Does anyone want more out of life?

Does anyone want more out of life?

Do you have any aspirations in life that extend beyond the confines of your immediate environment?
obviously these aspirations wouldn't have to involve a social or romantic aim, but do you desire anything meaningful or deeper out of your life than merely spending your time sleeping and frivolously refreshing the browser page?

I don't know…. it's just, this whole thing is too crazy to even comprehend entire, but I'm getting awfully restless doing the same thing everyday – I literally circulate around the same 3 websites endlessly over & over & over again, all day for years, several years.
I'm thinking about building something, maybe a book or a performance art piece which I'll post on youtube or something, idk – you ever just want to mix stuff up and immerse your life in a completely different light?

i want to build a space ship with a warpdrive, so i can explore the galaxy and fuck Assari sluts

I want to marry eventually.
I have a gf now but not sure if she is the one.

I build my body, I lift weights, it feels good and I like the results.

I meditate and try to be generous and kind , I want to get closer to God.

Im a teacher now and happy with my job and lifestyle.

Probably have kids one day too. And get a motorcycle .


The pic is fake?

No your story.

Great post

i do

Go outside. Seriously.

I just hate my genetics

Despite the railing on normies, these threads eventually pop up.
Deep down you know being a Holla Forums browser (and most likely a pedo) is worthless and you are being sucked into an infernal vortex.

There's nothing out there.

Holy shit, Brazil! How the fuck are you still alive?

I just want a cozy shitposting small apartment and a prescription to adderall so I can abuse it and grind on vidya on days off. Too bad I lost my apartment last year and still don't have/make enough money for that. Christ.

Shit life.

Do you dude. Always remember that this is YOUR life, and you have control over what YOU do. Nothing's stopping you from learning a new skill, popping on paint and drawing something, or going outside.

Your favorite website will be here at the end of the day.

Stop lying.

You're right.

I want to be genius at gambling. Gain millions in a day then lose it all the next to charities and dumb spending. Defeat every casino and underground gambling dens on the whole world. Make insane bets and win everytime. Fuck insanely beautiful and expensive women might even create a baby but all that is just a break from my gambling.

I've been in a rut just like you for a long time OP. What I want from life is to make my friends and family happy and find a girl that isn't a thot and have kids with her and one day take my grand kids to the park and on vacations like my grandfather did with me.

So I've decided to join the US Army for free college and about a $15,000 enlistment bonus. I'm going to do my time(four years), save up as much money as possible and get a 4 year business degree. I figure if I like the Army I can just reenlist and make it a career. Maybe even go to Officer Candidate School after getting the four year degree and becoming a Commissioned Officer.

I don't really like planning too far ahead though because I don't know what the future brings. This time next year I could be dead somewhere in Russia or North Korea, who knows.


This shit hasn't worked for at least 25 years, user.

I hope to be able to fix my shitty normie genes, and make sweet love to my companion android one day.

I would also like this.
But anytime i get adderall i end up eating the whole script in one night and fapping for 8 hours straight.

I want to fuck OP's mom, does that count as "aspiration that extends beyond the confines of my immediate environment"?

My only goal in life is to survive long enough to become a cyborg.

I want to be a writer.
Or a psychologist.
Or a math teacher.
All of those goals look just as unlikely to me.