Can you bum me a buck?

can you bum me a buck?

Not an argument. You're not getting my dollar, pal.

I thought you said one buck wasn't enough?

Nice try leftypol but that's not an argument



$1 = pfft
$5 = get a life, loser
$20 = can't you pay a little more?
$50 = nice, but you need to put in more effort
$100+ = thanks for your donation, maybe you should think about donating even more next time ;)


It costs a lot of money, goy. The production value of his videos are very high.

he isn't bad because of this

Cool, he should stop making them

If you honestly seek wisdom and guidance from that dope, you should punch yourself in the face until dead.

I was being sarcastic, his videos have no production value. He just stands in front of the camera.

I already said he isn't good, but generalizations aren't.

Oh, I've only seen a few random webm's posted by dumbfuck anons.

So, he's basically an anarchocapitalist, right?

Everything is leftypol

I thought everything was Joo

Yes. He's also a kike.

I don't think he's anarchist anymore since Trump got elected. I think he's a Libertarian now or something because he became a race realist and doesn't think non-whites will ever dismantle the welfare state.

Or maybe he just wants to capture the alt-right audience?

Libertarians and ancaps are basically the same thing. The only difference is that libertarians support a privatized police force (which would never work lol). Even some ancaps support this.

there you go.


the fact that he had to make an entire video on it is proof that this kike needs money. He dedicated his time to justify that he isn't begging for money. This is kikery in its fullest form.

That's either hyperbole or [citation needed]

Libertarians support a decentralized government that is focused on a local level. Therefore, privatized police forces would exist. They would be localized to the area and not rely on the government.



I hate this faggot.

an argument can only be an argument as long as it fits within my ideology.

Oh OK. So hyperbole it is then.

no but i'll gladly buy you a hamburger tuesday if you pay me today