What is the least cucked search engine?

What is the least cucked search engine?

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ixquick or startpage

Duckduckgo is good

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Ixquick is powered by Google. It's basically just a skin for google and is cuck-lite


dumb faggot. Enjoy getting search results that are censored by googleâ„¢.

CuckCuckGo is owned by kikes.

I use Bing unironically

that's because you are a normalfag.

really? :(

Yes, it was created by (((Gabriel Weinberg)))

never trust a kike with your privacy.

what search engine should i use?

aren't they all owned by kikes?
i still use jewgle because it produces consistent reliable results

I use searx.me. But it has been down lately for some reason. Probably a bunch of kikes are trying to shut it down.


Holla Forums has a few solutions.

Define reliable. Google has an algorithm that purposefully buries legitimate sources. For example, if you search for something like "global warming" or "climate change" you will get a bunch of results from MSM that claim it's real. The most popular links that claim it's false are buried in the back and it takes effort to find them.

meaning when i want general information quickly, such as if i've never heard of something and want to find out wtf it is, a google search and i've got my answer. when a more advanced or refined search is needed, the operators are pretty easy to use in the search line
if i want a jewtube video about it
if it gives me a bunch of crap that i don't want mixed into the search results, i start adding minus signs to filter those out

I use google. Cry me a river you fucking faggots

yeah, that's an isolated incident. If you want to search about random shit, it may be reliable. What I am saying is that if you search for something that is political in nature or is somehow related to a current issue, you will get biased results. The same thing stands for wikipedia. It's all bullshit.

of course you get biased results. that happens with anything mainstream. you just learn to sift through the bullshit and learn how to spot kikery. if you want relatively unbiased, you turn to fox news. if you want truth, you go to Holla Forums

Why not just use a search engine that posts normal results? Results that are based on popularity and relevance?

You are so brainwashed. Fox news is biased as fuck. They are the neo-con broadcasting station. Did you see how Fox news bashed Trump recently about him not disavowing neo-nazis at Charlottesville. Fox is in league with globalism, they are trying to be the big bully so all the other MSM kikes can point their finger at them.

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because i've been using the same shit for a decade now. i know how to work around it. as for fox, of course they're biased a little bit in both direction so it kinda evens out to center. i'm an old man, set in my ways, i guess. once i heard the term "alt right", i found my way to the ultimate truth- please note this was begfore hillary's speech

So just because you have used it for so long, you must keep using it because you are adapted to it? That's like a flat earther clinging to the flat earth theory just because he has been for a decade. Grow up, move on, you cunt.

Maybe you should change your ways. Just being old isn't an excuse. Maybe you should stop watching MSM and rely on facts instead of assertions.

it works for me. and it's not the same thing as a flat earther clinging to flat earth. i haven't watched tv in 5 years, user. i get my news from right-wingers on the interwebs, and i carefully sift through the kike bullshit.

You admitted you watch Fox yet you say you "sift through the kike bullshit". Fox is kike bullshit. They pander to the left all of the time.


i didn't say i watched fox. i said "you" just as a generic term. you can turn on fox if you want relatively unbiased. of course they have kike bullshit. all media does. kikes own the media. fox is the only one they don't own, but murdock is a kike ally and open border advocate. so they're not as badly left leaning as the others. but it doesn't matter because i don't watch the news from tv stations. haven't in years. haven't watched tv in 5 years. haven't had a tv service to watch tv in 2 years. if you're aware of the jewish threat and familiar with their tactics, it's pretty easy to sift through the bullshit