy
she will always want more
the system is designed so that you will never be able to make enough money to get all the things you want, let alone for you AND someone else
no matter how much you make it will never be enough for her, and she will get bitter and eventually cheat or divorce you after you gave her everything you had and went into debt trying to please her, and will rob you in the divorce.
and/or alternatively
use condoms and birth control together
whoops! somehow she still got pregnant
whoops! she doesn't want an abortion even though she said she never wanted to have babies and promised you she would get an abortion if it ever happened.
whoopsie! gotta pay child support
if married get divorced, and of course by total fucking magic the judge and the system lets this human being literally steal your entire life savings just because they have a vagina
divource court completely disregards the fact that you are a futanari inside
get totally fucked over
lose all money
have to work 3 different part time jobs to pay child support
still lose house
still lose car
she gets your pet animal

Hudson Gutierrez
Hudson Gutierrez

This is one of those concepts that normalfags just don't fucking understand. they are figuring it out though.

Just got meet a nice girl and take her on a date!
dating apps are strictly for chads and staceys looking for a quick fuck
bars are full of degenerate skanks who will ruin your life if you marry them (trust me. I've seen it destroy good strong men.)
there's a significantly high chance that any girl you meet anywhere else will be a blue-haired sjw corrupted feminist psychopath with daddy issues, who won't shut up about the political opinions she got from facebook
women are fucking expensive and expect you to spend every waking moment earning money to please them or improving yourself to impress them
Get married!
somehow you stopped being a robot long enough to find one girl who isn't fucking insane or disease-ridden
could have spent that time playing vidya or watching anime or doing literally anything else, but whatever
wedding is expensive as fuck and your wife will probably want to keep her $5,000 wedding dress, even though she will literally never wear it again, ever
If you can't pay for it yourself, you can make both your families resent you by making them pay for it, because they don't want to let down their little princess and not let her have her dream wedding
Already, your chances for divorce are about 70-30 within the first few years
Buy a house!
You thought you were in debt before? Now you get to sign away your life to a bank for a shitty house that hasn't been renovated, inspected, or repaired in 30 years!
Gotta work constantly to keep your wife happy… and now she's pissed at you because you never see each other and the neurochemical addiction that you had with her naturally fades.
Have some kids!
She'll resent you for taking her life away while berating you that you don't appreciate how fucking magical her body is for creating life
You'll be at work all day, so your kids will be raised only by your wife anyways
And she'll just sit them in front of the TV or give them an ipad anyways to soak up the globalist zionist cuck propaganda sjw brainwashing
Then they'll go to school where the globalist cuck education system will either indoctrinate your daughter to believe she's a powerful goddess and an oppressed victim, while your son will be hammered with so much goddamn guilt that he'll be even more likely to become a robot than you were
…Assuming some fucked up school counselor doesn't put the thought in their head that they are a tranny and should chop their dick off
Hope you like paying for therapy and pills on top of everything else!
If your wife isn't cheating on you or planning on leaving you at this point, something is likely very wrong.
Happens to pretty much everybody who gets married. It's more normal to get married several times than it is to stay with one person. Most people who stay with their second or third spouse usually only do so because they have no hopes of finding someone who wants to marry a middle-aged loser
Wife gets to take half your stuff, the house, your kids, and part of your paycheck for as long as she wants
You get jack shit
Your life is probably going to be reduced to playing vidya and watching anime alone in a 1-room apartment anyways.

Logan Edwards
Logan Edwards

ever notice how the people who design the system are hypocrites? ever since the beginning they pretend to be so big on seperation of church and state, yet going to a church and getting married automatically locks you in to a game (with some financial benefits, and later financial nightmares) that you will always lose.

this society also brainwashes many women into being predator mates like the praying mantis.
find a male mate
make babies
whoops I just need to literally bite your head off now k thnkx bai ;^)
as you can clearly see this is unacceptable and unfair.

so with marriage explained, lets move on.

