I'm 19 and my mother still walks around half naked in front of me like I'm a little kid

I'm 19 and my mother still walks around half naked in front of me like I'm a little kid.
I don't think she knows it gets my dick rock hard

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im not here to role-play with you so
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stop being a weirdo, she's your mom ffs.
i once saw mine naked when i was 10 and still want to rip my eyes out to this day.

she's probably naked in front of you because she doesn't think you could possibly see her in a sexual way.

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Not if she had you at 17

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See if she still walks around naked afterwards.


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yeah, the story is great, but the art is terrible

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here the deal, she probably doesn't think you ould get horny oer her, just enjoy that fact and keep watching, the best you can do is being as descreet as you can, otherwise she'll start getting carefull and you(ll lose fap material

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i dont think your mother wants to fuck you. you are just horny and view it as that. please dont rape her op

If your mom wasnt casually nude around the house when you were young, you had a shit childhood.

post the set. I have seen this already.

My parents never just walked around naked in the house or around the house but it was pretty usual for them to come out of the shower while drying off completely naked

Like they would get out of the shower and just dry off in their bedroom. Or if they were changing clothes they'd be naked for a few minutes

This went on with my Mom until I was maybe 15 or so. She's the only female tits I've ever seen. I think she stopped at 15 because I used to just look at her face or at the TV when talking/changing/drying off. My hormones admittingly went a bit wild and when she would dry off I'd try and quickly stare at her tits. She had really big nipples that I liked. I think she realized I would stare and one day just started making sure she'd dry off in the shower and put a bra on and panties

My dad still does this. But he's pretty casual about nudity regardless of who is watching anyway though. He's gotten laid a bunch since he's so casual about nudity. Granted, he has a big dick. Women like his confidence or lack of caring I guess

I'm the complete opposite. I keep as many clothes as I can at all times. Nobody would want to see my disgusting body. I'm quite scared if I ever get close to having sex since I'm so paranoid about being naked. I'm honestly kind of hoping I can find a girl who is into fetish-type sex so I can blindfold her before I fuck her so she can't see me

I can get behind that last paragraph

What is your abnormality? Are you fat? Are you pockmarked?

so dad cheated on her a few times?


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I like that butt a lot.

Double standards.


What is you are a flaming homosexual?