Do you ever stalk girls from your school on the internet?

Do you ever stalk girls from your school on the internet?

I used to

What are you 13?

Kind of. I look at their younger pics from when they were 14

I have a lot of attractive friends, so I definitely do. I'm trying to stop though, to be honest.

I do

tfw whole no women in class

A girl stalked me once when I was in school it was pretty freaky

nah, the most i have done with 3DPD in my class is one asking me why i never smiled and if I am alright. I told her I was fine, and she never talked to me again, and that is the way i like it tbh
3DPD pretending to give a shit is the worst

I find pics where I can see their cute toes and stroke my cock til my balls are empty

Thought you losers needed some replies


you're on Holla Forums
you know that right?

He's just a dumbass. Look at his id, he called himself a loser too

Nooo, I was there, and I remember them. I mean, some of them were nice girls to talk to, but I'm much happier not stalking them, thanks.

Thanks nigger

How old are they in those pics?


Thanks, my dude.

Okay. That's alright :/ No 9-15?

I used to, too… then apathy set it…

the roast is toast


Too old

4chan tier thread

Yes. She actually gave me her number when I dm'd her (I didn't know her in person).

She ghosted me after a week. I was in love with her for 3 years. She told me she was going to call the police if I kept texting her… I only sent 4 polite messages and she never told me to stop until the exact weekend I started going for one of her classmates.

Sucks. So many things I would do differently. That was two years ago when I was still in high school. I would have fucked the hell out of her friend a total 10/10 not kidding I'm surprised that girl had a thing for me unfortunately my autism kept me from getting it.

I actively stalk some tween qts over instagram, vk and facebook ;_; I used to stalk my crushes but they grew too old and womanly so now i stalk and download pics and videos of tweens

I usually find Newtubers that like to do challenges :P

my yownow/youtube collection is over 3tb big

Toe Art Challenge..yummy

One time I found this ugly russian man harassing this girl in her comment section. Said some troll message like "YUO JUST STUPID TEANAGE" and they told him to go away. Checked his channel and he had a bunch of stupid shit where he's walking in a public bathroom smiling at the camera with challenges in the title. What an absolute freak.

No, my stalking activity was much more pathetic

Jesus christ, the girl on the right in the first two pics looks like her face is cropped and shopped from another picture.

Okay buddy