Zachary Jenkins
Zachary Jenkins

nofap threads are like a bunch of idiots jerking each other off at an AA meeting.
hello everyone my name is hurfffff and I didn't durffff for a whole turrrrf
*everybody claps*
hello I'm user and I'm just here because an sjw told me to check it out, I like fapping and I would like to know why you think it's bad? can you give me any facts?
no, but we will shame you and try to get you to hate yourself for something that even horses and dolphins do.

I have literally never seen anyone in a nofap thread ever give anyone a single real reason that wasn't an appeal to emotion as to any real benefit of not fapping.

think about it:
prostitution is illegal in the us.
they also always joke about floating the idea of banning porn in politics at least once a year.
they're on the internet trying to convince you to not fap and feel very guilty and very bad when you do.

they are poorly attempting (and failing) to funnel everyone down a path that is a trap, leading everyone to believe that they have no other options and have no outlet for their "needs" until they freak out and break the law and do something awful, or start dating and get married to a gold digger who will eat healthy and stay in shape right until they get married and then turn into a parasitic land whale and fuck them in court and ruin their life, and that's not even taking kids into consideration.

that's how they want to make us "lose" but knowing what we know, this isn't working like they want it to so they invented nofap. spread this information everywhere. nofap is exposed, and instantly defeated.

thread archive that shows shillmods on /pol/ spamming the shit out of the thread for going too deep:

Hudson Hill
Hudson Hill

the truth is sad and the truth is simple.

Porn was very common decades ago, but there wasn't any problem. You have to wonder what the real difference is.

Society has changed, and people adapt within society, but all the people blaming shit on inanimate objects and porn know they can't change society, and they're mentally ill enough that such a fact profoundly bothers them so they look for the most convenient scapegoat they can. these anti porn dipshits are desperately attempting and failing miserably to throw people under the bus because of a larger societal phenomena for childish short sighted non-reasons.

what the fuck is going on? I'll tell you, porn isn't a cause, or a symptom. the fact that people are choosing to watch it more and have less relationships is in fact the symptom to a much greater problem.

we are the herbivore men. we are an obvious response to an oblivious society. we are disgusted with society. we are disgusted by the overwhelming amount of evil greedy shitty self absorbed self hating stuck up women who have been brainwashed to believe ten thousand different contradicting lies about themselves and ten thousand more lies about men, we are sick of women who are not marriage material and give the good women bad reputations and make them difficult to find. I hate cuck porn and everyone should too. cucks are cancer. but porn, the good kind (legal only of course) is a nice thing.


because I'm a nice person. you are a nice person. we fucking tried to get a girl friend. we realised shit was way off. so we stay at home. we munch the celery. we masturbate and watch porn because it feels nice. there are not that many nice things left to do. not that many nice people to talk to or relate to or be with. everyone is disgustingly artificial and they only care about passing their tests at school or college, or buying the newest shitastically overpriced phone or tablet device that the nsa spy's on them with so they can post on faceshit so they can get spied on even more.

people are shit.

if you ask me, porn or at least the well acted cuckfree porn that doesn't have a ton of fake moaning is a small but good representation of the little good left in humanity and these motherfucking bastards want to take that away from us too.

David Bennett
David Bennett

but muh goodfeel masturbation chemical addiction!
wow you are such a drug addict!
plz start to do nofap it's good to bottle up your emotions!

Everything pleasant thing you do releases dopamine you repressed Christfag idiot. Should we ban cookies? does everyone who eats a cookie go to hell because you're too much of a special snowflake to approve of them? fuck your approval. I disapprove of your disapproval. I don't care what you think and I'm not fucking sorry. I would say deal with it, but you can't and you wont because you will never even be honest with yourself let alone others. misery loves company doesn't it? what idiotic baffoon of a parental or religious figure brainwashed you at an early age like the rest of all the other cucks to be afraid and disgusted of yourself? and now you are all rude and pood in the pants about it and you expect others who weren't stupid enough to fall for it to listen to you now? NO. Never. fuck you. stop hating yourself, and stop trying to get everyone to hate themselves with you. nobody wants in on your bottomless pit of stupidity.

