Are we there yet?

34 PPH.
Endchan's Holla Forums averages just 10PPH less than that, and actually has a decent thread or two every week, which we can't seem to muster here for all the shit. In fact, if you were to clear out all the shit threads, this place would make endchan look like O'Hare Airport.
Time to pull the plug. Nobody is getting anything out of this place anymore.

Sorry…38PPH. My mistake.

ok leftypol

what? i posted in a thread the other day really good stuff. don't complain about bad threads.

you're grounded, user. you are not allowed to post again on cripplechan until you've had time to sit in your room and think about what you've done

Retards need an outlet too, OP.
At least here they are contained, and as long as they believe it is a happening place they will stay here voluntarily.

Generally, when doing a comparison, comparing like things to like things is required. Since endchan/b/'s PPH is so close to this board's, the comparison is valid. The fact that you don't like it because endchan is considered to be the deadest of all chans is irrelevant to the validity of the comparison. So it is you who are to sit in the corner until you have become able to grasp logic and how to use it to do proper analysis.

but that's not even correct, endcuck

It was when he posted it, I checked that first thing. Average PPH is a better indicator as it doesn't isolate low-traffic periods of the day like a screen cap of PPH at one particular moment. But in this case the story is not much better, as our average daily PPH is barely 100. Better than endchan still, but that average has been steadily dropping every week for the last few months. If it doesn't turn around somehow, I don't see how this can avoid becoming what endchan is.

Dude, even Dysnomia has started talking about this board in the past tense. He has admitted that it is dead and beyond salvaging, and he is the fucking board owner! So don't kid yourself, the minute he finds something else to occupy his time he will write a final message to put on a 404 screen blaming everyone else for Holla Forums's failure, and he will shut it down. Right now he is having a good enough time using it to fuck with people and to provide one of the last truly pedo-friendly chans for people to post CP on. But don't kid yourself, even the BO doesn't think Holla Forums will be around much longer.

That much is true, anyway.

There hasn't been much action in the CP region the past 5 days actually. Probably explains the lack of activity on the board. Is this what the board is reduced to? ;__;

Did mommy get you up at 7am just so you could post this? :3c

seems like every board got 500+ more poster except Holla Forums.
how ?

No, she left at about 5am. And she said that she would really appreciate it if you would stop calling her mommy like a 3 year old and start calling her Mom. She also said to clean your fucking room.

BTW, did you come in here just to trade jibes, or did you actually want to try denying any of this?

There was CP on the board just this morning.

you're full of shit, user. i've been on for 5 or 6 hours now and nothing

Right…because if you didn't see it, it didn't exist.

Literally been lurking this board for 10 or so hours and nothing. Unless the moderators were quick for once then sure but that's unlikely.

Your balls must be really getting sore by now.

It was the globals, and yes they were quite quick.
I think that after two weeks ago they have been getting some pressure put on them because they have been actually doing their jobs pretty well since then.

so your'e saying Holla Forums is useless now. well fuck

Ah, well mb I guess some did leak through.

That or the antis are less willing to dump their propaganda not like 'banning' them does anything anyway

Moon boy, we already told you a long time ago we're not leaving. Now take you're thievings and gtfo.

And I already told you to GBT school and learn to be literate.
Yes, I believe that you will be here forever, Mr. Sage. I know this because A) even dead chans like endchan still have one or two people there, and B) you are so fucking illiterate that you can't manage to spell anything more complicated than 8ch without fucking it up.

Ok so why don't you just tell the whole story. Endchan b has gotten less than 700 posts in the last 3 months, we get that in a day. We're orders of magnitude faster than endchan.


Because he's probably this faggot kike lolcow known as Joshua C. Moon, who was spamming us with his shitchan AKA 32chan. He's salty no one wanted to visit it.

The problem is that there are retards who are actively trying to destroy the board and prevent any meaningful discussion. Pedos are a forced "controversy" and someone goes out of there way to spam the board for hours on end with bullshit, which only dilutes the discussion that could be had by sliding any "good" threads and filling the catalog with shit. On top of this, the general atmosphere here is quite hostile, as most shitheads just want to be edgy contrarians that actively avoid thoughtful discussion. This place is dying because people want it to die, and most of the people who aren't actively trying to kill it don't seem to care either way if it dies. I also get the impression that this board is filled with children, and that's just one more thing driving this place into the shitter.

I don't care, though. I'll be here whether it's shit or not, I've been here for too long already. May as well go down with the ship, so to speak, huh?

Hi (((something awful leftist goon kike redditor))).


and this
in fact, if all the posters wishing the death of this board were to simply stop posting, they'd have achieved their end.

Get out

32chan is josh? I actually didn't realize that. I've been waiting for a site that hosts a functioning infinity next that supports mp3s and flacs.

Holla Forums was always dead

get a grip retard there's none of that here. any real cp gets deleted and the poster banned right away and it's posted here no more often than other chans you love to visit

Be gratefull, you millenials might not be the generation that fully lived image boards, but you surely are the one that's going to see them die and bury them.

its because 8ch is shit and the threads are either boring or fucking spam

8ch threads

wut? make threads you think are worthy of this board. random boards are typically shitty content because it's not focused like the other boards. if it becomes more high traffic then it means you're getting more normie shitheads and tourists that visit to feel edgy because they read about the site on ars or some shit.

this board has a secret focus. You just don't know about it yet cunt. It's called

REDDIT yeipeeeeee

((( REDDIT LEFTISTS ARE IN THIS THREAD))) I awaken the ancient powers in me dont think I won't. And as I do kekistan will rise right in this thread.

lefists have no jobs so they go on the internet and circle jerk while right leaning people actually debate each other and not throwing hissy fits when provided with a decent point that they dont really agree with.

Is it anime desu

The good ol' days were something else. Remember when 4chin was a newborn? It was like the wild fucking west.


How do we have 1000 active users but manage 34pph? Like literally not long ago Holla Forums and Holla Forums were getting over 1000pph.

That's because they have actual things to discuss user. This board is barely serviceable for shitposting purposes

Holla Forums has plenty of shit going on since Trump became president.

lurk more
there is no such thing as banning here unless you agree to be banned by not using a VPN
yes cp gets deleted, but not until everyone has had a chance to see it
it has been better the last couple weeks but only because they let it stay up for hours a couple weeks ago and it drew unwanted attention from the pigs in SanFran

don't tempt me user

its barely serviceable because this is for shitposting purposes. there are plenty of other homes people have found. look at halfchan. or better, don't.

everyone else has fucked off to Holla Forums or is a pathetic lefty in a losing meme war, and they all derail and push their own topics when out of their containment zones.

don't expect anything to change soon. shit is going down in the world and it's more motivating for their purposes than a lot of the gay happenings and focal points normally on here.

Keep posting this crybaby shit. That's sure to bring the numbers up, faggot!

Got any creepshots of 7th graders? Judging so far I assume it'd be easy for you

Quality > quantity

Never found such good webms and mp4s than on here. Cuckchan can't compete. Love me some war-perwave

Lurn2ID, numbnuts. This is only my second post this thread. Besides, 7 is too old. JK


I knew you only had 1 post

Then explain this comment.

Heh. Sounds like you are the one who is crying, user. But you will be happy to note that Dysnomia has delisted the board again to keep people from seeing how badly this board is dying. Because if you can't see it, it doesn't exist, right?

ITT: newfags bitching that Holla Forums is slow because school just started.

Suck it up faggots, summer is over.

trips also

How far do I go, as a newfag? :P I have the ability to make quality posts, justl look, criticise me, and I'll IMPROVE.

pls go away, mexico