Fuck off Holla Forums

fuck off Holla Forums
you destroyed me with your porn and sex obsessions
i can't look at a female without thinking about shoving my cock in her face and fucking her so hard her eyeballs pop out,
that's your fucking fault.
it became a fucking psychological condition, it's not that i don't get fucks, it's just that i don't stop thinking about fucks.

well, applause




Same situation here. Holla Forums destroyed me aswell, got antisocial and depressed. Thanks a lot.

I'm the most social and successful man on this board. Pedos might be getting to my head at the moment but that's irreversible and I can build myself back up


What do you mean "succesful"?

I believe that's real, but she looks like a doll tbh.

he didn't kill himself yet

Funny, I was wondering what he meant by "man".

frozen like this, this scene gives the wrong implications

i don't see the problem

how so?

it was always within you
you just needed some help bringing it out


the problem is not being able to build any healthy relationship ever

Means I don't suck

this doesn't look healthy

If you ever listened to the 'Writer's BTS audio track, you'll know that Peter Jackson, clearly a degenerate himself, looked around for the single most degenerate man he personally knew to play the role of Isuldur. The choice was a good one.

What's unhealthy about her? Apart from the idiocy of letting her slurp the liquid poison of soda at that early age.

taking a wild guess that you already had that problem

that is a good thing
I thank the internet every day for making me want to be raped by a xeno, and not want anything to do with 3DPD
probably saved me

This is now a shit tier sjw cartoon thread?!

i'm really not sure if i get that

sure as hell

what you are not getting?

every fucking time

how you can live with yourself

>>>/monster/ pls

yeah, I could look for something else


monster doesn't like none-human faces

If you are white, no problems here. If you are not, please kill yourself.

once you accept the shame it gets decent
so long as you have the sense to keep it private
and if you brag about it online in retard threads like the attention whore you are you'll just end up feeling like shit because of the faggot you are

sounds about right
will take that to heart