No one is buying this nofap horseshit. It's the creation science of sexuality and retrograde nonsense cooked up by a few evangelicals.

The fact is that women are insanely destructive and insufferable and so men are bullied into interacting with them by society. The jig is up. Too bad. If you want to deal with the women, go ahead.


Justin Lee
Justin Lee

I'm not pushing nofap, I'm pushing no porn.
Okay, so you can take the porn away when you unshit society and make people nice to be around again. as long as I don't have a girlfriend I'm going to watch porn, so go to hell m8.

I'm atheist pls blv me
oh no! this has nothing to do with religion! Oh shit! "I've been found out!"

get the fuck out christcuck

Like an addict, you blame the world for your problems and deny your capacity for self-determination. I'm not talking about banning porn, I'm talking about people realizing how harmful porn is to their minds and willfully staying away from it.
You're an addict. Face it. I guarantee you're having an emotional reaction to the idea of staying away from porn.

Do you like baseball?
Well guess what, you're addicted. all the problems in your entire life are directly related to your addiction to the dopamine release that you wrongfully steal from your own body when you watch baseball. Anything you say to defend your own personal preference is undeniable proof that you are in denial of your debilitating addiction. Now I'm just going to try to convince you of this, Every. Fucking. Day.

Dominic Nelson
Dominic Nelson

basically everything you say translates to:
"I'm such a huge loser that I need to stick my head into the windows of random strangers and scream "HEY! are you FAPPING in there? YES? hey stranger! I'm here to convince you to stop doing something perfectly legal like touching your own genitals in the privacy of your own home! Please allow me to convince you of this while intentionally attempting to create self hate, sexual oppression, deep painful guilt, regret, depression, and as a result create sexually repressed people who teach their shame, self hate, and guilt to others because my way of thinking spreads like a horrible disease and benefits no one, while hurting everyone. I'm a huge retard for believing that you will actually listen to me and stop touching your own genitals, and that's how disconnected and ignorant I am because of my past childhood trauma of being brainwashed to hate myself by others such as myself." *tips christian fedora*"


Grayson Campbell
Grayson Campbell

lets be fair, it's just as easy for me to stop watching porn as it is for you to stop coming here and trying to convince people to stop watching it.

I came to a thread about porn on a news board to talk about porn. You act like I went to some porn board to talk against it.

Ehp! no evading! you are here trying to convince people that porn is bad. admit it to yourself. you are addicted to trying to convince people that porn is bad.

Do you like trying to convince people that porn and masturbating is bad?
Well guess what, you're addicted. all the problems in your entire life are directly related to your addiction to the dopamine release that you wrongfully steal from your own body when you try to convince people that porn and masturbation is bad. Anything you say to defend your own personal preference is undeniable proof that you are in denial of your debilitating addiction. Now I'm just going to try to convince you of this, Every. Fucking. Day.

Henry Brown
Henry Brown

The issue with this is that now you're only sensitive to similarly sized doses of dopamine that can only come from extremely pleasurable stimuli, probably unnaturally so, like you can only get from porn, drugs, video games, junk food, etc

and I'm satisfied. I'm enjoying myself. What exactly is wrong with that?

As a result, you become desensitized to normal life and become lethargic and depressed

My god you're right, I am lethargic and depressed, I was just too happy and content to realize it. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Normal activities suddenly seem to be of little value compared to the "superstimuli" you've come to rely on.

They are. They are a means to an end to ensure I have the maximum amount of leisure time. This is what the whole of humanity has strived for, it is the foundation of every advancement in technology and society as a whole.

No I'm saying you trying to twist someones justification by associating it with methheads is just silly. People do plenty of nice things as escapism from how shit the world is right now.

