Why is b no longer on the index page?


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to upset the illuminati

Less traffic from sites, such as cuckchan and leddit

whats dys up to?

I wouldn't worry about it, goy

Best thing for it

she's cute

stop being jewish

In order to increase the quality

you need kill yourself

You just answered your own question.

Nigger doesn't want people to see how stats are dropping since he reupped IDs.

When Dysnomia's shitsocket says not to worry about it, it is time to start worrying about it.

Gas yourself


ssank ya, hexkun

Holla Forums is now the secret raid board

Hitler pisses me off

Yeah, dysnomia's ruining it by inviting people to raid it. You just don't know it yet


fuck u


While I can certainly imagine him trying to do that, I have a hard time imagining that enough people inclined to raid would do so for Dysnomia. After all, what kind of target is this place anyway? It isn't like it is any sort of a challenge to raid Holla Forums, and there aren't enough of us anymore to claim any sort of noteriety over. It simply isn't worth anyone's time or effort to raid Holla Forums at this point. So it is a hard sell to begin with. But add into the mix that it would be Dysnomia doing the asking, and you can simply forget it. Nobody is doing any favors for the guy who single-handedly ruined Holla Forums.

nah, board is testing grounds now :p

was it the dubsnomia thread

I'm pretty sure it all has to do with dysnomia's resignation: 8ch.net/b/res/7290039.html

I see the same british bitch trying to shove this dowm my throat, not funny cunt

Do NOT talk about Holla Forums.

i don't even know what a Holla Forums is