I used to think I came here to ironically act retarded, but now I know I am unironically retarded

I used to think I came here to ironically act retarded, but now I know I am unironically retarded.

nice pic btw even tho cigarettes aren't sexy

holy hell, batman. she's cute

No shit dumbass.

user, that wasn't very nice. take that back

This woman's obviously much cuter, can't yiu see? :/

i don't she looks good from that angle. it's just a random pic i grabbed, so i can't compare face pics

Little girl's faces are just adorable :p cute adult women are much better

the "i don't" wasn't supposed to be there
i don't know how i let that slip by
youth is attractive. maybe that's why i'd love to hook up with beth from TWD. she got that "forever young" look

no such thing

Got any pics of the front?


Her tits are almost inverted, just wow.

sexy as fuck, IMO
and she's in her 30's. so you know she will look exactly like that for ages to come

The fact she's in her 30s turns me off :P

She's the same age as me (well, younger by a few months), yeah. Honestly, I don't think the tits thing would bother me, since I prefer short and petite girls anyway. But I have no chance with her regardless.

I just find it weird how she has the body of an anime girl.

well, i'm in my 40's so, to me she's about as prime as i can shoot for

i don't have a shot with her either, but with some perserverance, i'm hoping maybe i got a shot if i can find someone LIKE her

Fair enough. As to me, I just got out of a long-term relationship anyway, and I think I just want to be alone. I find that once you have that one person that you're accountable to in your life, everything gets suddenly much more complicated. I hated coming home, going to relax, and then having to fucking basically get bombarded with this person who expects you to spend time with them when it's convenient and wants nothing to do with you when it's not.

Still, if Emily Kinney walked up to me and asked me out, I wouldn't say no.

i got single about 5 years ago. the divorce wasn't my idea, so i never wanted to be alone. i'm only alone now because my social skills are fucking horrible. lonely af

I'll give you a piece of advice, steer clear of Chinese and Koreans (aka Chinks and Gooks). Racist, greedy, and conceited as fuck. I'm sure there's some real nice girls who defy what I just said, but they're probably already someone's wife, so I stand by what I said.

Yoko Ono is the one who sucks for sure

thanks for the tip. i could see myself fucking one, but i can't see myself marrying one. i'm softcore racist and only really date white girls. i'll give you a tip in kind. if you come across one of those damaged girls who thinks she's so horrible that she wants to break up with you because she thinks she's doing you a favor … fucking let her. she IS doing you a favor. don't convince her she's wrong. don't try to boost her shitty self-esteem. do not pass go, do not collect $200. let her go

Pfft, I live in North America, it's not like I haven't already been with 3 of those…

yeah, i fucking married her

Marriage is a really stupid thing to me. Marriage was originally created as a sort of business arrangement. And some dumbass decided to turn marriage into a romantic structure, but we still treat marriage as a business under the law… So when the business dissolves, one party somehow gets more asking power to the assets of the business, despite having almost no investment/input into the business .. and some dumb fuck is all like "well their emotional contribution is greater than your monetary/physical contribution" and it's like, wut, how?

Anyway, I have a personal opinion that if you're not financially independent, the last thing you should do is get married. "Money can't buy you happiness" they say, but as Run DMC says in "It's like that" tell me the last time that love bought you food and clothes.

I have very little interest in the idea of getting married if I can avoid it, I'm sure if I met the right person, I'd reconsider my opinion, but I think that marriage is just such an antiquated and pointless thing. Don't complicate your relationship by turning it into a business enterprise.

i'm too much of a Holla Forumsack for that, user. marriage is important to me, despite the risks. i've been over it and over it in my head

I will say that despite my contrarian sounding opinions on marriage, I did want to get married to the person I was with. But she was the one who was unwilling to commit, and for whatever reason, I just kind of put up with it for far too long. So I mean, it sounds like I literally fucked up and refused to get married, and this is why I'm single. But it was the other way around, and I finally told them to just fuck off.

And now I'm not such a young man. Now I doubt my ability to make someone else happy, so I just feel like marriage would result in a divorce anyway. So I guess I went from being optimistic like you to being a little more realistic.

i'm jaded, but still hopeful. problem is, i also want kids. and i got a shit chance of attracting a young qt who hasn't already created demon spawn with some other guy's sperm

That's where I say no go. If she has a kid, I'm just not interested. I don't mind the idea of having a kid, but raising some other asshole's kid just creates way too much complication. This guy is probably enough of an asshole that he's going to be jelly that you're fucking what he used to fuck, he's going to make an enemy of you even if you've done nothing wrong. And if the two of you don't have an animosity to each other, it'll probably just piss off your wife, because now she feels like you're somehow siding with her on some ancient argument that you were never even a part of… Everything in our society is just so fucked up when someone's previous relationship comes up. Women don't like it when you keep a friendly relationship with your exes. Your significant other doesn't want her exes to be friendly with you… And most of the time her exes will probably be squared off against you anyway, because they feel like your presence threatens them somehow…

I don't like the idea of the previous relationship baggage. If she's a divorcee, I want to know why. If she has kids, I don't even want to bother. 99% of the time women will claim that the reason that they're divorced is that "he cheated," but I find that 70% of the time, it comes out that either she's the one who was cheating or THEY WERE BOTH CHEATING. Women don't like to mention that they cheated too, because of course, it creates this nagging doubt in your mind.

And it should, because cheaters are cheaters.

dude, i had an ex that wanted me to be friends with her ex. and woulnd't you know it, they were still fucking off & on. the shit with kids is real. and adding the kids dad on top of the mix. i tried it once and made a rule after that never again. if she already has kids, you'll never be her top priority. at no point in time will you have the ability or time to solidify your bond with her like you could with a chaste woman, or at least a woman who hadn't dropped a litter of pups already

If she shaves her head on the side like that, fucking hell no. That half-dyke hairstyle is so grotesque, it's almost as annoying as the fucking rooster curls that black women want to wear, or that stupid topbob hairstyle that the Judds popularized.

i hate the boy haircuts like judd. and i ""usually"" hate the side shaved off like that. but in very few cases, natalie dormer being one, i think it's sexy. although it does announce that she's got some fucking issues, just like facial piercings and multiple tattoos.

She looks like a trasngender Skrillex in this picture

kek. i'd still fuck her

no amount of hormones, plastic surgery and/or magic could make Skrillex look that good.

Given the opportunity I'd be willing fuck her armpit if she was down. I was just saying she looks 'interesting' in that picture.

Probably possible but you'd need a good plastic surgeon for that

i ams intelojent

nigger you dont need to say that, we already know they are sneaky slanty eyed nuclear monsters.

this thread is full of normalfags, pls go back to 4cuck and talk about your normalfag problems.

Fair enough. Filipinas have this rather untrue reputation as being unwilling to cheat on their spouses, but in truth, they come from a country that's dominated by Shariah type laws. If they didn't have to worry that they could be executed on the spot if caught cheating, I'm sure that the truth would come out that they can't fucking wait to cheat.

Stop with the halfass Pepe.



don't give a shit who apu is. cute girl pics > retarded pepe pics

it's redditshit.