Once again, I'm arguing against porn, not masturbation

thinking I give a shit

you can't have my porn. in fact, no. that's it. you can't have my porn. deal with it.

watching another man have sex with a girl I'm attracted to makes me happy

No it doesn't. You can lie to me but don't lie to yourself.

funny how the first thing the anti masturbation anti porn cucks think of is naked guys.

did I say I watched male on female generic porn?

And yet you insist that the idea of desensitization is christcuck bullshit. Replace "porn" with alcohol or meth in these posts defending using porn and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

why would anyone do anything so stupid? you seem to have latched on to porn and masturbation and issues that you can't handle people disagreeing with you about, problem is that for the rest of your life people will always disagree with you, and you will never convince them.

Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera

Something that hasn't been mentioned is that just like drug addicts build a tolerance and need higher and higher doses to get the same high, so too do porn addicts build a tolerance to "vanilla" porn and seek out increasingly extreme porn to get the same high from it. This leads normal men to having degenerate fetishes like bestiality, cuckoldry, "sissy" shit, pedophilia, homosexuality, etc.

and there you have it folks: a look into the minds of antiporn nofapper cuck pedos. absolutely disgusting. tell me, where did you make that assumption? personal experience? it's funny how the priests always turn out to be child molesters, and homophobic people always end up being the ones who were secretly the most gayest of them all, only to get caught later (no offense to actual nice gay people, I have some cool gay friends) I'm insulting the dishonest bastards like you. just look at the crazy shit your talking about here. who thinks shit like this? you must be projecting your own repressed sick desires into your argument. that's what happens when people get brainwashed to self hate their own sexuality. it grows sick and twisted along with the self hating individual, becoming more sick and twisted as their self hate grows. then you get a sicko like this person who's projecting all their repressed fantasies or something because that's the only thing that would ever float their boat so to speak, if they ever floated the boat, less they feel INCREDIBLE SHAME at doing something natural that even bats and monkeys and dolphines do.

And so porn addiction desensitizes you to real life and makes you only interested in super pleasurable things

That's what life is all about though. Making work as efficient as possible so you have tons of downtime to do things you enjoy. The "problem" here is that people doing a thing they enjoy (masturbation) hinders a womens ability to ensare a guy to suck the life out of. That's what it all boils down to, a bunch of insufferable cunts infuriated by the fact that guys don't give a fuck about them anymore due to their repulsive and parasitic behavior.

What's worse? Jerking off too much so you're a little desensitized and need to search out weirder shit, or getting married, having false false spousal abuse or rape charges placed against you ruining your life, having her physically attack you constantly with no assistance to you from anyone (mocked even), getting no fault divorced, her getting tons of alimony and child support sucked out of you every month for 18 years, her brainwashing your children to hate you despite doing nothing wrong, molding them into pathetic braindead welfare abusing democrat shitbags and damning them to never escaping low class life?


I'm sure the nofapper antiporn cuck selfhaters will call me "MGTOW" but that's how bad this is. I'm not even MGTOW. I'm just a normal guy and this is how I percieve society now. it's that bad that even a normal guy sounds like MGTOW. it's that bad.

Just for the record, if I met a nice woman and she was a good person I would be a good person back. I would still fap, and I would fap with her if she wanted, and we would both watch porn together.

Hudson Cook
Hudson Cook

I'm a smart normal person
on Holla Forums getting offended because people are saying your porn addiction is unhealthy and randomly chimping about christianity as though that's the only religion ever that encourages sexual standards
but I will also just completely disregard that I too am also here on Holla Forums trying to convince someone who immovably disagrees with me to stop doing a harmless recreational activity because it fits into my own beliefs

You have a strange definition of harmless. Do you think you could stay away from porn for a day? A week?
lets be fair, it's just as easy for me to stop watching porn as it is for you to stop coming here and trying to convince people to stop watching it.

excluding cuck, porn is a beautiful expression of humanity and sexuality that can show recreational friendship based, love based, or love AND friendship based sexual activities between consenting legal adults. porn is a wonderful thing that can be enjoyed by one lonely person, or even by couples who enjoy watching it together to share their kinks and favorites with each other. porn is fucking beautiful as long as your legal age and the porn is legal.

you cuck types just enjoy teasing everyone with the idea that you might try to take porn away because your FAILING system doesn't anymore function on fear based negative reinforcement,


and your bubble has been burst. you lose. game over.

Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes

because every smart and aware critical thinker who realizes that christianity is completely batshit insane must automatically be jewish.

I'm a smart normal person and I realize that christianity is cucked and insane. I'm proud to say this because it's the truth and people gotta keep saying it until christcucks shut up and stop sticking their foot in my fucking door trying to sell me bibles and get me to know about JEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ and how he needs all my money but I'm going straight to hell if I don't comform, but remember, he loves me!

who needs religion when you can just believe in GOD and not care about everything else.

Get a real woman
Get real alimony
Get your shit really fucked up

Note that throwing yourself in the meat grinder and yelling at those who don't follow is pure stupidity.

Besides, nofap IS a retarded cult. Let me post this again.

a movement for guys who don't want to admit they choose to jerk off and to watch porn
so they make up an addiction
they claim porn makes you stupid even though the studies they cite found out that low IQ people watch more porn
they claim jerking off makes them unable to attract girls
then go on posting their anecdotes of chatting up random sluts
without ever being successful because they confused correlation and causation again
suddenly you're a hero if you don't watch porn and if you give yourself blue balls
because supposedly you're fighting a crippling addiction
instead of just being a guy who chooses not to jerk off

You nofappers might not jerk off but they are experts in mental masturbation and self delusion

Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor

attempt to have a healthy relationship in 2017 on planet earth FUCKING KEK
Don't try to have a healthy relationship in the current year, goy! Just masterbate at home!

the words of someone who has never gone outside and thus couldn't have possibly experienced the reason why people do choose to stay single.

Watching people other than you fuck someone you want to fuck.
All porn is cuck porn.

nice logic. but being someone who is 18 years of age (legal age or older) I enjoy watching things I consider to be beautiful and feel no guilt for doing so. I'm not going to allow myself to fall victim to the predatory trap that is dating and marriage insidiously designed by an evil society, and choose to be alone. if I'm going to be alone to keep myself safe I will without shame choose to enjoy something tasteful. deal with it cunt.

Porn addiction is shit, nofap is a bunch of bullshit too.
are you seriously implying that anyone who enjoys porn is automatically addicted to it? that's like saying everyone who has a glass of wine is a raging alcoholic.

Just live a healthy life.
by doing things your way because your way is "better" right?

Benjamin Sanders
Benjamin Sanders

lets have a YES FAP thread for once. It is High Hour we push back against the menace

leave this thread right now if you are not 21 years of age or older.

this isn't a thread about posting porn, this is a thread about discussing why masturbation is a healthy and personal and private thing that people shouldn't feel bad for doing.

https:// 8ch. net/christian
https:// 8ch. net/nofap

these people intentionally or otherwise promote and create self hate, sexual oppression, deep painful guilt, regret, depression, and as a result create sexually repressed people who teach their shame, self hate, and guilt to others. this way of thinking spreads like a horrible disease and benefits no one, while hurting everyone.

things really stupid people say:
"but muh going blind!"
"but muh growing hair in the palm of your hand!"
"but muh going insane!"
"but muh balls falling off!"
"but masturbation is a sin!"
"masturbation will make you become gay! just like marijuana needles!" (don't actually do marijuana if it isn't legal in your state)

"but muh zinc loss!"

here are some foods that are a good source of zinc

http:/ /www. whfoods. com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=115

