What to do for these 2 weeks until i have school again?

kill yourself a few times.

commit to a fast from Holla Forums until term resumes

go lurk around instead of shit posting in Holla Forums

molest a child

How about i murder i my family instead?

Get /fit/

an hero on camera

Got two suggestions for you OP:
1. Stop making shitty threads on Holla Forums
2. Go back to 4chan
Both of them are great ways to pass time

no, molest a child.

read the entire Encyclopaedia of Britannica maybe for once?

Ah sorry, i was not being exact enough.
How about just my parents?

fuck off please, go post children somewhere else

killing your parents is bad, don't do it. molest a child instead.


Make Vlaanderen onafhankelijk

there is nothing good about this entire website except the little girls on this board
it is you who should go elsewhere

Use a machete and kill them while they're sleeping. Make sure to post their corpses in this thread with a timestamp for proof.

Sure but how do i obtain a machete?

Go to a hardware store and buy a machete. If you can't get a machete, then you could also use an axe, a sledgehammer, a shovel, or almost any large metal tool.

ask your parents