Yay for Flags and ID's

BEST THING that could happen here!

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If you are deliberately trying to finish off this dying board, yes this is a fine way to do it.

no user, he's being sarcastic

Well he isn't very good at it.

2/10 for an effort


no more samefagging! :^)

they really aren't though

checked. samefagging ruins boards

All true Holla Forumsposters disagree, sorry. Shoo shoo, Reddit.

you're either retarded or dillusional lmfao


how basic are you burger

You don't have to go back, you just have to stop acting like a little bitch.


and you need to stop pretending you know anything about this board because its clear you don't know fucking squat, burger.


can't tell if you're a shill or genuinely and terminally retarded but gl burger, you'll need it.

Oh! Look! A thread! About a subject! I'm going to argue with anyone stopid enough to take my bait! Ooooh! I am so edgy! I am so Alpha! Read my words and tremble at the power of my superior wisdom and insight, thou mere amateur flamers. Dare you even rise to attempt to mock me? I fear not your futile childish attempts. Be gone, slight little man.

1)Dysnomia himself has stated numerous times that he does not like IDs or flags, and that he only implements them to rile people, not because they have any positive effect on the board.
2)What the board as a whole wants is irrelevant, as this is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. Dys does not answer to the board, he is completely free to do what he wants with the board whenever he wants it no matter how many people think he is a colossal faggot for doing it.
3)There is no such thing as Holla Forums culture, and there hasn't been for over a year now. it is merely a collective random bunch of shitposters, spammers, faggots, and autists who all hate each other.
4) Everyone uses buzzwords, and doing so does not affect the veracity of what is being said. Learn to logic.
5) If you were even marginally literate, you would have come a lot closer to spelling "rebuttal" correctly. Go back to school. Then kill yourself.

Oh, and one more thing…if you are so pro ID and flag, why are you posting from Tor?

I'm sure this all has to do with dysnomia's resignation: 8ch.net/b/res/7290039.html



Dysgag is just a faggot who thinks this somehow makes people mad…

Why so much butthurt? We should be happy, with dysnomia now gone.


The fact of the natter is…
It does.

All me