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Should I start singing?

DUBS decide.

voice here:vocaroo.com/i/s1XKBq3KIE88

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maybe this time

you have potential, but it needs refinement. don't try to go pro yet. give it a couple years of training

Will do!

Is it normal to be shy when singing?

it is for me, but that might mean you're not meant for the stage. better learn to be an attention whore

thanks for the advice

you're welcome. good luck with your music career, fucking namefag

thanks man

I cannot judge you because my ear is broken but I can give you my encouragement so keep it up good work. Don't fall to the trashy music.


you've got nothing at all alright. No talent whatsoever. You sound like a gay version of the vocalist from Pearl Jam.

wait, what? eddie vedder isn't gay?

he probably is now that I think of it

ok lol

You have balls to post that, I'll give you that.
Honestly bro even though it was a very short clip
I had to stop before the end.

Sounded like someone kicking a baby calf in the throat.

It was OK. I am tone deaf so I can't sing myself. I am a tad jelly. Work on refining that tone and then mess with your vocal range if you really wanna go at it. Don't quit your day job or anything


Here's follow me by uncle kracker :


thanks man

ty for the feedback