Sesame Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Green Peas

Kayden Johnson
Kayden Johnson

why masturbation is good and the health benefits of masturbation:

release endorphines
releases dopamine
releases oxytocin
fighting depression
for some reason reduces the risk of prostate cancer by about 22%
lowering the risk of diabetes
reducing the risk of cystitis
reducing stress
reducing blood pressure
increase self esteem
helping fight insomnia
reducing pain
good for circulation
great practice
good exercise for strengthening pelvic floor muscles

Sex therapists across the globe have found that men who experience premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse can benefit from masturbation about 2 hours before sex. This enables them to have a longer duration of intercourse before another ejaculation comes on.
http:// www. mensxp .com/health/live-healthy/8858-10-health-benefits-of-masturbation-for-men.html

it can be very relaxing depending on how you do it
NO RISK OF STD'S because you are having fun with only yourself (as long as you are in a clean place and not touching dirty things)

http ://www. harvardprostateknowledge. org/does-frequent-ejaculation-help-ward-off-prostate-cancer
http ://www. menshealth. com/health/ejaculation-and-prostate-cancer-risk
http ://www. dailymail
http:// www.

taking nofap people seriously

nofap crazies are the absolute lowest bottom feeders of the world. These people are so broken that they are actually stupid enough to blame all their failures on fapping.

Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson

animals masturbate

http ://gizmodo. com/9-animals-that-masturbate-other-than-humans-1723592357
http ://www. iflscience .com/plants-and-animals/self-love-animal-kingdom/
water creatures

babies masturbate in the womb
how does it feel to know you probably masturbated INSIDE OF YOUR OWN MOM?
well it's not really anything to freak out about.

http ://www. salon .com/2013/06/20/the_science_of_masturbating_fetuses/

Nicholas Perez
Nicholas Perez

My personal opinion on porn is that it's a beautiful expression of humanity and sexuality that can show recreational friendship based, love based, or love AND friendship based sexual activities between consenting legal adults. porn is a wonderful thing that can be enjoyed by one lonely person, or even by couples who enjoy watching it together to share their kinks and favorites with each other.

I also wanted to mention that I'm very strongly against the blatant and obvious disgusting cuck propaganda agenda being pushed so hard all over the place. most porn these days is garbage and just shows really shallow boring material about two highly superficial plastic people slamming into each other and making numerous loud and forced noises and having fake orgasms.

Parker Cox
Parker Cox

i assume that the idea behind nofap is that lonely men have a certain pressure in engaging mediocre females and once they score the boobanimal will tighten its claws around the unsuspecting, unexperienced male which will decrease the pressure in society.
So in that sense the point of no fap, i would assume is to gain experience
, or at least is how they think it will work.

Everything else is nonsense.

Henry Campbell
Henry Campbell

All this is solved by being a pedo tbh. Only virgin, innocent girls are fit for marriage. This is said in all ancient scriptures East and West.

You keep your Loli pure by enforcing WHITE SHARIA.

Asher Russell
Asher Russell

t. retard

if that's the woman you're choosing to marry, you deserve to be divorced and stripped of everything you possess. make a good choice and you won't regret getting married. or if you can't, be a man and show your to-be wife why your worldview is the right one and she will follow you. you've given up the fight already because you read a few beta sob stories on reddit and now you think that there is no good woman left. even if that were a true statement (it's not) you can still be a man and lead a woman to the right path like has always been the case in history.

Thomas Cox
Thomas Cox

and if you can't lead a woman to the right path, you don't deserve a woman to begin with. that's literally natural selection killing you off because you aren't fit to reproduce. by spewing all this garbage about how porn is wholesome and pursuing women is worthless, you're simply admitting that your place in society is to not reproduce. that is more cucked than watching interracial porn, which, of course, you would call "wholesome". kek

Jeremiah Jones
Jeremiah Jones

ever since my waifu found me I do not lust after other girls and I only fap once per week. I will not fap for a month now to see if it will give me a more satisfying session when I do it again.

Ryder Nguyen
Ryder Nguyen


Justin Ramirez
Justin Ramirez


Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker

How many times do I have to tell you old man

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