Praise the sun

Praise the sun

Good job m8


Are you a new avatarfag?

Of course not!

If you want we are looking for more people to read Jojo over at /maka/, we're almost at part 5.

you are also invited OP if you want to read some animu

Thank your for the invite. I am a big fan of the Anime

Thanks m80

Im not familiar with jojo


Its pretty great, The anime is awesome, we are getting into a part not yet in the anime.

Draw my post lewd as possible, no homo shit allowed.


Why don't you get a tripcode with the name you want in it instead of having a separate name and trip?

Oops like this.

Dubs means you have to


12am est, every day.

At first I thought it was really gay. Which it is but it's also really good.

Those are obvious photoshops. Are you accusing me of faking these?

you best tread lightly

No, just pointing out that if someone wanted to fake them it is very easy to do, both with Photoshop and by drilling a hole in the back of the housing and blowing in magnetic powder and using a fine-point magnet to draw (or trace) whatever you want. I've seen it done both ways with pretty impressive results. But no, I didn't accuse you of anything.

Good night